Kenny Stills doesn’t understand why more players don’t back Colin Kaepernick


Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills asked the question of his fellow players. And their lack of response troubles him.

After going on a bit of a Twitter diatribe wondering why there hasn’t been more support from players for out-of-work quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Stills said he’s puzzled by the feedback — or lack thereof — he’s gotten.

“I wouldn’t say I was surprised,” Stills said, via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post. “Just, I feel like the league is majority African American and you would think more people would come to have one of our guys’ back. We talk about the NFL being a brotherhood and they give us this presentation every year about the NFL being a brotherhood and when something wrong is going on to one of your brothers I feel like we should be there to have his back and to speak up for him.”

Stills, like Kaepernick, kneeled during the national anthem last year but has stopped doing so this season. But he doesn’t understand why more players weren’t actively vocal. He’s discussed the topic with Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett.

“We’ve talked through text message,” Stills said. “We’re all just trying to be here for each other. I feel like the narrative is kind of going to the wrong way sometimes. Just to have each others’ back and support each other and you know I’m really happy to see the things that he’s doing. I was kind of at a loss for words hearing what happened to him after the Mayweather fight. So just continuing to reach out to guys and letting them know we have their back. And the NFL is actually a brotherhood like we talked about.”

But since the players are effectively independent contractors, there are plenty of them who don’t want to endanger their own paychecks. And seeing Kaepernick out of work while so many less-talented quarterbacks are employed won’t do anything to embolden them.

Of course, that’s also the reason more should, because any of them who step outside the approved messaging can easily be the next one being cut out from the herd.

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  1. It’s a lot like how Darin Gantt has a job writing while there are more qualified people who could be doing his job. But because he writes the types of stories and narratives that Florio agrees with, he stays employed, and Florio chooses not to hire those other guys. Right?

  2. If you think people have freedom of speech in the workplace, you are sadly mistaken. Others have kept quiet to protect their paychecks and their ability to play in the NFL. It’s the same in all workplaces.

  3. These guys don’t get it yet. The only thing they are accomplishing by this is hurting your own brand. Talk to your agent, if he will tell you the truth.

  4. Maybe unlike PFT and Kenny many of them are having a hard time getting behind a guy that wears pig socks, loves Castro, pumps out hate tweets and is a dilettante doing his cause more harm than good. It’s hard to take Kaep’s defenders seriously when they never address the real reasons behind the backlash.

  5. you don’t make any sense…’of course because they could be fired and blackballed is exactly the reason why they should protest…..because if they do and get fired..’ hey wait…

    thanks dummy

  6. How can this fool not understand.
    Stupid clowns, the NFL is a business.
    Not a social experiment.
    Protest all you want, BUT NOT at a game in a team uniform.
    Also. A great majority don’t agree with your stands anyway

  7. Love Stills’s play on the field, as a Dolphins fan and a fan of football.

    But all this talk of brotherhood and the league being majority African-American…what are you trying to say? Is kaep being racially segregated from the mostly-black NFL? That’s called a contradiction.

    And if the league itself is a brotherhood, where is all the support for EVERY former member who doesn’t currently have a job? Kaep deserves special consideration? Why? What makes him any better?

    RGIII is unemployed too, but since he isn’t an attention-seeking SJW, he isn’t apart of any “brotherhood”.

    And so it goes.

  8. Shut your mouth Stills and focus on the Chargers!!! You are a professional football player and a half decent one. Focus on your job and stop worrying about CK or Michael Bennett. Let the Las Vegas PD do their job which is to investigate that incident. You do YOUR job and get ready for your next game!!!

  9. Not that this will ever be published because, you know, we can’t handle criticism at PFT, but…..

    ‘Stills, like Kaepernick, kneeled during the national anthem last year but has stopped doing so this season.’

    It’s kind of hard for him to ‘stop doing so’ when he isn’t on an NFL roster to begin with, no?

  10. This is just exhausting. Unfortunately the rest of us who understand will have to deal with this the rest of our lives. “They” will always play the victim.

  11. It’s easy. He opted out of a multi million dollar contract. And he isn’t entitled to a job, either as a starter or a backup. He spoke his mind (as is is right) in a forum that brings with it ill will (negativity toward the flag, the Country, and the armed forces personnel that protect this Country, not to mention his blatant anti-police stance). People either don’t agree with his position, or they don’t agree with the forum he chose to speak his mind.

  12. Actually Kaepernick is half white and was raised in the loving arms of white privilege. So what you see from him now is known as overcompensation and has all the authenticity of a Pepsi-sponsored protest march.

  13. Yep the left/media can never wrap their tiny heads around the fact that black Americans can think for themselves. The group think mentality and racial division got Trump elected and Dems will continue to suffer loses.

  14. Probably bc a bunch of other players don’t approve of his method of protest.. or his pig socks, or his Castro shirt. A lot of players probably have military service men and women in their families as well.

  15. Because most are smart enough to keep their own opinions about politics to themselves since it’s not sports related. Seeing too many sports athletes get ahead of themselves thinking since they run fast and catch footballs well, that everyone wants to hear their opinions on gay rights, BLM, SJW bs, etc.

    Fans want simplicity. If I want to hear or think about politics on Sunday, I’ll tune into those avenues. Most of us deal with lawyers, money issues, crying kids, etc all day long. We want a simple avenue to relax and cheer….not more of the crap we’re trying to avoid for 3 hrs.

    BTW, take a lesson from this about the strike the players are thinking about. You didn’t win in ’87, you’re seeing the collective strength of the guys you’re going up against, and your “leader” was the guy who OK’d the last deal which screwed you on player punishment. You don’t stand a chance if you think the fans really care who’s under the helmet.

  16. Perhaps those players understand that venting their views on social justice issues on company time isn’t conducive to continued future employment.

    Most of us in the middle class understand that our employers do not pay us to express our personal opinions on social issues. Colin Kaepernick is learning this lesson the hard way. If Kenny Stills and Michael Bennett want to follow him down that path, they can expect to be looking for work elsewhere in short order.

    No one is owed a spot on an NFL roster, any more than anyone is owed a job. The sooner the players and their compatriots in the sports media who support Kaepernick understand this, the better off they’ll all be.

  17. Maybe because most realize that SJW-thinking is not only divisive, hypocritical and bad for business, but something that can never be satisfied as SJWs live to complain and shift blame from themselves.

  18. Maybe, just maybe most players don’t think wearing a shirt glorifying a horribly oppressive dictator, wearing socks that depict police as pigs, and comparing the police to “runaway slave patrols” is not the best way to convey his message of oppression in this country.

  19. Well, Kenny, it’s pretty simple: The majority doesn’t agree with Kaep. Most love their country and can see how idiotic Kaep was. Where is Kaep now? On the unemployment line where he should be. You don’t mess with America. If you don’t like it, leave. It’s really pretty simple.

  20. Not all players are millionaires with guaranteed money in their contracts. Some are lucky to have made the roster and aren’t going to blow a once in a lifetime opportunity over some millionaire that made a decision to be a martyr. It’s not that players don’t care about police brutality, they are just busy trying to feed their families and aren’t going to risk it all over some social justice movement. Kaep went against the NFL and lost his career. Players noticed and aren’t interested in following the same path.

  21. He lost me when he said that “every African American player should support Kaepernick”, which was not noted in this article. If you are talking about the “brotherhood” of the NFL then that would include all races that play in this game, singling out a specific race from the “brotherhood” is the opposite of what the overall message of diversity is supposed to be. Also, I’m pretty sure Kiko Alonso, who is Cuban and other NFL players with Cuban heritage are not supporting Kaepernick due to his positive views on Castro, which still baffles me that this is never brought up when talking about Kaep and his job situation considering he offended those who risked their lives to flee Cuba during Castros dictatorship just to give their familys a chance at a better life in America.

    Stills is a good guy. He does a lot in the community to help out everyone he can, as does the Dolphins organization. I’m glad that he recognizes that Kneeling offended others and he chose to deliver his message a different way but I wish he would have chosen his words better on this one.

  22. We have an NFL community where players can be constantly suspended after being charged with battery, abuse, DUI’s, using PED’s, manslaughter, etc. Yet, there are players that have not been allowed to play because they smoke pot or have a peaceful protest. Oh America.

  23. I bet most of these players see the response Kaepernick has gotten and fear the same happening to them. As a fringe player who teeters on staying in the league, it’s not fair to expect them to risk the same fate suffered by Kaepernick.

    At the end of the day, it’s on the established stars to take a stand. Of course, they don’t want to alienate endorsement opportunities and fans. But they are the ones who can afford to and need to make the sacrifice.

  24. Because many think it was the wrong platform to use to make a statement and that there are other ways to be an activist that do not risk their paycheck. He kneeled for what he believed in and when he did he pissed off a large portion of the population that felt he was disrespectful, He lost marketability. These guys get paid on marketability (perfomance and perception). When you compare his current marketability with his on field performance you have a player that isn’t worth the headache at any cost, especially at the position he plays.

  25. Players are still protesting without any repercussions whatsoever. It’s a false dichotomy to say that you need to support Colin to want racial injustice to end.

    CK’s problem wasn’t the initial protest, it was boneheaded decisions like the Castro shirt. You can’t protest police mistreatment of blacks here and wear something like that considering the number of blacks killed under that regime by the police state. It makes it look like you don’t know what you’re even protesting against.

    Kaep may or may not want to be the face of this, but it’s insulting to every other player (white, black, and everyone in between) to suggest that they aren’t for progress if they choose not to follow him.

  26. There’s a bunch of reasons.
    1) They understand the common decency of respecting what the flag stands for.
    2) They know better than to humiliate the league.
    3) They aren’t buying in to his “stand”
    4) They dont agree regarding wearing a Castro t shirt while complaining about oppression.
    5) Their job is not the place to raise personal issues.

  27. There are times when your brother does something incredible stupid, that it doesn’t make sense back him, especially when you are making millions of dollars playing a game.

  28. I love when the SJW reporters post something like this article because it’s followed by comments from a “herd” of patriotic Americans who support the police at a ratio of 25:1. And why do those who support Kaepernick always leave out the part about him wearing a Castro tee shirt and police pig socks?

  29. Part of the problem IMO is just what he said. One of our guys back. He’s not speaking to NFL players, he’s being racist himself. Once we can get past (which we should have) us and you or we and them, the better off everyone would be. He also needs to realize the NFL is a multi billion dollar business and just like I have to, everyone has to keep the boss happy and produce returns on investment (pay) withought hurting (distracting) the firm. It’s really business 101.

  30. Why isn’t there and uprising of why Robert Griffin isn’t in the league? Why just cry about Kaepernick?
    Some of these ignorant players just want to make everything a race/ protest issue.
    Maybe it’s the same reason Tebow couldn’t get another QB job. They aren’t good enough.

  31. Hey Stills. Worry about being Jay Cutlers’s 6th option as a pass catcher. Krapernick sucked as a QB. THAT’S why he doesn’t have a job. How come your not asking the same questions about RGIII? Focus on what you have left of a football career

  32. Kaepernick is and will be a distraction to any team that signs him and current players don’t want to back him because that would be a distraction for the team they are employed by and the owners don’t want that, they are the ones that cut the check each and every single week!

  33. “Just, I feel like the league is majority African American and you would think more people would come to have one of our guys’ back.

    So just because he’s black and you’re black the rest of the black players should stand up for his actions just because he’s black, it should have nothing to do whether those other black players don’t agree with his actions or not. Buffoon.

  34. The most important thing about you is your race. Don’t forget. But don’t worry, if you do the NFL and its players will remind you every single solitary day for the rest of your life. These are just facts people.

  35. Because disrespecting the American flag is one of the worst things you can do. There’s other ways to bring awareness to the public about mistreatment from police. Disrespecting the flag like that is disrespecting the armed forces who fought for your freedom. As a black man myself who served many years as a marine I absolutely hate what Colin did to bring awareness to this topic. Now I hate racist police officers that kill men like me for thinking I have a gun because the color of my skin but Colin the American Flag is a sacred thing to members of the military. He shouldn’t be on a roster because he plays more like RG3 and look where he’s at but his protests is what keeps him off a roster and I agree with that.

  36. Pig socks, Fidel Castro T-shirt, radical girlfriend posting pics online of an NFL owner and future HOFer comparing them to a slave/slave owner, opting out of a 14 mil contract extension, choosing to sit for the anthem at precisely the same moment that he lost his starting job, making a public statement that he plans to stand for the anthem now that he needs a job ….are those enough reasons?

  37. Why is it that the writers here who do get political, are always the ones from the same side, pushing the same agenda?

    Worse is that they never tell the whole story. It’s like ESPN. They ran a headline that said ‘Anti-racism banner prompt ejections at Fenway’. Bs. It wasn’t an anti racism banner, it was a banner that basically said America is just so rampant with racism and its accepted, which is nonsense

  38. Beacuse 40-50% of these men are intelligent guys that ‘get it’

    The other 49.5-59.5% want to get PAID and know they need to keep their agendas to themselves.

  39. Just goes to show how dumb Britt is.
    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
    Or you’ll be working at McDonald’s.

  40. “It’s kind of hard for him to ‘stop doing so’ when he isn’t on an NFL roster to begin with, no?”

    Lolz he’s a Dolphin and it says so in the very first line of the article.

    Reading comprehension. Get some.

  41. Other players are smart and see how Kaepernick has been blackballed by teams and shunned by fans, especially those of the more conservative variety.

    Football is brutally competitive with a short career. No one wants to rock the boat. Really, only the super stars are able to speak out, and even then there are VERY few of those who can get away with it. In the end, people and GMs have long memories. That’s why outspoken ones such as TO, Chad Johnson, Kaep, Peyton Hillis couldn’t find jobs towards the end of their careers.

  42. This is so stupid.
    Others dont back him or dont care because its not important to them.
    Just because its a passion project to Kenny Stills and a few players doesnt mean everyone has to feel that way.

    What is so annoying about the Kaepernick drama is its been hyped up so much that it paints everyone into a corner. If you dont unabashedly support Kaepernick you’re a racist, you’re selfish, you’re ignorant. No, some people just dont care that much about one mediocre QB.

  43. “Of course, that’s also the reason more should, because any of them who step outside the approved messaging can easily be the next one being cut out from the herd.”

    * Your rules. We warned you that you wouldn’t like them when they were applied equally.

  44. I understand guys protecting their brands, but if you’re an elite player with an established job and you don’t stand for this, you my friend are a coward. The problem won’t be solved until as many people are made as uncomfortable as possible and it starts more productive discussions. As seen on message boards like this and in reality, racism and prejudice aren’t going away anytime soon, and any notion of a post-racial America is a farce. Athletes have a civic duty as role models and with their platform, there is no reason they should be silenced. As you see with the NBA, players aren’t afraid to voice their opinions despite public perception. Albeit, the fan base is much more educated and the league is much more progressive, but those guys are making it known what they stand for. Kudos to Stills and his bravery. Those who question his motives are the real dummies because if you’re well read then you are well aware of the history.

  45. The NFL is your job. Do your job. Wear what they want you to wear. Stand when they want you to stand. Then make your statement after the game.

  46. Titan says:
    September 14, 2017 at 11:28 am
    The capitalist doesn’t allow for it.
    Capitalism has served its purpose time to advance beyond it.

    Capitalism is why you’re typing on your iPhone while drinking a caramel mocha latte smart guy. Move to Cuba pinko.

  47. You have to fight for what you want. Women had to fight for the right to vote. We had to go to war with the south to end slavery. If blacks aren’t going to support Kaepernick, and leave him hanging, they shouldn’t expect anybody else to stick their neck out for them. Stills is right. The majority of NFL players are black. As long as they’re showing up to play football, they’re leaving Kaepernick to fend for himself. I’m willing to help those who are willing to help themselves, but if people aren’t willing to help themselves, I’m just going to worry about myself. Martin Luther King would think today’s NFL players are a bunch of wimps.

  48. What happened to Bennett after the Mayweather fight was he acted in a suspicious manner and caused the police to think he might be the guy who was reportedly shooting a gun. So they put him on the ground and detained him. They would have done exactly the same thing to a white guy.
    Bennett is 6’4″ and 270 lbs. If you were a cop and you saw him hiding and then running away, what would you do? I can tell you this, if it were me, I’d have put his butt on the ground and handcuffed him too until I found out the truth.
    But Bennett chose to immediately play the race card — despite the fact that the two policemen were of Hispanic origin.
    There is a huge problem with shouting racism when there is no basis for it. It makes people like me — who will always support someone who is truly a victim of racism — shrug it off as just another black using it as an excuse.

  49. As a die hard Fins fan this guy down right embarrasses me. Someone on that team needs to put him in his place. I wish he would go play for the Steelers and have to deal w Harrison as a teammate and try to get away with this crap.

  50. Because cowards, mostly hiding behind “handles” and millions of miles of fiber optic wire, can ruin you. Players have seen how moral courage can destroy a person in ‘Murica circa 2017.

  51. scrotiemcb says:
    Because cowards, mostly hiding behind “handles” and millions of miles of fiber optic wire, can ruin you.

    A bold statement, made by yet another coward hiding behind his “handle” and millions of miles of fiber optic wire.

  52. This may be why (and high school students with a dress code may want to take note): Because a week is 168 hours long and you have plenty of time to protest or support whatever you want on your own time.

  53. Regardless if I agreed with his opinion, method of protest or not- If I am a mid level nfl player chugging along I am prob not gonna have a lot of sympathy for a guy that opted out of a 14 mil contract extension that is prob more than I would make in my NFL career.

  54. He doesn’t realize this is a private workplace, bigger YES, but at the end of a day if a Carpenter hires you to nail shingles and you hit him in the head with your Hammer, does he hand you an AX to split those Cedar Shingles?

    Back before and into the mid 20th Century there were bad racial problems and the Country worked hard to fix them. Now people have equal rights, can eat where they want, get an education,get a job. But being equal means no more Special treatment, and some still want to be cuddled with poor you, lets treat you Special, lets GIVE you this free stuff until you make it…But nobody put any rules for it to end, that became a way of life and face it..It is a lot easier than working, striving, getting out of Bed, staying with your family. Now it is more an internal issue and not a racial one. At least that is what I see in MY mixed neighborhood. Some White, Red, Black and Blue. This will be Modded out but nobody wants to print, hear or admit the truth, even if it is painted with a wide brush.

  55. Sick of it, It is like the Stephen King book where the Monster says, “Give me what I want and I’ll Go away”. In the book They did, and he went away.. In real life we did and they just want more.
    You can’t compare RGlll, He lost the thing that made him Special, he lost his wheels. Now he is just a fair backup. Sad because It would have been fun to watch him. Team decided to play him hurt, and they ruined his Career when he ripped it up.

  56. As far as the NFL and the teams being a brotherhood, it’s a sham. Just like where you work and they tell you how we’re all one big family, all one team. Until management or ownership has to make a decision and you’re off the “team.” We are taught from a young age to be self reliant and to be individualist. It is rare that we give up our individualism and take a collective stand when it would threaten our personal situation. Kenny Stills is learning a valuable lesson in life.

  57. Can’t you say that Kaep did the same thing? He lost it. He isn’t the same player ON THE FIELD as he was his first 2 years. Can we all agree that ON THE FIELD he has regressed? Remember him hiring Kurt Warner in the offseason to “fix” his throwing motion… all downhill from there.

  58. it’s like this…. if I worked for Walmart and decided to bash, on the biggest public stage, something Walmart customers live for…. say….. monster truck rallies or pro wrestling, it would make sense that Walmart would treat me like a cancer.

    Kenny Stills is now pondering why more Walmart employees don’t come out in support of me saying how much monster truck rallies and pro wrestling suck.

    Gee Kenny, brilliant question.

  59. At the end of the day, if a team thought Kaepernick’s talent outweighed the negative attention he would bring to that respective organization, he’d be signed.

    Colin made himself a lightening rod for negative media attention. No team wants to deal with the distraction he would bring.

  60. SIGH.

    Guys? NFL teams and owners don’t care about politics or keeping criminals out, or Vontaze Burfict, Pacman Jones, Tom Brady, and Exekiel Elliot (for example) would be “blackballed” as you claim.

    If Kaep was even a half-decent Qb (and he’s not), they’d be actively fighting for him WITH all the baggage he brings.

  61. It’s disheartening to see how many people can’t comprehend the most simple business concepts:

    1. The NFL is a business
    2. The NFL games and players are the products
    3. Products must be marketable for customers to buy them
    4. If a business is lucky, customers will say when something diminishes the product’s appeal
    5. A business will succeed if it acknowledges the needs of the customer and delivers the desired product

  62. If anyone else in any other job pulled this kind of political stunt at work and word spread around the industry you were in that you had talent but were a huge distraction to other employees, you’d have trouble landing a job. Period. How many times have you heard in your life that you don’t talk about Politics and Religion at work? I mean it’s a no brainer.

  63. It’s disheartening to see how many people can’t comprehend the most simple business concepts:

    1. The NFL is a business
    2. The NFL games and players are the products
    3. Products must be marketable for customers to buy them
    4. If a business is lucky, customers will say when something diminishes the product’s appeal
    5. A business will succeed if it acknowledges the needs of the customer and delivers the desired product

    Love this…

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