Le’Veon Bell: Just “doing what I’m told”

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The Steelers are trying to make sure this doesn’t become a thing, but it’s clear they’re working to cover themselves in case running back Le'Veon Bell‘s slow start continues.

Coach Mike Tomlin said he was more worried about penalties than Bell’s 32-yard debut, and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger urged patience as the offense develops.

Bell himself said he’s prepared to do whatever he’s asked.

“Of course, I want to be out there every play. I’m just executing the game plan and doing what I’m told,” Bell said, via Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “However they plan to use me, I’ll be available. I’ll make sure I go out there and put everything on the line when I’m in the game, and do the best that I can.”

Bell played just 43 of the 60 snaps last week against the Browns, and wasn’t on the field at all when the Steelers went with a four-wide, one tight end set. He’s often been used in the slot in the past when they empty the backfield, but wasn’t last week. And because of the penalty problems, Roethlisberger suggested they might not have gone to Bell as often as they might have intended to.

“We put together 10-play starters,” the quarterback said. “It was scripted to come out and throw screens and quick balls. The third and fourth plays were run plays. When you get penalties, you get backed up. You’re not going to run the ball on second-and-20. You have to find ways to get some chunks back.

“The game dictated the way the game went and their defense dictated things. It wasn’t ‘Let’s shut Le’Veon out and let’s see this that and the other.’ It was how the game unfolded.”

The Steelers threw far more than they anticipated last week, but hope to involve Bell more in the coming weeks to keep things balanced. And with that, his numbers should begin to look much better.

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  1. Someone could refute/support it with data, but Bell seems more productive when he gets consistent reps and builds momentum against an opponent. Doesn’t seem to do as well when he’s called on intermittently throughout a game, as if he has trouble getting rhythm. Sometimes wondered if that’s partially why they’d go to him almost exclusively at the expense of talented RB2s previously (Blount and Williams).

  2. The first two comments are pretty weak efforts by Steeler hating troll’s. Bell did exactly as he should. He doesn’t call the plays. If you watched the game, which I know these troll’s didn’t, you would have seen a defense that was well schemed to stop the run and the deep pass. But that observation is beyond their limited scope….give it a rest you two clowns.

  3. Molehill, meet mountain. Seriously, what is the issue here? With the exception of AB, the Steelers offense was subpar against Cleveland. Now when asked, Bell says that he’s ready to do whatever the team asks of him. And what NFL player doesn’t want to be on the field for every snap?

    I’m failing to see the issue here. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that PFT is trying to stir up controversy where none exists.

  4. Bell put the offense behind by not practicing with them and then acts like he has no role in his 32 yard output and his lack of usage.

    Bell used his leverage to hurt the team so they would give him more money. That was his choice but you can’t do that and claim to be a team first guy. That holdout was about one person, Bell, not the team.

    If the Steelers had lost the game we’d have 50 articles on this but winning cures all ills. Tomlinson must be thanking the gods that the Browns were still the Browns for one last year.

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever read before that the Steelers script the first ten plays, so that is interesting to me. Certainly Bell’s holdout and the lack of preseason work for the entire offense contributed to the sluggish performance on Sunday, but I was more disturbed about the game planning. Cleveland was 31st in the league in rush defense last year! I know they’ve made some upgrades but why wouldn’t you commit to running the ball early? And, if, as it often appeared, Cleveland was stacking the box with a single high safety, why wouldn’t you through the ball in the middle of the field more?

    I blame Haley more than I blame Bell for the Game 1 woes.

  6. Bell’s conditioning and stamina is poor because he held out for so long.

    Thanks Captain Obvious for that insight from a renoun Patriot troll.

    For those bashing Bell get a clue. RB’s have a very short shelf life in the NFL while I didn’t enjoy his approach as a Steeler fan I must respect his right to get what he can. Lest you numbnumbs forget he is actually auditioning for a new contract for next year because he will be evaluated on his performance be the Steelers or someone else should they decide to trade him.

  7. Bell’s conditioning and stamina is poor because he held out for so long

    Thanks Captain Obvious for that astute comment.

    For those commenting that didn’t watch the game you need to forget about recent history when judging the Browns defense. It was their first game under a very good D coordinator who had months to devise a game plan…..duh? Think ladies think.

  8. That’s the first thing I said to all my Browns buddies this spring, “you’re going to LOVE your new defense.” I don’t care what their run D was ranked last year, this is THIS year and these guys deliberately said “you gotta beat us in the air.”

    Never been big on that game plan (sure didn’t work for us in Denver a couple years ago!) but I can respect the NASTY that this defensive unit is bringing to the game.

  9. I guess the unnecessary roughness calls were Bell’s fault too? I was thinking Art should have called Tomlin on the carpet for the undisciplined play.

  10. Wish I would have read this earlier. There is a lot of conclusions built upon assumptions or suppositions in this article that are assumed to be facts. Then an argument built against those conclusions. Some would call that a strawman.

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