Xavier Rhodes, Terence Newman added to Vikings injury report

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The big news on the Vikings injury report on Wednesday was that quarterback Sam Bradford was a limited participant in practice due to a knee injury.

Bradford was limited again on Thursday, but there’s been no sign from Minnesota that Bradford’s availability for this week’s game against the Steelers is in doubt and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur wasn’t asked about Bradford’s health during a Thursday press conference. That may make the biggest news on Thursday’s report a couple of players who joined Bradford as limited participants.

Cornerbacks Terence Newman and Xavier Rhodes were both limited after not appearing on the injury report at all for Wednesday’s session. Newman is listed with a knee injury and Rhodes’ hip was the reason for his appearance.

With linebacker Anthony Barr out for the second straight day, that’s a lot of defensive regulars on the injury report and some intrigue for the release of the final report of the week on Friday.

24 responses to “Xavier Rhodes, Terence Newman added to Vikings injury report

  1. None of these guys needs the practice and it is a long season. Better to rest even minor injuries now so they have a chance to heal and don’t become season long nagging problems.

  2. objectivefootballfan says:
    September 14, 2017 at 5:47 pm
    Rhodes has become one of the better corners in the NFL and so has the Vikings defense!


    Yep – #23 against the pass this year. Nice….

    #18 overall – almost in the top 1/2

    #13 in scoring – their only stat above the middle and it’s 8 places behind GB, you know, that “historically bad Dom Caper’s Defense”

    Course the difference is that GB played a playoff team and division winner this year and Minnesota didn’t.

  3. @teal379 Are you actually implying that the stats from one game into the season against a historically lights out offense is somehow representative of their defensive ranking? A game they won handily, I might add?

    If you think the gb defense is better than the Vikings’ defense, I have some ocean front property on Mars to sell you.

    Pro tip: The ONLY defensive stat that matters is points.

  4. finchy74 says:
    September 14, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    Pro tip: The ONLY defensive stat that matters is points.


    The Packers gave up 9

    The Vikings gave up 19

    The Patriots gave up 42

    You may go now.

  5. packer fans talking about defense after one game. The Seahawks have had one of the worst olines in the game. Let’s hold off that talk for a bit. You do realize you play the Falcons this week. The team that motorboated you out of the playoffs not that long ago. Your defense had more wrong with it than just cutting Gunther can fix.

  6. Yup, in the first game of the season, the #1 offense and #1 passing offense from 2016 faced the #3 defense and #3 pass defense from 2016.

    But if you want to talk about 2017, the Vikings have the 2nd best QB, 2nd best RB, and 3rd best WR in the NFL. How them Packers doing?

  7. The Packer defense struggled because the already-young backfield was decimated and there were key injuries to the LB group as well. Minnesota’s offensive struggles were due to the injuries on the O-line and to purple Jesus.

    The difference is, the Packer defenders still played hard all year and went as far as the NFCCG, where they were severely outclassed. It happens. Your Vikings on the other hand, when faced with the same type of overwhelming adversity, quit. They flat-out, undeniably, in front of the whole world, QUIT! You must be very proud.

  8. cheeseisfattening says:
    September 15, 2017 at 10:09 am

    “You may go now.” is now a simple fact?

    Offenwrong Cabbage is back here being wrong again.


    Yes, it is a simple fact. The most simple. He may go. He is unencumbered and under no obligation to stay here.


  9. Wow…Packer fans really think they have a better defense than the Vikings after one game? First of all, the Seahawks lost their left tack for the season. They are in trouble until they figure that mess out. Second, the Vikings defense played a better scoring team. The Saints. The Vikings held them to field goals the whole game, till a garbage time TD. The thing is, neither team knows how good their weaknesses are because the week 1 matchups were not very challenging. The Packers faced a better offense line. That makes thing easy. Also put in several official calls that helped them out. The Vikings offense went against a terrible Saints Defense. How about both teams pump the breaks. Lets see how good the Packers defense is against the Falcons. Lets see how the Vikings offensive line holds up against the Steelers strong blitz. All we really know is, the Packers have a good offense, the Vikings have a good defense. Anything else is really unknown.

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