Adam Thielen, Case Keenum get in extra work

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Either the Vikings are attempting to perform a Jedi mind trick on the Steelers or the Vikings are potentially about to hand the offense over to Case-Freaking-Keenum.

Starting quarterback Sam Bradford began the week with the best performance of his NFL career. He’s now questionable after his knee with the twice-torn ACL became sufficiently bothersome to limit him in practice and necessitate an MRI. And then comes the ominous news, from Courtney Cronin of, that Keenum and receiver Adam Thielen were getting in extra work together after practice on Friday.

The next question will be whether Bradford makes the trip to Pittsburgh on Saturday; it would be a shock if he doesn’t. Then the question becomes whether it’s him or Keenum on Sunday.

If it’s the latter, it’s probably time to take the L. All due respect.

Making it harder to predict whether Bradford will play is the reality that, with the removal last year of the “probable” label, the “questionable” designation has expanded from 50-50 to, basically, 50 percent all the way to 99. Bradford currently is somewhere in that gulf of 49 percentage points.

If he’s near the shallow end, the guy who somehow got through 15 games last year behind a crap offensive line (all due respect) could be out of action just as he has an offensive line good enough to keep him clean but, apparently, not clean enough.

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  1. Not a big deal. This team is 100% pro bowl caliber. If their practice squad had to go Iron Man 10 on 11, they’d still win by 19 TDs.

    Behold the Minnesota Vikings in all their splendor. Watch as they go 19-0!

  2. Case Keenum is no Sam Bradford, but give him a little respect. He’s started 24 NFL games and he was 4-5 for a Rams team last year that was 0-7 without him. He’s an adequate short-term fill-in and he gives the team a chance to win a game against anybody.

    It’s not like this is a team built completely around the quarterback, like another team I could mention.

  3. The funny thing to me is that this article is basically stating that the vikings have no shot without Sammy Sleeves. However, this team is based around its tough defense. The Vikes defense beat New Orleans on Monday, not the Offense. The only touch down that the Saints scored was a garbage time TD, And the saints have had a high powered offense for years. Lets not get too carried away with the notion that Sam Bradford is all of a sudden carrying this team on his back. 16 would have probably beaten the saints on Monday if the Vikes NEEDED to hold them to a field goal on that final drive. The steelers will likely win cause they are a darn good team, playing on home field. Not because Sam is or is not playing.

  4. Packer fans let me help you out with this one. When they mention Adam Thielen and Case Keenum get in extra work here they are talking about on the football field and not with a knife and fork like you are use to.

  5. It wasn’t just the defense that beat the Saints in week 1, the fact that the offense was able to remain on the field for repeated long drives gave the defense time to get their collective breath back in between Saints’ possessions.

    In honesty, with the NFL being such an anti-anything fun organisation, I’m surprised they even insist on public injury reports. Surely that only really helps the gambling world.

  6. Zim’s Jedi mind tricks are more along the slaughtered stuffed animal route. This would be way too subtle for him.

  7. My guess is Bradford will need to be scoped to remove scar tissue from his previous ACLs. Hopefully it’s nothing more serious than that, because he was fun to watch last weekend.

  8. Of course, this wouldn’t be as much of a concern if he Vikes had a ground game worth a crap.

    And for the Minny fans here who think it’s just a “next man up” situation with Keenum, I tell you this: Bradford made 4 or 5 throws last weekend that Case Keenum didn’t even know were possible. This is not an insignificant thing for your team.

  9. If Bradford is not for any significant time the Vikings are in trouble! Case Keenum is not a starting QB, Keenum should not even be a backup with your QB one hit away from Case starting. The Viking will not be playing the Saints this week so if Bradford can’t go their goose is cooked. If Sam Bradford’s knee is hurt he doesn’t want to start against the Steelers…

    Case Keemum Career: 58.4% – 5,224 yards – 24 TD – 20 int – 78.4 QB Rating

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