Adrian Peterson: I didn’t sign up for nine snaps

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Saints running back Adrian Peterson downplayed any sideline tension with head coach Sean Payton immediately after Monday’s loss to the Vikings and did so again on Thursday while saying that he enjoyed seeing the memes that people have created around the intense stare he gave Payton during the game.

Peterson particularly liked one that had him as Denzel Washington’s character from Training Day, but called the whole thing “definitely overdramatized” when it came to the way he felt during the game. That’s not to say that Peterson was thrilled with playing nine snaps and carrying the ball six times in his first game with New Orleans.

“I didn’t sign up for nine snaps, though, but unfortunately that’s the way the game played out,” Peterson said, via the New Orleans Advocate. “In my mind, personally, I knew it was gonna take some adjusting. You know, me and Mark played in the last preseason game, AK didn’t even play that game. So with all three of us being out there, I knew it would take a game or so to kind of get adjusted.”

There will surely be changes from week to week, but it seemed clear on Monday that the Saints aren’t going to have much use for Peterson if they are trailing of if they are relying on the passing game to move the ball. They can do something about the former in the weeks to come, but the latter is going to continue to be an obstacle for Peterson on a team with Drew Brees at quarterback.

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  1. I’m sure Sean Peyton wants to get back to the super bowl as badly as anyone. If he thinks he can win a game by giving Peterson the ball 20 times, he’ll do it. Peterson rushed for 2,000 yards and the Vikings didn’t make it to the super bowl. The goal should be to get to the super bowl. If that’s not what you signed up for, then you need to find the exit sign.

  2. An aging running back who doesn’t catch passes signs up to be a part of an RBBC on one of the most prolific passing teams in the league with 2 younger, better backs for this offense.

    Not very good decision making by both the team and Peterson. With that defense I don’t see the Saints running out the clock in the 4th quarter alot.

  3. Trade this dude now and take your monetary losses.

    He’s a bad fit for your offense and I’m not sure why you signed him in the first place.

    He’s attempting to bully your organization to pad his stats and talking smack after 1 game lol.

  4. NFL all-time single season rushing leaders at age 32

    Walter Payton…….1986..CHI…1,333
    Ricky Williams……2009..MIA…1,121
    Ottis Anderson……1989..NYG…1,023
    Emmitt Smith……..2001..DAL…1,021
    Mike Anderson…….2005..DEN…1,014
    James Brooks……..1990..CIN…1,004
    Frank Gore……….2015..IND…..967
    Jerome Bettis…….2004..PIT…..941
    DeAngelo Williams…2015..PIT…..907

  5. This team has Drew Brees as it’s quarterback and are known for passing the ball. What in the world did you expect them to do? Change to a running team because they had you, at the end of your career? It would be best for you to keep your mouth shut and play ball or you might be playing on your last team. If you check the market it is not big on “end of career” running backs who are divas.

  6. Payton won’t put up with that. Peterson signed with the wrong team if he thinks he should get the ball more.

    Saints look god awful on defense, and didn’t look that great on offense last week.

    Peterson will just agitate this situation even more.

    Yeah have fun with that Saints fans.

  7. Can’t catch, won’t block.. and needs 25 carries a game to “get into a rhythm and wear people down.” Can’t see that as a fit anywhere at this point, especially not with Brees and the Saints. At least they’re not paying him much.

  8. in the words of Heath Ledger..HERE WE GO.

    Now we all know the reason he was barking at Sean Payton in Minnesota. Sorry man, but with Ingram and Kamara, you’ve been relegated to a 1 down back as you are older.

  9. It’s his fault if he doesn’t like it. Saints never have a “work-horse” and everyone knows this.

  10. Obviously, he hasn’t paid attention to the Saints. They throw the ball. It’s what they do and what they’ve done since Payton got there in 2006.

    But it’s not surprising Peterson didn’t see the obvious and is clueless considering he beat his kids with switches.

  11. Not so much a bell-cow as a cowbell, a $7M cowbell, plus the huge hit to the Black & Gold’s so-called “Family” values.

  12. Oh boy, here we go. The Aints have their hands full now! AP is bringing schism to the Aints locker room and I think’s it’s great. Who Dat nation and AP was Who Nothing on Monday night and will be Who Nothing this season as well. SKOL

  13. Square peg in a round hole, and a bit delusional. Dude can’t catch, and is worthless on 3rd down. But yeah, a game or two, and all the “adjustments” will be made. Riiiight….

  14. As a Viking fan, I am glad AP is some other team’s headache now. His weak spot has always been his tendency to focus on himself rather than the team.

  15. Last week’s game went perfectly for Viking fans. Loved all the great games AP had over the years, but it was time to move on. That moment on the sidelines between AP and Payton was icing on the cake.

  16. Maybe Adrian will finally come to accept at what point he is in his career and won’t be a feature back and fed the ball 20 plus times in hopes of getting a 40 yard run here or there while compremising the identity of his new teams offense like he was able to do in his last couple years in Minnesota.

  17. And so it begins….AP will be on the street no latter than Turkey Day, maybe even by Columbus day if he ends up being a healthy scratch when the Saints need an extra O-lineman.

  18. The only thing worse than watching an aging athlete try to cling to their glory years is watching an aging athlete who doesn’t even realize they are aging. Sad thing that has happened to New Orleans. Brees is bolting for greener pastures next year.

  19. You signed up to do what you are told to do, please stop pretending you are a
    top RB in the league.

  20. Peterson is a bad fit in this offense. His skills are limited, and the Saints are mostly a passing team. No one else wants him, so I think this will probably be his last year. His opinion of himself is vastly overrated.

  21. Well if you divide those snaps by the game check he’s getting, Id say id take that salary and love every cent. But these players get greedy fast, not surprising.

  22. This is hard to watch. Apparently all the hits to the head have done some damage to AP. He signed with a team with an above average starting RB, and a pass first team. Also, AP is below average at receiving and pass blocking. I think everyone seen the writing on the wall that he would get limited touches, except him.

  23. AD doesn’t fit what the saints do and when they got down to the red zone they throw it and he was supposed to be the goal line back. if they want to have any success he has to be in more and not run it every time hes in the game. a screen to him would be nice because whenever hes in teams know hes going to run it.

  24. As a close friend of the organization it may be wise to move Peterson for a 4th rounder or a roster player and a 6th rounder to a team that can use him, such as the Cardinals, Steelers, Giants or Redskins.

  25. charliecharger says:
    September 15, 2017 at 7:20 am
    I’m sure Sean Peyton wants to get back to the super bowl as badly as anyone. If he thinks he can win a game by giving Peterson the ball 20 times, he’ll do it.


    I agree with the first sentence. But I don’t agree with the second one. I don’t think Peyton will ever get to the point where he thinks he can win games by giving one guy the ball 20 times. It’s just not his philosophy…for better or for worse.

  26. Always felt signing with the Saints was an odd and poor fit for AP. He made this bed. He shouldn’t be surprised a historical passing team is going to pass and leave him on the sidelines.

  27. AP: Lest you forget, no one wanted you. You signed not because they wooed you with playing time. They signed you because you were cheap insurance for Ingram.

  28. AP in denial of his age and where he is with his NFL career. Sean Payton and Brees probably won’t be back next year and the Saints have two younger RB’s that they want to rotate in to play.

    Also, your about done in the NFL AP.

  29. They have Ingram, Peterson, and Payton featured the rookie for spite.
    I feel bad for the saps that drafted a RB from Cincy or New Orleans.

  30. Far be it from me to criticize AP after the great career that he had in Minnesota, but judging on how long he was on the market, I think that he should be happy that we was “signed up” at all.

  31. He’s right. AP needs 20-25 looks a game. Why even sign him if you haven’t figured that out yet. I still thinkhe’s better than 90 percent of the backs in the league. Give him the rock.

  32. I’m sure Sean Peyton didn’t sign up for 9 side-comments & a glare when he’s trying to figure out how to win a game on national tv.

  33. LOL @ Saints, guess you didn’t do your due diligence in vetting who Adrian Peterson is.

    Peterson is and has always been about Peterson, he knows no concept that is called team.

  34. The Saints team and fans are quickly learning about Petersons altered reality. He thinks he’s still 25 and should be the centerpiece of any offense. A trade to the running back starved Cardinals would make the most sense for all. At any rate, Peterson will be fishing next year at this time.

  35. Poor baby as he is caught jawing at the coach and talking to other players. Maybe Peterson should take a switch to the head coach.

  36. Let me see, your old team didn’t want you and now your are complaining about only 9 snaps.
    You could try working for a living, give it a try!

  37. Dear Adrian
    You are on a pass-happy team. If you want to be on the field more, learn how to pass block. You still won’t get many carries, but hey, it’s better than the sideline right?

  38. Saints desperate to make sure they can try to sell out games in such a weak sports market. They’re big into flashy signings like a lot of Southern sports markets. The fans blow and don’t care about pro sports. They care about college football/basketball and NASCAR the most.

  39. He’s so out of touch with reality. I think he still views himself as some kind of X factor – like Sean Payton was going to revamp the whole Saints offense just to feature a 32 year old RB with two knee surgeries under his belt.

  40. beckzhere says:
    September 15, 2017 at 7:20 am
    Trade AP to the Cardinals. Problem solved

    This makes a ton of sense. Cards have the cap space, the need, AP is a giant upgrade over what they have, and he’s only making 3.5mm. Do the deal!

  41. Nobody is looking at this this through an accurate historical lense, to include Peterson himself. Everyone is commenting about how Peterson should have known what type of offense the Saints ran, etc. You forget…it isn’t like Peterson chose the Saints out of the field, they were literally the only team to offer him a job. He sat there forever until they came calling. My question is more “what the Saints were thinking” as he clearly didn’t match their offense. They ought to try and trade him to a team with desperate running back needs. There are already a few teams that foot that bill.

  42. I hear Abraham Lincoln’s Liberian Lions are looking for an assistant RB coach. You interested?

    Take all of your friends with you.

  43. Do the Saints have tape? Before he got hurt last year he did not look like the same guy, including late in the prior year. He’s a 3.0 yards per carry guy his last dozen or so games.

  44. Poor form but much ado about nothing. He’s hyper competitive, Payton is likely only mildly annoyed and the Saints have bigger problems. AP will get some run. He was just pissed because he badly wantrd to “do” the Vikings out of anger.

  45. football2011 says:
    September 15, 2017 at 8:01 am
    Six carries for 18 yards. He is old and slow and should have retired. Who is he kidding?


    Not to mention the fact that nine of those 18 came on his first carry. Minus that run, he’s averaging fewer than 2 yards per carry – pretty much where he was at last season for the Vikes. Father Time is still undefeated, in spite of what the NFL talking heads would have you believe.

  46. You have to wonder what the Saints were thinking. Every single Vike fan new this was exactly how it was going to go. Although, I personally thought yelling at the head coach wouldn’t have happened until week 2, so got that one wrong.

  47. Peterson and the Saints conceptually is not a logical fit, that being said….

    Saints defense is bad

    Drew Brees can’t continue throwing 35 times per game if he wants to make the playoffs

    If I’m Sean Peyton I’m rethinking how I want to use Peterson because in their current state, a hammer like Peterson is actually what the Saints need if they want to protect their defense, their QB and their playoff chances.

  48. I’m a long time Vikings fan who loved the ability AP brought to the Vikes.
    But let’s review his lack of wisdom here:
    Join a team that:
    1) Is primarily a passing team with one of the best QBs ever to play the game
    2) You are poor at pass-blocking
    3) You are poor at pass-catching
    4) Two other running backs on the team are better at both of those things.

    Nobody ever said he was smart….

  49. saaladin
    Great logic .. but hard to “hammer” the ball when your O-line is mostly MIA, and can’t run-block.

    Things might change, but it’s looking like AP went from one bad offensive line situation to a worse one.

    Bad luck…

  50. beckzhere says:
    Trade AP to the Cardinals. Problem solved.

    Problem solved for New Orleans. Problem created for Arizona.
    The Cardinals would be nuts to make that trade.
    You’d have a poor offensive line blocking for a back whose mere presence on the field telegraphs to opponents exactly what’s coming. You replace none of David Johnson’s pass-catching abilities or elusive running, and almost by default you create far too many third-and-long situations for old man Carson Palmer. In that scenario, you either have to take Adrian Peterson off the field, or make Palmer the victim of Peterson’s non-existent pass-blocking skills.
    It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

  51. Trade AP to the Detroit Lions so he can get his real revenge on the Vikings this season for letting him go, and the Lions can finally have a between the tackles downhill runner in the backfield.

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