Amazon NFL stream will include audio option for football newcomers

Getty Images

When Amazon begins streaming NFL Thursday night games in two weeks, most American fans will watch the CBS feed with Jim Nantz and Tony Romo calling the game. But fans who want a more elementary explanation of the action will have another option.

Amazon has decided to offer a separate English-language audio feed, primarily aimed at people who live in other countries and don’t know much about American football, that explains the game with basics like what constitutes a first down. Jim DeLorenzo, head of sports for Amazon Video Channels, told Sports Business Daily that Amazon believes it can attract fans around the world who are interested in American football but don’t really understand it.

“One of the things that I think makes Amazon unique among the different OTT video players is the fact that we truly are a global service. This is a global deal for us,” DeLorenzo said. “That really dovetails well with some of the NFL’s goals to try and increase the popularity of the NFL globally. All U.S. leagues are trying to increase their international footprint. We have the same incentives on our side, trying to make sure that we’re presenting this in the best way possible for our customers.”

Amazon has not said who the announcers will be on the secondary audio option. It will first be used for the September 28 Bears-Packers game.