Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick after loss to Texans: “We suck”

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Being shutout to open the season and losing to a rookie quarterback in his first career start four days later is already taking its toll on the Cincinnati Bengals.

After a 13-9 loss to the Houston Texans on Thursday night, Bengals players expressed their frustration with the team’s 0-2 start. Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick kept his assessment quite simple.

We suck,” he said, via Jeremy Rausch of FOX 19 in Cincinnati.

Kirkpartrick wasn’t he only one. Rausch also noted an unnamed player yelling in the Bengals locker room “we just lost to the worst team in the league.

Defensive end Carlos Dunlap made his thoughts pretty clear, albeit simple, on Twitter as well.

The Bengals have not scored a touchdown through the first two games of the season. The defense has been plenty good enough. They allowed just 268 yards of offense to the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday and just 266 yards to the Texans on Thursday night. They’ve allowed just 33 points combined through the first two games of the season and yet they find themselves at 0-2 largely due to an anemic offense.

While Baltimore and Houston are far from offensive juggernauts, the defense has carried its weight. The offense has not, scoring just nine points through two games.

With a trip to face the Green Bay Packers on the docket in 10 days, the Bengals are facing the real possibility of an 0-3 start. Any chances they have of competing for a playoff spot this season could be shot before the start of October.

47 responses to “Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick after loss to Texans: “We suck”

  1. Speak it Dre because Marvin sure won’t. Must be frustrating to play your tail off on defense and then see your pathetic offense mostly the qb and offensive line suck against a team that has half of its roster listed on the injury report and starting a rookie qb. Bengals coaching staff needs an overhaul and Jake Fisher needs to have a seat on the bench because he doesn’t even belong in the league. Going to be a long season.

  2. And also I want to say this NFL is not family friendly at all. I was at the game I saw one fight get started where people were throwing food at each other and two ladies were getting in a fight punching each other. Then the guy that had 2 daughters with him got into it with another guy and they both got arrested and one of them busted a female cops nose. All happened in the section to the right of me. Then another guy threw a beer onto the field to the section in the left of me. Also had another guy a few rows below us use multiple gay slurs at Dalton. And then to top it off some drunk in overalls was getting into a staredown with some young guy probably not much older than me in my early 20s.

    Look I get that beer would probably never not be sold at games. I am not a drinker I don’t look down on anyone that does but people don’t know how to control themselves at games. Its embarrassing to see fans of your hometown act like complete moron drunks. Kids can’t even go to enjoy themselves in something that they should be able to do. Instead all the stupid drunks who can’t control themselves ruin it.

    I will give much credit to baseball. I have been too many Reds games and the culture there is so different compared to what it is at the Bengals games I went to. I’ll just say there is a MAJOR alcohol problem at football stadiums and that is just sad it ruins it for people that just want to watch the game. I’m ashamed of Cincinnati as a city of what I saw in the stands and on the field tonight.

  3. Bengals mediocre at best O-line is not helping things, but Dalton is clearly off target, missing wide opens receivers and over throwing his target on 4th and 9 at the end of the game.

  4. Kirkpartrick wasn’t he only one. Rausch also noted an unnamed player yelling in the Bengals locker room “we just lost to the worst team in the league.”

    That unnamed player… Christian Hackenberg

  5. Kirkpartrick wasn’t he only one. Rausch also noted an unnamed player yelling in the Bengals locker room “we just lost to the worst team in the league.”
    Wrong, YOU’RE the worst team in the league.

  6. I agree Kirkpatrick but that is because your offense decided to be one of the worse in history through two games. In two games the Bengals is averaging 276.5 yards total(197 passing and 79.5 rushing) but what is bigger than that in two games the Bengals are averaging 4.5 points per game

  7. Wow, I actually picked the winner, but the game was much higher scoring than the 4-3 I predicted.

  8. I’ve been a Bengals fan for 20 years. They have never been this bad with this much talent. Obviously, the Marvin Lewis era is over. He should be fired midseason, but won’t be because he is under contract. Zen Kampese, our second year offensive coordinator, is lost. Honestly, the Bengals need a Tom Coughlin-style coach – someone to hold this talent accountable.


  9. To the “Unnamed Player”:
    You sir are incorrect..The Houston Texans just BEAT the worst team in the league!

    A Highly Observing Football Fan

  10. It has never been more clear than it is right now that Dalton should be benched. His overthrows are reminiscent of Blake Bortles.

  11. The Texans are far from the “worst team in the league”. That would be the Colts. But the Bengals may compete with the Colts for that honor.

  12. bondlake says:
    September 15, 2017 at 5:37 am

    How does Marvin Lewis maintain his job?

    He’s either been blowing Mike Brown, or has some serious white collar dirt on him.

  13. flipola says:
    September 15, 2017 at 1:28 am
    If Marvin were white, they’d be calling for his job.

    Sure, because black coaches never get fired. Shame on you and the knuckle-draggers who gave you a thumbs up, too.

    If you knew anything about how the Bengals operate, you would realize that the reason Marvin Lewis won’t get fired is because Mike Brown is too cheap to fire a coach who is still under contract.

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