CFL extends window for decision on Johnny Manziel

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The CFL extended its 10-day window for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to make a decision on Johnny Manziel. The league said in in a statement it needs more time to evaluate the quarterback, who must undergo a domestic violence assessment first.

“The window was extended to facilitate a process of evaluation for the player,” the statement read, via David William Naylor of TSN. “We’ll have no further comment until and unless that process has been completed.”

Hamilton owns the former Heisman Trophy winner’s CFL rights, having placed him on their negotiation list years ago. By league rules, any player on the list can trigger a 10-day window in which the team must sign, trade or release him.

Manziel’s agent recently activated the window.

But the Ticats first need to know whether the CFL will allow Manziel to play.

12 responses to “CFL extends window for decision on Johnny Manziel

  1. Manziel always stands for the national anthem, while getting drunk and beating up his girlfriend.

  2. Alright Jonathan. You want back in the NFL, prove it. Do it here first. Show it, don’t say it. Then NFL teams will come knocking on your door. If you would’ve had your crap together, it probably would’ve been you instead of Prescott. Actually glad it was Prescott but you get the picture. Actually you just don’t.

  3. Irrespective of the alleged drugs and women bashing, someone should tell our Canadians friends that without Mike Evans to catch the ball, Johnny isn’t very good.

  4. Manziel is soooo done as a football player. Drinking, partying, drugging, and abusing women are far more important to him than football. If you can’t see that, then you aren’t paying attention.

  5. By most accounts he has cleaned up his life. Assuming that is true, I hope he gets this chance and makes the most of it. If he is clean and committed I wish him the best.

    We can all change,grow and evolve. He was certainly an immature knucklehead while in his late teens and early twenties. Hopefully he has grown up so the folks that are laying it on the line for him to have this chance are not left looking foolish.

    Redemption is good. It is the theme of life, and we should all be hopeful that someone who possess such God given talent make the most of those skills 99 percent of us do not have.

    Virtually all of us in our thirties and beyond would hate to be forever judged by the acts of our youth.

    Put the swords up. For a moment in time Johnny Football elevated the game and made us all interested. Good luck to him so say I.

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