J.J. Watt says his injured finger is “pretty messed up”

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Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt re-injured his finger in Thursday night’s victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

While Watt noted this week that his finger was “still attached” and “that’s all that matters,” he wasn’t so sure about what he would find after the game.

“It was really great until the last three plays and then I was literally adjusting it and feeling it as I was running around and trying to chase that guy on the last play,” Watt said, via Sarah Barshop of ESPN.com. “I’m honestly kind of scared to take my glove off. I honestly don’t know what it looks like.”

Watt initially dislocated his finger against the Jacksonville Jaguars last Sunday. He played with the injury just four days later against Cincinnati and said his finger is “pretty messed up.”

While still looking for his first sack of the season, Watt had six tackles against the Bengals.

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  1. I told you so JJ. Your finger is not healed and that is not good at all. There are two possibilities. The first which is just flat out sucks in my opinion, is that your finger will continuously pop out multiple times a day while working out, during practice, or in a game. The second option is that your finger sets and heals in this disfigured fashion. This means you will get a goose neck where your finger is permanently bent and impossible to straighten out. Supposedly it is possible to fix with surgery but I have never pursued that route. At least for me, it is only painful in certain situations and I still have movement although it is greatly reduced.

  2. I respect the competitiveness of playing with an injury like Watt has, but would respect if he wanted to take time off to let it heal. You can’t grow a new finger, and having all your fingers as a D lineman is better than missing one. I’m sure Jason Pierre Paul would like to have all his fingers back. The Texans are not going anywhere this season. I know players can’t have that mentality, but I think deep down they know they are not.

  3. Man…I have never seen a big NFL tough guy yap more to the press about a finger injury than this guy.. JJ, linemen regularly get their fingers messed up. It’s not front page news.

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