LeSean McCoy dealing with sore groin, expected to play Sunday


The Bills said before the start of the regular season that they plan to use running back LeSean McCoy heavily over the course of the year and did just that in the opener by giving him the ball 27 times.

McCoy gained 159 yards on those opportunities, so the team won’t be feeling any need to back off on that plan this weekend. The only thing that could change that is if McCoy isn’t physically up to the task, something that coach Sean McDermott says he isn’t concerned about despite McCoy dealing with groin soreness that contributed to a decision to keep him off the field during Friday’s practice.

“It’s a rest day,” McDermott said, via the team’s website. “He’s got some groin soreness, but nothing to be concerned about. It was a scheduled rest day and we’re going to do that once in a while with our veteran guys.”

McDermott said he’s “very confident” that McCoy will be in the lineup as usual for Sunday’s game against the Panthers, but injuries will be something to watch every week given how much work McCoy will be doing when the Bills offense is on the field.