NFL fines Kenny Vaccaro $24,309 for illegal hit

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The NFL fined Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro $24,309 for an illegal hit in Monday night’s season opener, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Media.

Vaccaro had a vicious helmet hit on Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs in the second quarter of New Orleans’ loss.

He drew an unnecessary roughness penalty, though it cost the Saints only 2 yards with the Vikings on the New Orleans 4 after Diggs 20-yard catch.

Diggs told PFT Live on Tuesday he would rather take a hit to the head than his lower legs.

This isn’t Vaccaro’s first fine. He’s had more than a few in his career, including back-to-back weeks last November when he was fined $9,115 for unnecessary roughness to a late hit on Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian and $9,115 for roughing Panthers kicker Graham Gano.

6 responses to “NFL fines Kenny Vaccaro $24,309 for illegal hit

  1. So this guy is obviously at least a 3 time loser in the roughing the player catagory. He hasn’t learned to mend his ways, so at which point do you sit him a game or two, just to get it through his thick skull?

    It’s time to start fining the team, the coach etc. as they are obviously not doing anything to stop their player from committing flagrant fouls.

  2. Might be time to loosen up the rules for the defense so they can cover the reciever and not get called for pass interference. As it stands now you almost have to let them catch the ball then tackle them but only in certain areas and you have to let them make a move before you hit them also or thats a wanna blame someone blame the nfl competition committee and nfl The reason is money of course offense is rating and ratings is money

  3. Vaccaros hit was dirty. He launched himself into Diggs’ head when it would have been far easier to tackle the body or legs. Then you have Anzalone (?) hit on Dalvin. Anzalone seemed lined up for a big, clean hit but Dalvin dropped his head as he chased the ball. Anzalone wasn’t careful enough but he wasn’t playing dirty, yet his fine is the same as Vaccaros. I’m just glad Diggs’ and Cool stayed healthy

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