NFL fines Travis Kelce $12,154 for shoving ball in Kyle Van Noy’s groin

Getty Images

The NFL fined Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce $12,154 for shoving the ball in Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy‘s groin, according to Tom Pelissero‏ of NFL Media.

Kelce ran a shovel pass 8 yards in the third quarter of the Chiefs’ victory last week. Lawrence Guy made the tackle, but Van Noy ended up on top of Kelce, who appeared to take offense to Van Noy’s pushing on his helmet.

So Kelce retaliated by shoving the ball into Van Noy’s groin. It lifted Van Noy off the ground.

Kelce drew a flag for taunting and the Chiefs were penalized 10 yards, which was half the distance to the goal.