Pagano officially declines to name starting quarterback

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Colts coach Chuck Pagano is doing his best to protect the worst-kept secret on the team.

According to the Colts’ official website, Pagano declined to name a starting quarterback for Sunday’s home opener against the Cardinals. Pagano’s denial comes amid reports that Jacoby Brissett will start the game.

Regardless of whether it’s Brissett or Scott Tolzien, the notion that the Colts split first-team reps between the two means that whoever gets the nod won’t be as ready as he could be. Further underscoring the extent to which the Colts have bungled their quarterback situation this year.

Bob Kravitz of WTHR in Indy recently joined PFT Live to discuss the situation. He said that it’s believed Ryan Fitzpatrick was the unnamed veteran whom the Colts contacted in the offseason, but didn’t sign.

Frankly, it’s unclear which outcome would have been worse for the Colts.

Either way, the season is destined to have a fruitless outcome, unless Andrew Luck can get on the field and up to speed in time to thrust the Colts into contention in an AFC South could be wide open, especially if the Titans beat the Jaguars on Sunday, making Houston, Tennessee, and Jacksonville each 1-1.

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  1. We won’t see Luck this year. Luck doesn’t wanna play behind that line, that’s why they say he’s not “mentally ready.” They’ll be 1-6 soon enough, and we’ll accept Brissett is the man for all of ’17

  2. They’ll compete with the Jets for the #1 pick, trade luck for a haul and subject some other poor schmuck to life as the Colt’s franchise quarterback. What a sad organization. Indianapolis deserves better.

  3. Does Chuck even make it to the end of the year? It almost feels like Indy should get the best package that they can for Andy Luck and rebuild.

  4. According to Will Brinson (CBSsports online April 18, 2017):
    Last year on Wednesday before the wk 1 opener. Luck had been limited in practice but when asked about his possible injury issues Indy claimed there was nothing wrong: Pagano said “Andrew is fine”, and Grigson denied Luck had any sort of injury and that people were trying to look “for something that’s not there.”

    We now know, thanks to Luck’s admission in April this year that he’d been battling the shoulder since injuring it in 2015 (see same Brinson article) that both Pagano and Grigson were lying. And only 5 of 29 injury reports since the injury mentioned it, so they were massively, repeatedly breaking league rules too. A similar story can be said of Luck’s ribs too, but Integrity Goodell has done nothing.

  5. I think this is just Pagano being honest. He honestly doesn’t know who his QB will be Sunday.

    Any success Pagano had can be directly chased to the work that Bruce Arians did when he filled in as the head coach. Or when Peyton Manning was so injured, they were able to beat the Broncos in the Playoffs. That’s about it.

    If it weren’t for the Colts, more attention would be focused on how equally clueless the Jets organization and the coaching staff is! Thanks Chuck!

  6. .
    Tolzien is a known entity. Brissett is an unknown. At some point the Colts should give Brissett an opportunity. Maybe something good will come of it.

  7. Michael LaRocca, Technical Editor says:
    September 15, 2017 at 7:25 pm

    Colin Kaepernick has blocked their phone number.

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    You sir, win my vote for, “Best quote of the day!”

  8. Michael LaRocca, Technical Editor says:

    Colin Kaepernick has blocked their phone number.

    Like he’s ever going to get a call from any team.

  9. When the likes of Fitzpatrick refuse to sign with your team……how humiliating for the Colts


  10. The one thing Indy could do to save Luck’s career is to tank this year (not hard) and get a top 3 pick in the draft. Since they already have Luck, they will be able to trade that pick for a ransom to one of the teams looking for a franchise QB.

  11. Paisano probably directly participate in the failed entrapment scheme against the Patriots, but he didn’t stand up and denounce the Keystone cops involved from Indy and the league office either. He’ll have to pay the price just like Grigson did. Goodell has suffered some public humiliation but he’s not nearly done yet either. If you smite the King you’d better kill him, and King Bill has never been more alive and well.

  12. You know you are in really bad shape when you actually wish you had Ryan Fitzpatrick playing QB! He may throw a lot of picks, but he’d at least get the ball to the playmakers…Colts will compete with my pathetic Jets for #1 overall

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