With no touchdowns, Bengals can join some ugly company next week

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Through two games of the season, the Cincinnati Bengals have still not scored a touchdown: The Bengals got shut out to start the season with a 20-0 loss to the Ravens, then they managed only field goals in last night’s 13-9 loss to the Texans.

That’s bad, but it’s not that unusual. Quite a few teams have failed to find the end zone in the first two games of the season. Just last year the Rams didn’t have any touchdowns in their first two games.

But the Bengals had better cross the goal line next week, or else they’re in some really ugly company: The last team to fail to score a touchdown in the first three games of the season was the 1976 Buccaneers, an expansion franchise that is often recognized as the worst team in NFL history. Any time you’re drawing comparisons to the 1976 Buccaneers, you’re in very, very bad shape.

The Bengals are already the first team since the 1939 Eagles to open the season with two games at home and not score a touchdown in either of them. (In fairness, it’s rare for teams to open with two games at home.)

The Bengals travel to Green Bay next week to face a Packers defense that kept the Seahawks out of the end zone in Week One. It may be a while before we see a Bengal in the end zone.

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  1. This is completely on the front office. You knew what you (didn’t) have on your offensive line and decided to do nothing about it. Dalton has been awful no doubt, but at this stage in his career, you know who he is. The line has gotten him freaked out, and rightly so.

    Compound that with the fact that they have an OC who doesn’t belong in my son’s flag football league, and you’re in trouble. You got the feeling last year that Zampese was in over his head. This year, he’s at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. If this franchise has any pride or commitment to winning, he’ll be fired this week. We all know that won’t happen though.

  2. Andy Dalton is just the poster boy for how desperate the league is for qb talent… pay him like he’s won a Super Bowl and he plays like he’s selling the beer at one

  3. It feels right to have the Bungles back. Was kind of odd to see them pretend to be competent for a few years

  4. I agree that the coach gets the blame when really it’s up to the general manager to bring in the players. The coach can only work with what he has. If the coach and the GM don’t have a great working relationship, the coach can ask for what he needs but get what the GM wants. We’ve seen it over and over. This was a strong team a few years ago but has been headed in the wrong direction for a while.

  5. John Ross – 1 fumble, never heard from again.
    Kareem Hunt – 1 fumble, allowed to keep playing, has a career type night.

    The Bengals should’ve benched their starting QB, not the kid making his first start. Dalton was just awful. Well not as bad as that ultraconservative play calling but still pretty bad.

  6. hockeyfan28 says:
    September 15, 2017 at 7:10 am
    Andy Dalton is just the poster boy for how desperate the league is for qb talent… pay him like he’s won a Super Bowl and he plays like he’s selling the beer at one


    I’m in the minority but I don’t think talent is the issue. I think it’s the lack of ability to develop talent. How many teams actually develop a QB? Keep the same Offensive coordinator for 3+ years, have a good offensive line so the QB isn’t running for his life every play, decent receivers?

  7. This game was much higher scoring than the 4-3 Texans win i predicted… But i’m giving them a garbage-time TD in next week’s 34-7 loss to GB. I’d put more of the blame on the GM but can’t see Mike Brown firing himself. Not so much a factory of sadness but more an industrial estate of dysfunction.

  8. bencoates57 says:

    The Bengals are going to have their way with the Packers.
    This guy needs to switch his allegiance to the Vikings, he has the delusion mental outlook that is necessary, now he just has to resign himself to a no championship mentality and he’s there.

  9. How is Marvin Lewis still coaching this team?!?!? Not one super bowl appearance in his tenure, not one AFC Championship, as a matter of fact 0-7 in the postseason! And yet they tout “Current second highest tenured coach,” well that’s something to hang your hat on

  10. Couldn’t figure how the Bengals were only 3-6 point faves over the Texans. Then, having watched the game and realizing that the Bengals are incapable of scoring touchdowns this season, it all cleared up. What a mess.

  11. After they go 0-3 with no TDs they can fire Lewis, bench Dalton and start AJ McCarron. Then they trade Dalton to the Broncos before the trade deadline.

  12. For the commenters saying the GM needs to be fired, the Bengals don’t have a GM. Never have. That’s been the problem for some time now. We need the owner to step back and hire a GM and new coach. This team was disguised really well the past few years but all the flaws are being exposed now. Any real Bengals fans who actually really watch the games should have this coming.

  13. Reminder to everyone, no one cares about your fantasy team but you.

    Also Marvin Lewis is just going through the motions at this point.

    Fellow Bengals fans, stop buying tickets.

  14. jets843 says:
    September 15, 2017 at 6:38 am
    Time to clean house: both the GM and Marvin Lewis must be fired immediately.
    The only problem? The owner and the GM are the same person.

  15. Both games at home too, man it looks to be a long season for the Bengals fan.

    Dalton looks like he just doesn’t want to be out there.

  16. Can’t wait until they fire the staff and replace the Browns in the cellar of the Division for the next 10 yrs…..

  17. I don’t mean to be snide, but we Steeler fans hope the Bengals keep on doing what they’ve been doing…

  18. steelerdeathstar says:
    September 15, 2017 at 9:57 am
    I don’t mean to be snide, but we Steeler fans hope the Bengals keep on doing what they’ve been doing…


    And we Pats fans hope that Mike Tomlin and the Steelers keep on doing what they’ve been doing too….

  19. It’s not that the Bengals don’t have talent, they clearly do but a Houston team down both starting CBs and all three TEs just embarrassed you. I really feel like the coaching staff doesn’t allow the team to get into any kind of rhythm. Mixon is an absolute beast but he’s not left in long enough to get his footing. You can’t rotate RBs every other play and expect a run game to surface. On the passing game set up some screens and or check downs to make a third down manageable and then maybe air it out on second down after picking up 5 to 7 yards on first. It’s football, not rocket science. If you can’t figure it out just watch other teams and follow trends… which would include firing an inept coaching staff.

  20. Dear Begals,

    Please stick with Dalton, he’s much much better than AJ McCarron. His arm is stronger too and he makes quicker decisions.

    Also, great job getting rid of Whitworth. Very smart.

    Ravens fans

  21. As bad as last night was, and the week before for that matter, the true bottoming out will be when they get swept by the Browns. Maybe then the teflon will wear off and Lewis will finally get mercifully released.

  22. vintagefootballleague says:

    September 15, 2017 at 7:53 am

    The “Red Rifle” is little more than a Red Ryder BB gun. “You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”
    I have noticed that in the limited amount I listen to the Bagels’ radio broadcasts (God, does Dave Lapham stink at his job), they rarely call Dalton the “Red Rifle” anymore. I wonder why? Honestly, though, switching QBs isn’t going to help. The talent isn’t there, the schemes are incomprehensible, and the coaching is appalling. I watch the Mighty Bungles and can’t find a theme to their approach.

    Bengals offense vs. the Packers defense this week. The resistible force meets the movable object.

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