Get ready for Week Two with the PFT Live podcast

With Week Two looming and plenty going on in the NFL, the best way to keep up with everything is to constantly read and refresh

Here’s the second best way: Listen to the PFT Live podcast.

In addition to the fifteen hours of live radio/TV content that gets transmogrified into a podcast every weekday, we’ve brought back the PFT Live afternoon podcast, with three fresh episodes from last week including a Friday Week Two preview that has yet to be made moot be intervening developments as far as I know or care to admit.

So head to Apple Podcasts, audioBoom, and wherever else podcasts are available and subscribe to the feed.

Meanwhile, we’re contemplating a new name for the afternoon edition of the PFT Live podcast. Since I’m neither above nor below taking your ideas and pretending they were mine, give me some thoughts in the comments for a name for the thing, which I can then pretend were mine wait did I just type that oh crap if only there were a button I could use to take things back.