Giants list Odell Beckham as questionable for Monday night

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Giants receiver Odell Beckham says it will take him six to eight weeks to fully recover from a preseason ankle injury, but he’s looking more likely to play after just four weeks.

The Giants listed Beckham as questionable for Monday night against the Lions. Beckham appears to be trending in the direction of playing. Monday night will be exactly four weeks since he suffered the injury.

Without Beckham, the Giants’ offense looked like garbage in a Week One loss to the Cowboys. With Beckham, the Giants should have more success against a Lions defense that was lousy last season but surprisingly effective in a Week One win over the Cardinals.

Giants offensive lineman D.J. Fluker and linebacker B.J. Goodson are both questionable as well with leg injuries. Linebacker Keenan Robinson has been ruled out with a concussion.

22 responses to “Giants list Odell Beckham as questionable for Monday night

  1. Garbage without him?
    2016 OBJ poor performance blamed for big loss playoff exit. Poor behavior gave bad PR.
    2015 OBJ poor performance and behavior blamed for missing playoffs – and not removing him got Coughlin fired.
    Seems like garbage with him too.

  2. I just don’t think he plays. And even if he does, he’ll probably just be used as a decoy.

    I’m taking Detroit in this one.

  3. This decoy crap has got to go , the man needs to rest that injury ! Hey Eli did it ever occur to you to put your big boy pants on and walk like a ball player and just go out and lead the team to victory ,,,,,sorta kinda like you did in San Fran I. The NFC CHAMPIONSHIP ,your best game ever by the way !

  4. Eli has lulled us GIANTS fans into a state of slumber because he has two Super Bowls, well not this G men fan not any longer it stops here today right now ,,this is on you bro you have enough to win ,,,pretty dam good defense , above average receivers , if the the coaching staff would realize Orleans Darqua can lug the rock we would all be in better shape ! Wake up tired of it it’s been like 5 seasons now !

  5. Nothing but a drama queen diva. If it weren’t for those gloves he’d be a below average WR struggling to make the team. Dude was dancing a couple weeks ago. Ankle is fine.

  6. I wouldn’t expect him to play

    He’s a diva for sure, but he’s also clearly smart enough to realize this is the business of football – not the sport

    What incentive does he have to play even partially injured? None. How much incentive does he have to sit out and hopefully watch his team struggle without him, thus increasing his perceived value? Plenty.

    I can’t even blame him. He’s playing it as he should to get a quicker bigger long term contract. The front office mishandled this one badly and put themselves in this situation.

    They’ll have to sign OBJ to a huge cap hit for MANY years – but may never have an OL to protect Eli in his few remaining years.

  7. He better come correct if he does play. Number 40 in the middle of Detroit’s defense (Jarrad Davis) might de-cleat him if he’s not careful.

  8. For a family that basically founded the NFL, there is a lot of unjustified hate for the Mara’s and the Giants. Odell is certainly a diva but he is also one of the hardest working, and most perfection-driven, players in the league. Odell will be in the HOF 20 years from now.

  9. Beckham says six to eight weeks. It’s been four. Doctors probably said one week. This cat is a crybaby diva looking for a handy excuse when the Lions defense puts the clamps on him.

  10. He’s either going to be a decoy or inactive. You could tell by all of the positive statements coming from the Giants and ODB himself over the last couple of days. If they thought he was going to play and not just be a decoy, I think they would be downplaying his chances of playing to keep the other team guessing.

  11. OBJ is genuinely slightly injured. However, his prolonged absence partly sends a powerful message to Mara and co how this team will really struggle if they don’t keep him long term. He is on the record that he wants and expects to be the highest paid player in the NFL. Yes, he can be franchise tagged next season, but his undercurrent message to all is – this team badly needs its blonde haired diva, so you better pay the man.

  12. He will play as a decoy. 3 targets and one catch for 6 yards. Ankles aren’t easy recoveries.

    Fluker and hunt being hurt is an issue, this is a tough game for the Giants.

    The offense will struggle again with protection, and the Lions stuff the run.

    Marshall has to have a huge game for any chance to win.

  13. Don’tet OBJ’s on-field antics distract you from the fact that Hillary once led the polls 75%-25% and hence literally blew a 3-1 lead!!!!!

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