Will Saints use man-to-man coverage against the Patriots?

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The key to beating Tom Brady used to be hitting him early and often. The Chiefs have become the latest defense to show that there’s another way.

Brady, who can carve up a zone defense like a Jedi splitting open a tauntaun (NERD), has struggled of late, relatively speaking, against man-to-man defenses.

Of course, playing man coverage and playing it competently are two very different things. The Chiefs had both the horses and the guts to do it. The Saints may be willing, but their young defense may not be able.

When it comes to facing the Patriots, playing zone is a certain slow death. Playing man potentially will be a fast death. But it also will possibly shorten drives and give the Saints’ offense more chances against a New England defense that struggled in Week One.

Given Brady’s obvious issues with accuracy in Week One, why not take away the ability to dink and dunk it to an open man in an open space and instead force Brady to go through his reads, find a guy in man coverage who may be open, and deliver the ball accurately? That strategy seems to be working, and the alternative consistently hasn’t.

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  1. Zone has never worked against Brady. Problem is play man and he will motion guys into mismatches but Edelman always was his go to in that category getting him in the slot on a safety or nickel back so without Edelman I say go for it. Of course, you need The players and even then its no guarantee. Over the course of the last 10 years plenty of teams have tried man defense against Brady—this is the NFL.

  2. You know what I thought threw the Patriots offense out of gear last week the beach bombs to Cooks !

  3. Pretty sure grabbing Gronk all the way down the field and concussing Amendola while Dawson had joined the team 5 days ago is one way to hold them to 27, which is not exactly low.

    You may also need them to fail on a pair of 4th and shorts.

    Good luck to every other team that plays them this year.

  4. Major editing mistake…..Han solo was not a Jedi-though he apparently did have a high midichlorian count…..doubling down on the neediness.

  5. Cooks was brought in to take the top off the D. While he does have freaky speed, he very much looked like an ordinary number 3 receiver the first game of the season.

    With Edelman out, Amendola’s injury history and Gronk an IR stint waiting to happen, the Pats might need Cooks to be a productive number 1 receiver.

    Not sure that is his thing.

  6. “like a Jedi splitting open a tauntaun (NERD), ”

    *clears throat and pushes up glasses

    Actually a Jedi never carved up a tauntaun, Han Solo did with Lukes lightsaber.

    And the Saints don’t have KC’s Dbacks soooo

  7. Pretty sure falcons tried that and how that turn out for them in the second half? The chiefs have the one of the best secondary in the league but if the Saints try it then Brady will put up at least 30

  8. .
    Tom Brady has an odd history. Two games ago he led the Patriots back from a 28-3 deficit to win the Super Bowl. This year, according to media reports, he couldn’t hit the water from the end of a pier.

  9. Without the dink and dunk passing game the Pats are a different team.
    But BB and TB will have it figured out and pity the Saints for the beat down KC put on the Pats last week. It is gonna be ugly.

  10. the Saints let Sam Bradford look like Tom Brady, Brady will look like ??????

    I will be in the dome, let the fireworks begin!


    The pats also made Alex Smith look like Tom Brady what will Drew Brees do? We’ll find out.

  11. KC didn’t just get away with it due to a great man-secondary and great elsewhere too, they needed luck, they needed a Pats offense still gelling new guys and adapting to no Edelman, and yet Gronk not yet up to speed, they needed a few big breakout plays, some uber-short 4th down stops, they needed the super-key Hightower injury giving the Pats D no time to readjust, they needed the Pats overconfident, and they needed Brady to have an off day whilst their own QB played at SB level.

  12. Simple, just force Brady to throw it deep. Same thing against manning, take away crossing routes and close coverage vs screens. Brady’s arm strength is clearly downward.

  13. hexy27 says:
    September 16, 2017 at 9:21 pm
    Pretty sure grabbing Gronk all the way down the field and concussing Amendola while Dawson had joined the team 5 days ago is one way to hold them to 27, which is not exactly low.

    You may also need them to fail on a pair of 4th and shorts.

    Good luck to every other team that plays them this year.

    They stopped Gronk. He was ineffective. Amendola got concussed because outside of New England people realize this is a contact sport and don’t complain every time someone gets hit – in a contact sport (Pats = skirt wearing skill positions). And the average score of a football game has been creeping up for years. 27 is very low when your opponent scores 42. Get over yourself.

  14. People sure love to gloat when the Patriots lose a regular season game.
    Its been party time 11 times in the last 49 games.

    Gloating after a Browns loss would have given you 38 parties over the same period.

  15. Chiefs fan here, I feel a bit bad for the Saints this week. The Pats are still the Pats and they’ll get it figured out, they always do and have a feeling Tom will be on fire this week.

  16. I can promise you The Patriots already have it figured out. So much of what Brady does is related to perfect timing. Gronk looked a little rusty. They went to Hogan way too much. Cooks looked great, and the timing with him will get better. They’ll figure out a way to get Dorsett involved. Plus, Kansas City did a great job of holding. It wasn’t blatant, and they quickly let go. But they grabbed just enough to through the timing off just a tad. I have a ton of respect for Andy Reid, and he had a couple months to prepare for this game. That was about as good a coaching job as I’ve ever seen. I would not want to play the Pats this week. This reminds me of years ago when the Lakers won the first game of the series against the Celtics. They wrote the Celtics off. That was the wrong thing to do to a Larry Bird led team, and now they’re doing it to Brady. Bet the house on Brady!

  17. As that saying goes, “It’s not always about the Xs and the Os. It’s usually about the Jimmies and the Joes. Unfortunately, we don’t have the Jimmies or Joes to do what KC did. But I’ll be there in The Dome cheering for my Saints, regardless of what happens.

    Who dat!

  18. Actually, the aforementioned Jedi only spit open a Wampa–the ice monster native to the planet Hoth. It was the space pilot and smuggler who carved up the tauntaun.

    And on a lesser note, both Brady and Brees throw for 275+ and 2 TD’s a piece. The game is won on the ground, with the Pats winning by two scores.

    Well, at least, for now, I’m right about the Wampa.

  19. New England just doesn’t lose 2 in a row. Bill has everything under control. Just wishful thinking by the haters that gives New Orleans hope. Pats to win running away by over 28 points with Tom Brady back to his very best.

  20. The Saints could use shoulder launched missiles and they wouldn’t be able to stop the Patriots this week. If I were a betting man … I’d put my money on N.E. hitting 50 points.

  21. So let’s see…Genius BB and Tommy are 1-3 vs the Saints with Payton and Brees. Brees lights them up every time. I don’t think this is a gimme for the Pats.

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