Could Case Keenum get it done, if needed?

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So if Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford can’t play on Sunday, Case Keenum will get the nod. Which means that all is lost, right?

Maybe not. Keenum isn’t a starter for a reason, but he’s also employed for a reason. As the Week One starter and an offensive captain for the Rams in 2016, Keenum helped the team to a 3-1 record, before the collapse began.

And if that 27-for-32 performance from Bradford on Monday night seemed familiar, that’s exactly what Keenum did last year in Week Six at Detroit. Yes, the Rams lost — but Keenum turned that 84.4-percent completion percentage into 321 yards, three touchdowns, and a 126.7 passer rating.

In 2015, four weeks after becoming the name and face of the lingering flaws in spotting concussions after being clearly in distress during a game in Baltimore, Keenum racked up a 158 passer rating (14 for 17) and a 13.8 yards-per-attempt average in a 31-23 win over the Buccaneers.

He’s had other solid performances during his six-year career, so all won’t be lost simply because he’s playing instead of Bradford, if that’s what happens. If the offensive line can block and rookie tailback Dalvin Cook can run like they did on Monday night, maybe the Vikings can . . . . stay within 10 points of the Steelers.

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  1. Case or Sam MIGHT be able to put up big numbers because thats what the Steelers D gives teams… but when they get in the red zone is where the Steelers choke teams out… i see Cooke being the bigger story here. If the play Sam i doubt that he ends the game… this YOUNG Steeler defense is hungry…

  2. If the Steelers offense plays like they did last week, they might not put up 10 points on the vikings.

  3. IF Keenum has to go today, he has looked good in preseason. I’m hoping for the best with Bradford though. This will be a fun game no matter what.

  4. The strength of the Steelers is their offense. If a good Viking defense can keep them in check, the Steeler defense is nothing to write home to Mom about. This could be a very competitive match.Anybody can win.

  5. Funny if he beats the Stillers… As if this stiller O or D is all that…Yinzers talk between belches… And they consider it gospel… Too funny

  6. The Steelers lost to Ryan Mallett and struggled to put DeShone Kizer’s Browns down last week. So yes, they can lose to Case Keenum. Of course Steeler fans expect to win by 48 now so they will be sorely disappointed no matter the outcome.

  7. Case is an adequate back up, all the pressure is on the the Steelers not to let the Vikings hang in there so they have a chance to win in the 4th quarter. The problem with most football fans is that they tend to take the previous week’s performance and project it over the rest of the season. We saw that in spades last year where the Vikings could lose in the first 5 games (5-0) only to return to reality over the rest of the season only to finish out of the playoffs (once again)

    That’s why they play the games. Bradford could still play so not all is lost, Viking fans can continue to plan for their first Superbowl appearance in 40 years and I can continue to buy Lotto tickets, the chances are roughly the same.

  8. Yes, the Vikings would make it a competitive game with their 3rd best QB against a team many have making a deep playoff run. What Rick has done to build this deep, talent roster is nothing short of magic.

  9. I wouldn’t play Bradford. Non-conference game. It’s a game you can lose and not hurt your chances too much. Why risk Bradford.

  10. Case had some really solid games with the Rams last season but they relied on him to much to carry the team ecspecially when the defense started to fall apart at the end of the season. He’s not a quarterback that can carry a bad team like Andrew Luck. Last season he had bad coaching a bad o line no weapons and a defense that lost it all at the end of the year. The point here is that if the Vikings d plays the way they are capable of and Diggs,Cook, and Thielan make plays they can definitely win the game.

  11. Did Philly have to include an MRI machine as part of that trade? I don’t recall reading that but it doesn’t surprise me. Spielman was too desperate to be thinking straight when he got taken in that trade.

  12. The Steelers need for Big Ben to somehow, some way, come up with more than the sweet, sweet, 14 points of offense he brought to the table last week.

    It is a Steeler home game but I am still taking the Vikes and the 6.5 points.

    That’s just how good Big Ben is!

  13. I had a Bradford/Thielen/Diggs stacked lineup in Daily Fantasy. Since hearing about Bradford’s possible knee injury, I’ve scrapped the whole thing.

    If Case Keenum plays, I could see the Vikings still pulling an upset. It’s not a death knell for the game if Bradford is out.

    But, I’m not going to put any fantasy football money on Case… or anyone he’s throwing to for that matter.

  14. tjacks7 says:
    September 17, 2017 at 9:13 am

    Yes, the Vikings would make it a competitive game with their 3rd best QB against a team many have making a deep playoff run. What Rick has done to build this deep, talent roster is nothing short of magic.

    Spielman’s roster-building prowess, especially as pertains to the QB position, is unmatched in the NFCN. All anyone needs to do is look at the results and they’ll see it for themselves. With any luck, he’ll get a 20 year contract extension so that he can keep it going.

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