John Fox: Loss wasn’t Mike Glennon’s fault, Mitch Trubisky won’t play

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Bears coach John Fox is not interested in changing quarterbacks.

Fox said after today’s loss to the Buccaneers that he will not bench starter Mike Glennon in favor of rookie Mitch Trubisky.

Asked if Trubisky could start next week, Fox answered simply, “No.”

Glennon threw two interceptions and lost a fumble, and the Bears didn’t score until garbage time. But Fox indicated he was more disappointed in his offensive line failing to protect Glennon than in Glennon himself.

“I don’t think,” Fox said, “you can pin that on the quarterback.”

And so Glennon will remain the starter, and Trubisky will remain on the bench.

35 responses to “John Fox: Loss wasn’t Mike Glennon’s fault, Mitch Trubisky won’t play

  1. im sorry, but when the D puts 9 in the box and still gets INTs off your garbage QB. whos fault is it? well i guess it is your fault because YOU kept him in the game.

  2. Trubisky is going to school. He’s right where he belongs — and Coach Fox has it 100% right.

    Bear Down Bears!

  3. I get the original plan. But obviously the kid is progressing ahead of schedule. Did taking lumps impede Carr, Mariota, Wentz, or Winston? What are they waiting for? Glennon is just a guy, not ” THE” guy.

  4. Coach Fox needs to go alright. He needs to go to a better team he can easily coach than whack-@$S Chicago.

  5. They have no one to play wide receiver….the tight ends do not seem to be taking up the slack which results in a defense with 9 in the box. With in the box, you have no running game thus no offense. Blame Ryan Pace, he put together this pathetic offense. I will call it the no talent offense. It wont be fixed soon either, so let Mitchell sit.

  6. “If that, being the case, what difference does it make?”

    It gives the rookie more time to learn and adjust to the NFL game rather than being thrown to the wolves before he’s ready

  7. Is there any precedent for the NFL taking over a team because of pure incompetency? The cornerstone franchise of the NFL has hit rock bottom and it’s not coming back anytime soon with this ownership group of clowns.

  8. How many of you watched the game?

    The Bears WR’s and TE’s were dropping passes left and right. I have no connection or preference for either QB. All I know is that my national broadcast today showed the Bucs/Bears game and I could not believe how many passes that the Bears receivers dropped, especially in the 4th quarter.

  9. The Bears have no starting guards right now. There’s no reason to put Trubisky in unless you want him dead. If he is the future, you let Glennon take the beating both literally and figuratively. He’s terrible, Everything he does is slow. His WRs dropped plenty, mostly when the game was over anyway, and he was late on the throw plenty–all day. The defense isn’t too bad, until you leave them on the field for 3/4 of the game in 100% humidity and the temperature is 250 degrees on the field. He’s right, there’s plenty of blame to go around, but the guy who turned the ball over 3 times, gets most of it. The secondary ticket market is going to be flooded with home game tickets this week and beyond.

  10. The problem with this team isn’t the WRs, it is the coach. Fox has a philosophy and like an old man sitting on a porch stool sipping moonshine he has decided not to vary from that – even though the last x decades have shown that approach doesn’t work. But what is funny about it is that it isn’t his philosophy. The Bears have been like this for decades. Management buys into this, that the game hasn’t changed. And they have underperformed because of it.

  11. In the last “x decades” Fox has made a couple of Super Bowls. Something must be working with his approach. How can you see so many WR drops and not think the WRs are a problem? I guess Trubustky will have to be the one throwing picks and incompletions before you realize it’s a McCaskey problem.

  12. John Fox is an unmotivated moron just padding his retirement account with the McCaskeys money. The distressing thing is that I have zero confidence his replacement will be any better, whether or not Ryan Pace gets a say in that decision.

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