Mike Zimmer says Sam Bradford is “fine,” won’t say when he’ll play again

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Sam Bradford didn’t start at quarterback for the Vikings on Sunday and the offense was toothless in a 26-9 loss to the Steelers.

As you’d imagine, that made the condition of Bradford’s knee and the date when he might return to action popular topics for Zimmer after the game. Zimmer said that Bradford doesn’t require surgery, but didn’t say anything else about the knee issues that led to an MRI and a seat on the bench this week.

“Sam is fine,” Zimmer said after the game. “He might play one game from now, he might play six weeks from now. Either way, he’s fine.

If Bradford is fine, then he would have been in the starting lineup on Sunday. The injury may not be season-ending and it may not require surgery, but the Vikings didn’t choose to go with Case Keenum in Pittsburgh because all was well with Bradford.

Given the way that went, the team’s hope is likely that Bradford actually is fine one game from now because six weeks of games like Sunday wouldn’t do good things for the Vikings.

38 responses to “Mike Zimmer says Sam Bradford is “fine,” won’t say when he’ll play again

  1. I love Zim, but the secrecy feels pointless unless they are in the market for another QB trade, which seems doubtful. Teams will game plan as if Bradford is the QB anyway. Keenum doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It’s not like he’s a speedster and you have to worry about the Vikings doing different things with him at QB. He’s just a downgrade running the same offense.

  2. If people can put there bias aside for a moment ? You have to ask yourself ? If Bradford had such a great game Monday night, And was sacked only 1 time, How is it that he did not look gimpy at all at the end of the game and all of a sudden this week he pulls up Lame !! I am from a steeler/viking home so gratz to steelers but something smells very bad with Bradford so called injury !!! I call a orange an orange but i smell the stench of money being exchanged somewhere ………….. so for all the thumbs down i well get is just fans complacent with being cheated out of a truly competitive game !!!!

  3. Worst game plan I have seen since Brad Childress. Zimmer and Shurmur need to take a long look in the mirror if that’s the best they could come up with. They didn’t trust Keenum early and put him in a position to fail once down 14-0.

  4. After watching two weeks in a row of garbage play by nfl qb’s i’m thoroughly convinced tony romo could walk out of the booth no practice and be in the top 10 of qb’s

  5. It’s OK if Sam is out. This just gives good teams a fair chance against the Vikings – isn’t that right?

    It could get worse if you have to sign Kaepernick. Can you go below bottom of the barrel? – we will find out.

  6. It’s a shame Bradford didn’t play. The guy has been through a lot of adversity. With that being said, I do NOT think it would have mattered. The Steeler D is starting to find it’s stride. Hats of the the Vikings D as well.

    Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hey come on, who cares about Bradford’s gimpy knee or Teddy’s gimpy knee — if our WRs were 7 feet tall today the Vikes woulda had the second NFC offensive player (QB) of the week award! Or it could simply have been that the team had to play mistake free football with a backup QB behind center and they didn’t come close. Or maybe the Steelers are good at home. . . .

  8. Vikings knew Bradford was a no go when they signed Sloter to the active roster and had to cut a 3rd year player to do it. They won’t know how long he will be out until the swelling goes down and they can see what is causing the isssue. Tough break (again) cause you got 4 conference games next and 3 are in the division coming up next.

    Curse of the Vikings is alive and well.

  9. This is getting a little harsh. So hey, lets give Spieldope some credit where credit is due. His prize tackle acquisitions showed some real speed and agility out there today.

    Unfortunately it was all pre-snap.

  10. Hard to win in Pittsburgh when you play like that. Defense kept em in the game when they werent shooting themselves in the foot. Keenum was decent when he had time, if and when he had time. Might be the end of the line for Newman. Cook and Treadwell though are coming along though. Laquon plays angry is a great run blocker, so thats nice.

    Cook could’ve had a huge 70 yrd TD on a screen if #62 makes one more block, there was nobody in front of him.

  11. You get penalties when you are out played.. Vikings had about as many Penalty yards as gained.. MOST on Defense. 1st rounders.. Waynes……BUST! Offense, Treadwell…..BUST! while I’m at it, Floyd, BUST, Patterson..BUST.. Bridgewater…..??? Kind of a common theme for Rick Speilmans last 5 Drafts huh?.. Bradford, BUST??

  12. Simple analysis….. Week one the vikes played a terrible defense in their home opener and it showed. Bradford’s bionic knee stiffened over the week so he was pulled in favor of Keenum to play against a great defense playing their home opener. Why risk your less than mobile gimpy QB in a road game that would require constant movement against a tough Pittsburgh defense? Keenum made some plays and missed others but vikes were still in the game into the 4th quarter. In the end constant penalties were too much to overcome. On to next week.

  13. lambeaudungbarn says:
    September 17, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    Funny Sam wasn’t limping on the sideline today… Sam you have some Gambling debts or something?
    HOW did you get hurt? Monday you looked fine..


    I couldn’t agree with you more !!! even when its this obvious people still ignore it !!!

  14. lambeaudungbarn says:
    September 17, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    Funny Sam wasn’t limping on the sideline today… Sam you have some Gambling debts or something?
    HOW did you get hurt? Monday you looked fine..


    I couldn’t agree with you more !!! even when its this obvious people still ignore it !!!


    Maybe that’s why Zimmer refuses to talk about it !!!!!!!!!

  15. He’s fine, but he could be out 1 week or 6 weeks? What the heck does that mean?

    If he’s fine he plays. He didn’t play. He could miss 6 games which means he’s not fine. Summer is either lying or stupid

  16. This whole Bradford thing is very confusing. Did he get hurt doing a Teddy Bridgewater pass-plant in practice? He was sacked ONCE Monday night- I’m not exactly sure how many times he was hit after throwing the ball though. Keenum missed too many open receivers- he either didn’t see them being open and didn’t make the throw or when he did actually see them he was off target on the pass. Kyle made a great play on one of his errant passes. The O-Line did not help this offense at all today.

    Both these guys (TB and SB) are toothpicks. The next game either one of these guys plays in- suit ’em up like they’re hockey goalies- pads from head to toe. Many they’ll have a chance to survive the game.

    Welcome to the Viking roller coaster- where you can be as high as a kite one week- and laying an egg the next.

  17. No surprise that Minnesota loses in Pittsburgh, but I expected a more competitive game…even with Keenum. Looks like flags and turnovers kept that from happening. The defense held up its end very well, but the Vikes gave Big Ben too may plays to win.

    Bradford is another issue. I can only guess, but the frustration Zimmer seems to feel about Bradford’s bad knee is understandable. Listen to his presser after the game. He’s not hiding anything. Quote: “He (Bradford) had two knee surgeries. Sometimes it swells up.” Zimmer is good, but he can’t predict how fast someone can heal. Right? The bad news is Minnesota was outplayed and outcoached today. The good? The QB mess Minnesota is in with the Bridgewater/Bradford drama is going to play itself out real quick. There’s a great chance that Minnesota’s ‘franchise’ QB isn’t on the roster.

  18. No need for all this Kaep talk. In additon to Keenum they have Solter. They will be okay until Sam returns.

  19. How can he say when he will play when the doctors don’t know this? TC media going negative on Zimmer now.

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