NFL has nothing to say about Josh Gordon’s status


Long-suspended receiver Josh Gordon is due to end a three-month rehab stint in four days. Whether that leads to his reinstatement will surely take a little (or a lot) longer than that.

Asked for comment on the Gordon’s status, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT, “We do not have an update.”

The last update came from Commissioner Roger Goodell, who said in August at a Browns fan forum that Gordon “is not under active consideration” for reinstatement.

This means that an application for reinstatement still needs to be made. If/when it happens, a process with no mandatory timeline and no specific rules or requirements will commence, with the league deciding whether Gordon should be reinstated without any mandates or other factors that would control the process. Basically, the league has the power under the substance-abuse policy to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants.

The league ultimately should want as many young talented players as possible back on the field, especially when  the thing keeping the player off the field is completely unrelated to his work.

If/when Gordon, who has missed more than two full seasons under his latest suspension, is ever reinstated, the Browns will have to decide whether to bring him back, trade him, or release him. He has shown a significant degree of ability when he has played, but it’s been so long since Gordon has played it’s hard to know what he’d be able to do.

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  1. Seems unlikely he’s even vaguely in football shape at this point. Its been 2 years and even if he’s reinstated, which clearly won’t happen any time soon, I think we’ve seen the last of Gordon on an NFL field.

    Its sad the league still has the 1920s reefer madness mentality. Its insanity at this point. Within a few years we’ll see general legalization in most states and the stupidity of weed suspensions in the NFL will hopefully be a thing of the past.

  2. I wish him success in life but doubt he is anywhere close to being in football shape. If somehow he is in shape, the playbook is very different now since his last attempt to play. Gordon isn’t noted for being a student of the game.

  3. The league should just reinstate him when he’s eligible and just drug test him twice a week. Anyone who thinks this guy can pass a drug test on a regular basis needs to be tested as well. It’s pathetic that he hasn’t gotten the message yet. He probably will never learn until he’s permanently banned from the league. Then he’ll want everyone to feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for those who were affected by Harvey and Irma. I don’t feel sorry for Gordon who has been affected by….himself.

  4. As a Browns fan, I don’t want him back. I have ZERO faith in him staying clean and am tired of him teasing me as to what he may bring to the team. I wish they would just trade his rights.

  5. This guy has game, and if the Browns are serious when they say they want to field “the best team that gives us a chance to win,” then they will keep and play Gordon if/when the NFL ever extracts its head from its anus and reinstates him.

  6. If the Browns don’t want him after he gains reinstatement, I’m pretty sure there are teams who would gladly take him.

    Imagine New England scooping him up. Or the Saints. Seattle, Detroit, Baltimore, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Carolina, Atlanta, Arizona or the Rams are only the teams that immediately come to mind that could make great use of a player like Gordon.

    I hope he’s gotten his personal life in order first but if he completes the work that’s been asked of him in his treatment, then he should be given the opportunity by the NFL.

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