Odell Beckham is getting sick of fantasy players bothering him

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Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is questionable for Monday night’s game against the Lions. Many fantasy football players don’t want to wait until Monday night to find out if Beckham is playing, because they need to set their lineups on Sunday. And so they’re questioning Beckham on social media about his plans.

And Beckham is getting sick and tired of it.

Beckham posted on Twitter that he doesn’t care whether fantasy players win or lose with him on or off their teams, and he wishes fantasy players would understand that his ankle injury affects him a lot more than it affects them.

“No offense. I could care less about ur fantasy teams. This is my Real Life. Focusing on gettin healthy and gettin better. 1 day at a time,” Beckham wrote.

It’s easy to see why Beckham would be annoyed. He’s a human being, dealing with a physical injury that is affecting his career. He doesn’t want to hear that it also affects someone else’s hobby.

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  1. No player should care the slightest about fantasy football. The catering to and softening of the game so the fantasy geeks get more points is part of what is ruining the NFL. Screw FF.

  2. I removed Beckham from my draft board. I realized he’d be long gone before I had any interest. The early picks have to be guys you can count on. Beckham seems a little soft. Some guys will do anything to stay on the field, and some will do anything to stay off the field.

  3. I love playing FF; however, it is sad that anyone would actually nag on a player, because of one’s fantasy roster…smh….That person needs to get a real life!!

  4. I’m sure there are horrible fantasy fans. However without fans no one is signing his checks, and fantasy is a big part of how the NFL makes money, and drives viewers to watch games they normally wouldn’t care about. So maybe before lashing out at fans he might want to remember that the NFL is bleeding fans/viewership which means less money to go around.

  5. Anyone who saw that injury should have known there was no way he would be playing in the first 2-4 weeks of the regular season.

  6. What’s disturbing is that he’s so upset about he he had to go on twitter and rant about it for attention.

  7. Fantasy players are a pack of GM wanna-bes. Just another way to waste what little time we all have on this rather screwed-up planet.

  8. Tired of Beckham? Probably because he gets so much ink andis so much better than your favorite diva. Y’all get a life and realize what an outstanding talent he is.

  9. I normally get sick of this Diva, but he’s 100% right. Fantasy Football is fine and can be fun, but who cares. People take that crap way too seriously.

  10. While I agree that people should not bother the player about their fantasy team, fantasy football is keeping the NFL afloat. Look at the attendance, bad.

    I’m getting sick of seeing Odell everywhere because of one catch. Just like Clay Mathews gets commercials and camera time because of his hair. Nothing on the football field

  11. tqaztec says:
    September 17, 2017 at 10:04 am

    I’m getting sick of seeing Odell everywhere because of one catch. Just like Clay Mathews gets commercials and camera time because of his hair. Nothing on the football field


    4 years (this is #4) – Out of 49 possible regular season games played, he has played in 43 games. 5 missed through injury, one from suspension.

    4,122 yards on 288 catches. That comes out to 96 yards on just under 7 catches a game. 35 TD’s in those 43 games. That obviously doesn’t include double-teams, pass interference calls, etc…

    Those are stats that come with him playing with Eli Manning, the “pick machine goober” who does nothing to win games, just relies on defense, right? So either Manning is a better QB than people give him credit for, or Beckham is a receiver who has done a lot more than “1 catch”.

    Pick most any player in the NFL, past or present, and it’s typical to find that their career is defined by 1 “Signature Play”. Not always, but quite often.

  12. The NFLPA signed a licensing agreement with DraftKings so Odell needs to show more respect towards FF people. FF is the reason why NFL Sunday Ticket can charge close to $400 for the Max Pass and the owners get $1.5 Billion from that package, which helps pay Odell’s salary. Yes, Fans is short for Fanatics and they can sometimes be a little annoying but so can he with all of his “look at me” antics.

  13. If you need to play dungeons and dragons with football players….please go away. Do NOT need a dumb game to pay attention about a sport that I love. Go AWAY fantasy guy. Not a real fan…….

  14. Pay attention to me when how and why I want you to pay attention to me. In other words, when it strokes MY ego or does me good. Other than that, leave me alone. Signed OBJ

  15. I absolutely HATE people who care more about their fantasy teams than someone’s career and health. As soon as someone gets hurt, Twitter is flooded with geeks acting like the world is coming to an end because they have to replace one player with another.

  16. Anyone else concerned this injury won’t allow him to practice his TD and 1st down dances? A whole off season of prep is going down the drain right now.

  17. Anyone annoyed by what idiots say on Twitter shouldn’t be on twitter. The nature of the beast. It’s a mechanism to give voice to stupidity. And if you embrace the sycophantic, you’ve got to accept the moronic.

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