Technical difficulties plaguing DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket


For many of the NFL’s most passionate fans, DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is a godsend, as it allows fans to see every game, as well as DirecTV’s Red Zone Channel, a game mix channel that shows every Sunday afternoon game simultaneously on one screen, and plenty of other goodies.

Unfortunately, DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is also plagued with technical difficulties.

As today’s early games kicked off, many fans took to social media to point out that their DirecTV Sunday Ticket channels weren’t working. The Red Zone Channel appears to be out of service for many fans, and there have been sporadic reports of other channels not coming in as well.

We reached out to DirecTV to ask what went wrong and did not receive an immediate response.

Considering how many fans pay hundreds of dollars for Sunday Ticket, not to mention hundreds more in monthly DirecTV bills for people who only subscribe for the NFL package, it’s frustrating when the service doesn’t work properly. But Sunday Ticket failing to work properly is commonplace.

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  1. Absolutely terrible. I go to their help pages and they say my internet is to blame. I click the “This is not helpful” and get a pop up saying there is an error sending feedback. Dirctv has no customer service at all. 2 weeks in a row of unwatchable blurry images.

  2. It is totally due to global warming! The atmosphere here is so hot (28 degrees) that I am about to overheat in my snomobile suit.

  3. The problem with Sunday ticket is when the 1st game is still on and I want to watch the second Sunday game and it’s also on local station.
    If the first game goes extended or the network switches to another first game they won’t show the 2nd game on local or the Sunday Ticket. ST says it’s being sent to local so it won’t show it even though it is NOT being shown. This is has happened for big games like New England Pittsburgh.

  4. Streaming a’la carte via Amazon or some other provider can’t come soon enough.

    Sunday ticket is too expensive and the way people are consuming entertainment is moving on from cable and satellite.

    Only a matter of time one would hope.

    There is always the fact that the NFL is greedy and tone deaf though, so it will be a matter of losing viewers and $$$ until they think it is a good idea for consumers of their product.

  5. I can’t speak for this outage, but when I had Sunday Ticket there were a handful of incorrect blackout issues. If a local station switched which game they would show at the last minute, DTV often wouldn’t be aware. So DTV would black out the game and tell you to watch it locally, but it wouldn’t be on.

    It would generally take a half for them to fix it.

  6. I had DirecTV for almost a year and it was the worst purchase I have ever made. Better off just watching the NFL for free on the many sites and apps available.
    If you want to lose your signal whenever it rains and super slow DSL internet, then DirecTV is for you.

  7. Once AT&T took over the customer service started the usual slide that I have experienced from every AT&T entity that I have ever come across. Subsequently, I cut the cord. The fact that their NFL Cash Cow is now having issues and people cannot get through to them or get an update does not surprise me one bit. Get smart people, cut the cord. You can easily find something to do for 3 hours to replace sitting on your ass in front of the idiot box.

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  9. Dumped DTV before the 2016 NFL Season. Even though I can’t get over the air signals due to hills and mountains, I’ll never pay that much for TV again. NFL should wise up and let other providers offer it. Until then I’m happy to stream and get RedZone.

  10. Sunday ticket going in and out here in NY. So annoying to pay all that money and I am currently not watching a football game because it is not working.

  11. Used to have it, but one of the six (!) satellites would always crap out three minutes before game time. Now we just go to a sports bar, which is cheaper and way more fun.

  12. So, what is new? I have this for years and it has been hosed many times – and it seems to be hosed up just when my game is about to come on. Way over priced! When AT&T bought Direct TV, I knew we were in more much more of the same o same o!

  13. No Red Zone or Fantasy 703 and 704. Just getting a black screen. No experiencing difficulties message on TV or Web Site, Called customer service on hold for 45 minutes. No simple message like we know we are having problems. Been with Directv since the late 1990’s. This boondoggle has ATT written all over it. Last year with them.

  14. No problems here..

    I just got directv for 35$ a month with 1yr free sunday ticket. Hell suddenstink was charging me 105$ im a happy camper!

  15. I bought the fight last night via my Directv. A technical glitch that was Directv’s fault prevented me from watching the title fight. Two phone calls, four reps, and two hours later I was able to at least get a refund, but man was that frustrating. Then I turned on Sunday Ticket and it was down for 10 minutes. Let’s just say I wasn’t surprised.

  16. The NFL should stream their games through game pass. The deal with direct TV is a shortsighted money grab and it makes the league look ancient and out of touch.

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