Cam Newton on accuracy issues: “I’m disappointed in myself”


The Panthers are 2-0, but not playing particularly well on offense. And they’re now faced with the loss of tight end Greg Olsen, their most consistent target in the passing game.

So Cam Newton is going to need to play better, and he knows it.

Via Bill Voth of the team’s official website, Newton acknowledged he’s going to have to improve. He didn’t make any big mistakes in yesterday’s 9-3 win over the Bills, but he also missed too many easy passes, which galled him afterward. Specifically, a late dump-off to Christian McCaffrey which would have been a touchdown sailed high over the rookie receiver’s head.

I’m disappointed in myself, but happy for the overall team,” Newton said. ““Just the accuracy. Missing layups like that, it’s uncalled for. I wish I had about two or three balls back.”

He also came out with a sore ankle that will have to be monitored in the coming days, and the persistent questions about the state of his surgically repaired right shoulder.

“Man, it was scary,” Newton said of being checked for the ankle problem, before returning to the game. “I didn’t even want to say what I thought happened. When you hear it crunch up, the cartilage that was moving, just knowing when you get the blood back flowing and you start walking on it, you just gain confidence in it.”

But the bigger issue may be his development as a passer, at a time when the Panthers need him to improve. They put in a number of wrinkles into the offense to make his life easier, but he wasn’t around to practice them in the offseason. After throwing just two passes in the preseason, he’s looked a bit rusty, and is 34-of-57 (59.6 percent) passing on the season.

Then again, he’s a career 58.4 percent passer, and he’s never going to be Drew Brees or Sam Bradford in that regard. But they’re trying to put more of the easy-to-complete passes in for him, and he’s not hitting them yet.

“No matter how I was feeling I can’t keep having those little mishaps,” Newton said. “Let me check myself. I just have to trust the whole process. Even though we see what’s going on, I see what’s going on and it’s not happening the way I want it to happen, I know in the back of my mind things are going to get shaking.

“We’re good. I’m good. Just knowing what my expectations are for myself, it starts with me. As this team leader, knowing offensively it’s my job to put points up on the scoreboard. We didn’t have a touchdown today and I’m disappointed in that.”

Of course, the Panthers could help him out by blocking better for him. He took six sacks yesterday, when they were without Pro Bowl center Ryan Kalil. Whether that attributed to the breakdown in protection (or whether his little brother/left tackle Matt Kalil took a step back after a promising sack-less debut against the 49ers), the Panthers need to get things fixed, so Newton can as well.

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  1. Good thing Matt Kalil is finally getting that good coaching which he said he never received before. It looks like it has really improved his game. Perhaps they would have given up 7 sacks without it. It is nice to see he was able to play two consecutive games without being injured though.

  2. Cam is getting converted to more of a pocket passer, which is not necessarily in his skill package. I wonder if he is going to be an RGIII, Kaepernick, Vince Young, and many others who had a very short run of success based on their mobile abilities, but, had great difficulty when asked to run a more conventional NFL offense. Thoughts?

  3. Have No Fear Scam Newton, The Saints are coming to visit this Sunday. Our Defense will make you look like you did in 2015 when you were MVP.

  4. willycents says:
    September 18, 2017 at 8:39 am
    Cam is getting converted to more of a pocket passer, which is not necessarily in his skill package. I wonder if he is going to be an RGIII, Kaepernick, Vince Young, and many others who had a very short run of success based on their mobile abilities, but, had great difficulty when asked to run a more conventional NFL offense. Thoughts?
    You’re exactly right, they want him to stay in the pocket more so he doesn’t get injured, but he doesn’t have the mindset required to be a pocket passer.

  5. People look at his passing percentage, and fail to acknowledge that the Panthers offensive scheme is predicated on mostly a down the field passing game. Cam is expected to use new weapons more as check downs. Unfortunately, this isn’t the Patriots with a bunch of high percentage 3 yard passes that help to pad those percentage stats. That said, Cam admittedly missed a couple of important throws that could have put this game away. He’ll get better as he continues to get his timing right. It would also help if he wasn’t getting beat up throughout the game.

  6. Why are you disappointed Cam? You worry more about your dancing than how you throw the ball. Just as long as you have developed a new dance you’ll be okay. But you have to get in the endzone first.

  7. This guy rubs me the wrong way. He’s such a egomaniac. I know athletes need to be uber confident but this guy takes it over the top. He’s as bad as Lebron is with speaking in 3rd person. I never want any one to get “hurt” in this game but I gotta admit, I do dig it when he gets crunched.
    Prediction: with his dump off target Olsen out for 6 weeks this guy will STRUGGLE and we will see how bad he truly is. I cannot wait for the press conferences over the next month or so.
    Must see TV.

  8. Lot of butt hurt people here still angry nearly 10 years later you were wrong on this guy. Panthers have been a vertical passing attack since he’s been in the league, and he hasn’t relied on running except in goal line situations since his rookie year. But by all means, keep showing you don’t know anything about football, especially the dude comparing him to every running QB that was a bust. If you hate Cam that much, you might want to get on those Marcus Mariota slams because he’s actually someone who has regressed since the middle of last year and isn’t nearly 10 years into a career with multiple division titles and a Super Bowl run on his resume for idiots to claim you have had “short term” success.

  9. Time for Riverboat to sit Mike Shula and Ken Dorsey down to have a frank conversation.

    If they can’t fix Cam then the 2017 draft was a bust 1st two picks on players Cam can’t get the ball to…Grrrreat!

  10. Can newton looked fine. He missed a couple throws on the run but he was under a lot of pressure from a really good defense all afternoon. He’s never going to be tom Brady he is what he is

  11. It’s almost as if he is having to get his timing down with new weapons after coming off shoulder surgery.

    And for the one-hit-wonder morons, last I checked, the former MVP and NFC Champion has also led the Panthers to division titles 3 of the last 4 years.

    You people hate Cam more than you like your own QB. It’s pretty sad.

  12. You people hate Cam
    It would be hard to hate anyone who is child-like. He is not a bad person at all. He is not going to become more accurate or acquire better judgement at this point in his career. Panthers will still win a lot of games on great defense, but not the big enchilada.

  13. Cam will figure it out. He’s rusty from missing preseason reps. It will take him a little longer than a Manning or Brady to get to form because those guys are full time pocket passers he’s not.

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