DeMarco Murray’s tight hamstring opened door for Derrick Henry

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The Titans slogged their way to a 6-3 halftime lead over the Jaguars on Sunday before they blew the game open with 31 points in the second half for a 37-13 victory over their AFC South rivals.

Running back DeMarco Murray didn’t have much to do with that explosion. Murray ran two times for three yards in the second half while Derrick Henry scored on his first carry of the third quarter on his way to 12 carries for 87 yards in the final two quarters. After the game, Titans coach Mike Mularkey said Murray’s hamstring opened the door for Henry.

“[Henry] came in and had a really big run,” Mularkey said, via the team’s website. “We actually didn’t put the play in until Saturday night. … Those guys blocked it up front like we wanted. Great run. DeMarco has a tight hamstring, a little bit of a hamstring deal he is dealing with. He came in and did what he is supposed to do – he ran the ball well.”

Murray also dealt with hamstring trouble this summer and any absence during the regular season will give Henry an extended showcase as the lead back in the offense. If Sunday’s results are any indication of how that will go for the Titans, Henry might not need an injury to open the door for him down the stretch this year.

7 responses to “DeMarco Murray’s tight hamstring opened door for Derrick Henry

  1. DeMarco is a good running back but Henry, is better, younger, and cheaper. Don’t force DeMarco just because he has the bigger contract.

  2. I wouldn’t say he’s Henry is better. They’re two different type of backs. Murray has skins on the wall. He’s the better back, including receiving and pass protection. I think what you mean is, ‘Henry shows promise, and deserves more reps. One day, he could be viewed as positively as Murray or better.’ — You’re welcome.

  3. I am not ready to say Derrick Henry is better than DeMarco Murray. DeMarco Murray has been injured since the start of training camp, so he is still dealing with that. Yesterday’s 2nd half rest might have been much needed. So in my opinion we don’t really know who is better, because one has limitations. But I do know that Derrick Henry looked like the bad Chris Johnson during the preseason – running into the line of scrimmage and falling down. Last year he was a beast during the preseason.

    All I know is that I think they’re safe to sit Murray for a game or so, to let him full heal before forcing him back in there again.

  4. Henry is younger, more physical, and much fresher legs right now…but Murray is still his superior when it comes to vision and the passing game (catching and blocking). Good problem for a physical run-first team to have…

    Let Murray continue to heal early in the season and give Henry the chance to carry the load for now…the Titans will need both of them in the 2nd half of the season and the playoffs.

  5. I don’t know about Henry being better, but he may be. Only one way to find out. All I know is that the offense is clicking with him in there. Maybe Murray is hurt, but he also tailed off at the end of last year. Let Murray rest, let Henry take the load. And when Murray is healthy again we have a very nice 1-2 punch. But the carry split should be close to 50-50 even when Murray is healthy.

  6. Long season. Backs take a lot of pounding. Depth is a good thing. Fun watching a team that is fully committed to running the ball.

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