Dolphins haven’t made any decisions about Lawrence Timmons

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The mystery of Dolphins linebacker Lawrence Timmons continues to deepen not resolve.

Despite reports suggesting that Timmons will return to the Dolphins and, presumably, everything will continue as if nothing happened, the Dolphins have made no decisions about what to do with Timmons, who signed a two-year, $12 million deal with a $5.5 million signing bonus earlier this year and a whopping $11 million fully guaranteed at signing.

It would be unwise to cut Timmons over the incident, given the sizable guarantee. They could, at most, suspend him four games without pay for conduct detrimental to the team, which would wipe out all future guarantees and permit recovery of a portion of the signing bonus. They then could cut him, if that’s what the organization decides to do.

Coach Adam Gase addressed the situation with reporters on Monday, but didn’t really provide any new information.

“I have nothing to add for what I have right now,” Gase said. “Really just gathering a lot of information.”

Gase added that he hasn’t spoken to Timmons, and that he has “no idea” whether Timmons was even in the building. It became clear through Gase’s comments that he’s far more concerned about the players who capped a trying 10 days of hurricane-related delays and relocations and turmoil by fighting for a win, and that in turn he doesn’t have much sympathy for guys who failed to participate.

“Be on time and play hard,” Gase said regarding his rules. “I don’t know if that’s real hard.”

Asked about his tolerance level for violations of those principles, Gase said, “What do you think? I got two rules. It’s not that hard.”

It sounds like it will be hard for Timmons to get back in the good graces of the team and, more specifically, his coach.

23 responses to “Dolphins haven’t made any decisions about Lawrence Timmons

  1. Based on the comments from the Head Coach it looks like the writing is on the wall. I expect that Timmons will not be a Dolphin for much longer. Whatever the reason for the absence the harsh reality is it won’t play well with a no nonsense guy like Gase.

  2. He was a cornerstone player over the last 10 years for the Steelers. The past few years he was running their defense on the field. Never once did he bring any negative attention to the team.

    So reading about his disappearance struck me as very odd and out of character. TMZ has a report that sounds equally strange. I hope the guy is alright.

  3. daburgher says:
    September 18, 2017 at 4:47 pm
    It is in their best interest to keep timmons. Otherwise he’ll be a patriot by tomorrow

    That might be what he is thinking. But wo be the person that makes moves thinking they can anticipate Belichicks response.

  4. A 10 year track record of reliability should cut Timmons at least enough slack for the details to be sorted out. It’s not like that D is so stacked they can afford to casually kick him to the curb either.

  5. Dolphins cut him …. The Steelers need some depth at middle linebacker . Let him come home and finish his career with dignity and place for a class organization .

  6. Does not sound like Lawrence Timmons in Pittsburgh. Guy was Mr. Reliable. Always there. Always led the team in tackles. I wore his Jersey. Just shelled out for Bud Dupree … hope he can light a candle to Timmons contributions. I bought Timmons after Farrior retired.

  7. btw. It was strange Miami signed him in the first place. The reason the Steelers would not step up to that kind’ve dough was Lawrence who was still a top shelf run stopper was no longer quick enough to cover, particularly the slot guys and tight ends, and particularly the Patriots. We turned it over to Vince Williams, another thumper but at no where near $6 million a year.

  8. Sounds to me like he was late for a meeting and told he would not start or maybe miss the first half and he went off. Gase is the coach. The coach is always right. I like the fact that this team has rules that apply to everyone. Jay Ajayi learned that last year and it made a great player out of him. Perhaps Mr. Timmons will learn the same thing.

  9. I’ve heard there is a possible concern over CTE, or a family emergency. I hope both are incorrect & a I hope LT’s ok.

  10. The whole thing of him missing and not returning calls for over 10+ hours is weird. Then when he was found at LAX he said he was going home cause he missed his baby. Sounds strange

  11. There must be something significant going on here.
    As a life long Steelers fan he was one our most durable and dependable LB’s.
    Hope he and his family are okay.

  12. He was a veteran leader for a while but his play really fell off, he graded out horribly according to PFF, notice now how the team is playing these young and fast linebackers and the D is much improved.
    I’m sure there’s personal problems going on here but you owe it to your teammates and coach to at least communicate soemthing with them.

  13. All conjecture at this point, but gotta like how Gase is handling this. There’s no “war of words” or “he said, she said” just show up and play hard. Keep it all out of the media spotlight. Rules apply to young RB’s like Ajayi last year to apparently vets like Timmons this year. I hope everything works out, quickly and smoothly. We need Timmons’ run stopping ability this season and depth. Teams will devour that mid level passing game as our LB corps gets thinner.

  14. tylawspick6 says:

    September 18, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    Just a pathetic organization from top to bottom.
    At least this pathetic organization one it’s first game. On the road. Which some teams couldn’t do at home.

  15. tylawspick6 says:

    September 18, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    Just a pathetic organization from top to bottom.
    At least this pathetic organization won it’s first game. On the road. Which some teams couldn’t do at home.

  16. Needs to openly apologize to his team. If the players want him back (they will) then take him back with some type of team fine and move on. Team needs at this point.

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