San Diego restaurant offering free tacos for Chargers losses

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The Chargers may be having a hard time winning hearts in Los Angeles.

But at least they’re still filling stomachs in San Diego.

According to ABC 10 in San Diego, the owner of El Pollo Grill will give away a free taco of he day every day after the Chargers fail to win.

My main purpose is so the Chargers hopefully lose,” Victor Lopez said. “They lose 16 games that means 16 times that you can come get a free taco — it’s OK with me.”

To cash in on the free taco, customers have to say a secret phrase — Spanos Taco, which I guess means it’s no longer a secret — to get the free food.

Tacos are normally $2.99 (although that Taco Tuesday special for two tacos and a beer for $6.19 sounds pretty good), which frankly sounds a lot better than paying a hundred bucks to park in their tiny stadium in Carson.

11 responses to “San Diego restaurant offering free tacos for Chargers losses

  1. Too bad they didn’t offer the free taco for a win when the Chargers were in SD. Folks around there might have cared.

  2. Dean Spanos made a very bad decision relocating the team to Los Angeles. The team belongs in San Diego and he has to live with the consequences. Full marks to El Pollo Grill – I hope they will give away a lot of tacos.

  3. “$100.00 for parking in Carson? Spanos is really pushing his luck on pricing. He couldn’t care less.”

    But he does care, I swear! He said he’s saving up that money to buy a kicker one of these days.

  4. What a bunch of bitter folks. Maybe if you would have cared enough to keep the team it wouldn’t have been so easy for us to take them. I have some grapes here that you can have, but they are really sour. LOL!

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