Su’a Cravens may still show up on Tuesday

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Things are about to get even more interesting, and potentially messy, between Washington and safety Su'a Cravens.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Cravens may still report to the team on Tuesday, consistent with a plan to return about which the team was aware before putting him on the reserve/left squad list. (Ian Rapoport of NFL Media had reported — accurately — on Sunday that Cravens intended to return to the team on Tuesday.)

As the source explains it, Washington was aware that Cravens was coming back on Tuesday. Out of the blue on Monday, they shifted his status from exempt/left squad to reserve/left squad, ending his season. Cravens, we’re told, wasn’t informed that the team was planning to make the move until after the move already had been made.

The circumstances that allowed Cravens to receive a four-week roster exemption set the stage for Monday’s developments. By rule, Washington was required to send Cravens the so-called “five-day letter,” which informs him that if he doesn’t return within (duh) five days, he can be placed on the reserve/left squad list. So, basically, once five days elapsed, Washington had the ability to shut Cravens down — even if he was under the impression that he had four weeks to return.

As it stands, Cravens has been gone little more than two weeks and, just as he was getting ready to walk through the door, the team slammed it in his face.

Although a grievance is possible (if not likely), Cravens currently is unable to play for Washington or anyone else for the entire season, given the team’s roster move from Monday.

28 responses to “Su’a Cravens may still show up on Tuesday

  1. The Redskins should call the police to keep him out. Either he wants to play or he doesn’t.
    Millennials cannot make up their mind about anything..

  2. Perhaps the will he/won’t he distraction was more than the team was willing to tolerate, which is saying a lot when you consider which team we are talking about. When even the Skins with that front office get to the point of deciding the juice may not be worth the squeeze that’s pretty telling.

  3. The Redskins see a problem with him that the now ruled out Redskins safety will miss the Redskins 2017 season and possibly a Redskins postseason. If the Redskins don’t do something about this guy the Redskins might be in a bad spot with him for the Redskins 2018 season as well.

  4. Too bad for Cravens. He chose to leave and he left. These NFL players have to learn that this is the NFL, not a Day Care Center.

  5. Okay, you get 6 months off and then decide after a month of work you need another two weeks off due to personal issues and then you’re caught cheering on the sidelines during your alma maters football game. Maybe just maybe his current employer had had enough…

  6. Just like RG3… chalk it up as a loss and move on… but don’t let this fool out of his contract and force his retirement. I imagine since he didn’t play this season that he still has 3 years left on his rookie deal… If he wants to play elsewhere he will need to facilitate a trade with at least 4th rd compensation or just let him ride out the deal at home.

  7. dryzzt23 says:
    September 18, 2017 at 6:03 pm
    The Redskins should call the police to keep him out. Either he wants to play or he doesn’t.
    Millennials cannot make up their mind about anything..

    Could say the same about Brett Favre, age has nothing to do with it

  8. As for Cravens, a REAL MAN would have informed his team after the end of the 2016 season that something was amiss so that the team could make plans. This selfish player put himself ahead of his team and he deserves to be parked for good and forced to pay back all the money he hasn’t earned.

    Time to show the snowflakes that there is a time and a place to grow up.

  9. Not sure what was collectively bargained? But if in the normal world you and your employer discussed you leaving and it was agreed ion such as FMLA the Redskins might have an issue on there hands. All the comments about making up his mind doesn’t mean anything. If you are on leave that was agreed in they can’t stop him from returning to work.

  10. once he stops getting those big dollar paychecks on Mondays during the season and he’s flipping burgers somewhere, he’ll get his head straight and come back next year

  11. Doug Williams said they didn’t discuss the matter at the game, just said hi to each other. Coach gruden said he hasn’t talked to cravens since he told the team he wanted to retire. So either those two are lying or yet another unnamed source is. Gee I wonder……

  12. I’m guessing the Skins FO wanted to leave the door open, but a discussion with the players probably slammed it shut. I doubt the other players would want to play with a guy who ‘quit’ on them. Give the man a year to think about it. If he shows up next year, in-shape with the right attitude, they’ll talk. Otherwise, good luck in life, young man.

  13. objectivefootballfan says:
    September 19, 2017 at 6:27 am
    The Redskins are nothing but drama!!
    Actually Cravens was the drama on this one and the Redskins cut it off. So….

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