Falcons talk to Dwight Freeney, but no plans to bring him back right now

Getty Images

A report on Monday indicated Falcons pass rusher Vic Beasley will miss about a month after hurting his hamstring in Sunday night’s win over the Packers, but coach Dan Quinn didn’t go that far while discussing Beasley’s condition.

Quinn confirmed that Beasley won’t play against the Lions this week and that was enough to lead to questions about whether the Falcons would look for outside help. Among those questions was whether the team is still in touch with Dwight Freeney, who had three sacks during the 2016 regular season and has not signed with anyone for this season.

“Yes,” Quinn said, via the team’s website. “[He’s] definitely somebody that we still talk to on a regular basis. We’re hopeful that he’s going to play this year, he certainly wants to. Right now, there are no changes on our end as we head into today.”

Freeney’s experience in the defense would make him an obvious choice if the Falcons decide they need more pressure off the edge than the players on hand can provide. For now, though, they’re sticking with what’s on hand.