NFLPA re-appoints De Smith executive director

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The campaign is over before it even really began.

The NFL Players Association selection committee has unanimously determined to keep DeMaurice Smith as the executive director, consistent with a process that the union adopted to avoid the 10-candidate clusterfudge that unfolded in 2015. The 14-member selection committee could have determined to open the job up for a full election/selection process, with a small handful of candidates possibly being certified to run.

Lawyer Cyrus Mehri recently emerged as the primary challenger, mounting an aggressive effort to line up endorsements and generate interest. And while Mehri may complain that the process was in some way #rigged, the members of the committee were fully aware of his interest in the job, but they decided to stick with De Smith. Right or wrong, that’s their decision to make — just like it’s the decision of the owners to stick with Roger Goodell as Commissioner.

The next step for the union should be to extended Smith’s contract not by three years but by five, since a three-year contract would expire just as the current labor deal is set to terminate.

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  1. good move

    the ratings tank is a problem for the owners and goodell

    solidarity with the union is part of the momentum they would
    need to bury goodell once and for all

  2. There you have it, one way or another in an elective process the electorate gets the ‘leader’ it deserves.

  3. Good! It’s settled. The players are obviously happy with the deals De Smith has been able to negotiate for them. Let’s move on to other things. No more complaining. The players have spoken.

  4. Again, the NFL made billions off a new TV contract. The average value of a NFL franchise went from 900k to 2.2 billion since 2009. During that time period the average NFL player salary only increased by 1%.

    There are no guaranteed contracts and a hard salary cap, and 78% of NFL players are bankrupt or in financial trouble within 2 years of
    Their retirement.

    These players don’t think it’s time for new leadership in their union?

    If I’m president of the NFLPA I’ll into the CBA like this; ” two things aren’t negotiable 1.The average NFL player salary needs to be at 4.5 million with a payroll inflation that reflects the economic growth of the league.2. My players aren’t playing another down without guaranteed contracts.

    It is criminal what these owners are doing to their players. Their Rich slaves, and their wealth ends as soon as their out of the league.

  5. Oh, goodie. Another strike because of the greedy players. Too bad the owners don’t make the players share in the operating costs of the team in exchange for any salary cap increases.

  6. If you’re a fan of the league and typically side with the owners this is the greatest day ever! I cannot wait for the players to get their butts handed to them in the next CBA. This will be must see TV.
    This guy has proven to be so inept and overly litigious that he’s the single reason why the union and the league hate each other. That little fedora totting hobbit has chosen to take every single infraction to court and make each and every fight expensive (which takes money from the players, btw)and clogging up the courts who have to deal with real issues.
    Good luck players. You made your bed…..

  7. Ratings in the tank is a bigger problem fir the players than owners ad most if the shared revenue for the players comes from TV deals.

    Bad ratings = smaller advertising and broadcast dollars.

    NFLPA is like those that thought housing values would never decrease before the most recent implosion. Its coming for the NFL and the players aren’t going to fare well. Keeping Smith is like signing an ARM, ninja jumbo loan the day before Lehman went under….

  8. cardinealsfan20 says:
    September 19, 2017 at 9:33 pm
    Barrage of comments from people who think that they know more than a labor relations professional forthcoming.

    Hehe. HAHAHA! So De Smith is a “labor relations professional”? Yeah. Who do you think ceded Goodell all that authority?

  9. Bad move, NFLPA. Cyrus Mehri had a vision, plans for implementing it, and the skills to make things happen that would benefit everyone. Instead, the players chose to go with Smith–who has proven to be somewhat-less-than stellar when it comes to negotiations. I guess people get the leadership they deserve. In any case, get ready for a players’ strike in 2020, because it will almost surely happen now.

  10. The NFL has excellent leadership. They have protected the game when they had to. Every single player or organization that has gone to them about cheating, bounties or bullying, they have met it head on. It is the players who refuse to man up and take their cream puff penalties. Until the NFLPA has it’s own Code Of Conduct, they continue to run to the courts. And be ultimately defeated. Just ask Brady.

  11. People don’t seem to realize that a union representatives do what the rank and file want them to do. Just like Goodell DOES what the owners want. The players did poorly in the last contract because many spend too much money, they could not afford to miss a game check. Nothing will change next time.

  12. Seroiusly have to question the intelligence of NFL players . This continued ignorance of reality , the simple fact that Smith is a failure ensures that they will be completely dominated in the CBA negotiations again . The blind loyalty to Smith is identical to what Gene Upshaw enjoyed for years as the NFLPA fell further and further behind the other pro sports including hockey that has a fraction of the revenue that the NFL generates . Hard to believe that there isn’t someone smart enough playing in the NFL to speak up and demand that their futures should not be determined by a failed leadership that has proven to be overmatched for years when dealing with the NFL owners .

  13. Anyone ever consider that De Smith could be a deep mole for the NFL? Anyone ever check his finances to see if he is getting more than one paycheck? I guarantee one is much more lucrative than the other.

  14. The league hasn’t had a puppet like this since Upshaw sold his players out for years. They deserve what they get.

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