Offenses are struggling, but rookies aren’t

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Touchdowns are down through two weeks of the NFL season, but first-year players are making an impact offensively.

According to the NFL, rookies have accounted for 2,733 yards from scrimmage this season, the highest production from rookies since 1970. It’s also a dramatic jump over the 2,057 yards from rookies through the first two weeks of the 2016 season.

Leading the way is Chiefs rookie running back Kareem Hunt. Thrust into the starting job after Spencer Ware suffered a knee injury in the preseason, Hunt has 355 yards from scrimmage in two games, along with five total touchdowns. Only Dutch Sternaman of the 1920 Decatur Staleys scored more touchdowns in his first two career games, with six.

Hunt also is the first player in league history with at least three rushing touchdowns and two receiving touchdowns in his first two games. He’s the third player in league history with a touchdown of 50 or mote yards from scrimamge in each of his first two NFL games, joining Dub Jones (1950) and Alan Ameche with that distinction.

Hunt leads the NFL in rushing, and fellow rookies Dalvin Cook of the Vikings and Leonard Fournette of the Jaguars currently are ranked No. 3 and No. 5, respectively.

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  1. I notice Run CMC is not mentioned as he shouldn’t after 2 subpar games. The Panthers better cross their fingers that Cam can figure our how to throw a man open and put some touch on his ball or else the 2017 draft will be the worst in team history. (thanks to picking up the same player in the 1st & 2nd round)

  2. Its entirely normal for offenses to have issues the first few weeks as they shake out and incorporate more plays and options into what they are doing. Late in the season the reverse is true, defenses usually struggle more later in the season than earlier.

  3. To the point of the article, I think current NFL Coaches are better understanding how to coach up rookies. The classic method (think Jeff Fisher + Jared Goff for those with short memories) may be waning. Perhaps a little less pro-ball ego enables rookies to grasp what’s necessary, you know, sorta exactly how Dak did it last year.

  4. tjacks7 says:
    September 19, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Remember when the Packers passed on Dalvin Cook twice because they had a WR plays RB? Lol, thanks Ted.

    I know you are just throwing shade at Packers fans. Consider this though. Neither Cook nor Montgomery won the game game for either team in there wins. Nor did either of them lose the game in the loses. Packers over the past few years have undervalued the run position, while the Vikings have overvalued the position by paying over the hill backs way too much money. Neither team is without fault.

  5. RB should be allowed to turn pro a year or two earlier than other positions. Looking at the top 10 rushers so far this season, they are a full 10 years younger on average, than the top 10 QB in passing yardage. RB play two years of their prime in college.

  6. Measure league-wide offensive failure by touchdowns, but measuring rookie offensive success by yards…..are the league-wide yardage numbers not as dire and therefore less noteworthy of a headline?

  7. tjacks7 says:
    Remember when the Packers passed on Dalvin Cook twice because they had a WR plays RB? Lol, thanks Ted.


    Lmao at these Viking fans who are putting Dalvin Cook in the Hall of Fame after two games. At this point, odds are just as good he’ll be a bust.

  8. It’s a LITTLE early to put these guys in Canton, let alone say they aren’t busts. Trent Richardson looked pretty good at times and ended up with over 1300 combined yards in his rookie year. How’d that work out for the Browns? Not to say Hunt, Cook, etc are going to be as bad as TRich, but it’s too soon to tell after only TWO GAMES.

  9. silentbenstrikesback says:
    September 19, 2017 at 4:33 pm
    How’s Jamaal Charles doing with the Broncos? Yes, that dynamic (6 years ago, maybe). Toodles to his career.

    Wow. Somebody doesn’t watch football but still feels qualified to post. JC is doing exactly what he was brought in to do, spell CJ. And he’s doing good enough to make the coaches think hard about what to do when Booker comes back.

  10. but but but what about the best RB since Barry Sanders, Christian McCaffrey??…You know the guy who would have shredded the SEC as bad as he’s been shredding the NFL, give the man the Heisman and MVP!

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