Report: Charles Tillman training to join FBI


Football players wind up doing a wide variety of things once their playing days are over with coaching and broadcasting serving as popular post-retirement choices.

Former Bears and Panthers cornerback Charles Tillman did some television work last year, but is now reportedly moving in a different direction. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports via multiple sources that Tillman hopes to land a job with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is currently training to make that happen.

A spokesman for the FBI’s Chicago office said they do not comment on personnel matters.

Tillman’s football skills may not make for an obvious crossover with FBI work, although Johnny Utah made it work in Point Break. If nothing else, the Peanut Punch he used to dislodge 44 footballs over the course of his career could come in handy in certain situations.

New hires for the FBI must be younger than 37 and Tillman turns 37 next February, so there’s a limited window for Tillman, who has a degree in criminal justice from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, to get hired before he’ll have to shift his aspirations elsewhere.