Santana Moss says RG3 celebrated Shanahan firing, RG3 calls Moss a liar

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Former Washington teammates Santana Moss and Robert Griffin III are feuding over the departure of their former coach, Mike Shanahan.

Moss went on 106.7 The Fan and said that Griffin was celebrating when owner Dan Snyder fired Shanahan and his son and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan after the 2013 season, saying the Shanahans’ firing was because they didn’t use Griffin properly. According to Moss, that led to “a rude awakening” for Griffin when Jay Gruden came along, as Gruden was even harder on Griffin than Shanahan had been.

You can’t do that,” Moss said. “One thing I’ll just share with you: God don’t like ugly. So the little credit that he did take for saying that, ‘Hey, they didn’t like what I was doing,’ or ‘they benched me and not allowing me to play, that’s what happens.’ So 2014 comes, and Jay Gruden comes in, and he don’t care. We see that now. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care what he says about you, he doesn’t care what he says at you. And he rips RG every chance he gets, like every meeting, and we’re sitting there looking like, ‘Yeah. You know what? You were just so happy that Mike and Kyle and them is gone, but now you’re getting your behind ripped every day, because you’re not playing the kind of football that we need to play for us to be successful.’”

That led to a rebuke from Griffin on Twitter this morning.

“Santana Moss, I treat you like a brother & have always had your back. To openly lie about me is a betrayal,” Griffin wrote. “Been lied on a lot over the years.”

It’s not exactly a secret that things got ugly for Griffin in Washington after his tremendous rookie season. But for a teammate to openly call out Griffin, and for Griffin to flat-out call that teammate a liar, is about as ugly as the relationship has ever been shown to be publicly.

44 responses to “Santana Moss says RG3 celebrated Shanahan firing, RG3 calls Moss a liar

  1. Santana Moss is a real man who busted his butt for the Redskins.

    The Great Gimmick was a fraud and an unprepared and uncoachable player who thought he had no room to improve – he is the liar here and should never be heard from again. What a disgusting player he truly was – and since he dumps his white women with regularity, he is also a disgusting human.

  2. Why are people still talking about this? Titan fans let the Vince Young/Jeff Fisher thing go, but Washington fans, media, and others can’t seem to move on. None of the rest of us care. All parties involved are not the best people to begin with as has been proven over and over again through many instances before and since.

  3. It’s true that such a public airing of dirty laundry can be too much for the average fan. But, thankfully, the average fan probably stopped caring about all things RGIII related years ago.

  4. Forget coaches and players. Everybody knows the real problem with the Redskins is Dan Snyder. This is the world he created.

  5. Kinda feel for RG3. When the dude came into the league with Luck there was so much hype. I think he bought into it himself and never really lived up to his potential. I really kinda wish he’d get another shot somewhere. He’s more than a serviceable back up and if he really focused on the Morty gritty of the position he could have a Michael Vick eagles type resurgence if he got in with the right type of organization. The Bengals would be great for him with that arm and AJ Greens height and speed

  6. Well – to be honest, from what we have heard RG3 say, it was never his fault and he couldn’t do anything with the talent that he had around him. This was while he was comparing himself to Peyton Manning. This was also the time that DJax actually spoke out about RG3.

    We can also see that RG3 looks to be out of the league, so there must be something more than just ability keeping him from getting looks.

    So he can call Moss a liar, but it sure seems more like he is telling how it is.

    Proof is in the pudding.

  7. bigjdve says:
    September 19, 2017 at 11:45 am

    We can also see that RG3 looks to be out of the league, so there must be something more than just ability keeping him from getting looks.

    It’s called fragility. Mentally and physically. Mainly physically.

  8. I was thinking the other day, when was the last time that Washington was truly a Super Bowl contender? I will say 1999 (and that’s a bit generous). They haven’t been a contender for at least 19 years. Obviously there was some excitement with RG3 there for a short time, but they weren’t a contender. Given the prominence of the franchise I an wondering when they will put together a better team. It should be getting desperate now.

  9. Griffin has such a persecution complex. He was clearly coddled from a young age and rarely (if ever) looks within himself to see if he might be at least partly responsible for the problems that surround him.

  10. When will people learn from drafting a one read, read option QB in college? I already see the hype train coming out for Lamar Jackson over Josh Rosen. Josh Rosen throws what.. 65 passes a game throws 5 TD’s and gets intercepted twice, has to score 45 points to stay in a game and his draft stock plummets and gets trashed by the media? But Lamar Jackson goes up against the closest thing to an NFL defense he will see and completely nose dives yet the media props the kid up because “he can run and it’s so exciting!!” Look at RG3 and learn, people.

  11. September 19, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    Somewhere, Scott McCloughan is throwing back a shot, thanking God that he’s not there anymore.

    McCloughan’s draft picks for the Skins stink!!! Everybody loves to complain about McCloughan being gone but he didn’t do squat for the Redskins



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  12. what is surprising to me is that even now, RG3 can’t take any responsibility for his own actions, and he can’t handle any kind of criticism.

    never going to get another chance if he doesn’t learn some humility.

  13. I’m not saying he would have ever been a great pro quarterback, but Shanahan put RG3 back out there vs Seattle on a gimpy leg, which then became a devastating injury. He was never the same

  14. ryann252013 ,

    Hate to break it to you, but Rosen is playing in a spread system that will have to be taught from scratch too, think Blaine Gabbert’s version from Missouri that didn’t translate. Griffin failed because he’s injury prone more than anything because lots of QB gurus liked the skill set.

  15. RG3 will always be fascinating to Skins fans to a certain extent. 2012 was their best year in 25 years. The most hope, the most excitement, the potential of a long term cure at QB FINALLY (although those hits he was taken gave most fans pause). But to see that fall so fast is just tragic. And fascinating.

  16. realfootballfan says:
    Why are people still talking about this? …, but Washington fans, media, and others can’t seem to move on.

    Wrong, Washington fans have moved on. MDS and Florio, known Redskin haters, are the ones bring this back up. And haters like you are sucking it up.

    barsfordays says:
    NEVER a dull moment with the Redskins

    Neither player is a current Redskin, nothing to do with the current Redskins. See above response.

  17. bullcharger says:

    I was thinking the other day, when was the last time that Washington was truly a Super Bowl contender? I will say 1999 (and that’s a bit generous).

    The Cowboys have won three Super Bowls since the last time the Redskins were relevant.

  18. @realfootballfan

    I think you’re getting Josh Allen and Josh Rosen mixed up. Josh Allen runs a spread air raid offense similar to Geno Smith’s WVU offense. Josh Rosen runs a west coast offense that requires him to go under center, change plays at the line, and go through all of his reads before getting the ball out of his hands. Rosen has been in that offense since his freshman year, and that’s why UCLA brought in Jedd Fisch, for continuity. I’m not a Josh Rosen fanboy I just think it is ridiculous that RG3 got propped up over guys like Cousins and Tannehill and now the same thing is bound to happen with Lamar Jackson.

  19. Shanahan changed his offense to make RG3 Rookie of the year and a pro bowl player.That was with 6 new starters on offense and a 36 million dollar cap hit. At the end of the year he and his dad didn’t like the way he was used; he told everyone on the team. Shanahan got Elway and Young 3 Super Bowl rings with 2 MVP awards and he called all the plays.The only rings they got between the 2 Hall of Famers. Snyder and Allen decided to go with RG3 than Shanahan. Why do you think Cousins does not want to be there. Shanahan was lucky he got away from Snyder and Cousins will try to join him shortly.

  20. firstly….why is this being brought up. i firmly believe that Griffin didnt celebrate like Moss claimed, BUT i dont think he missed Shanahan or wanted him there, but i dont think Moss is lying, just thinking that Griffin celebrated

    as for Shanahan, thankfully he left. while yes he helped Griffin in his rookie year, his drafting stunk. he never built the offensive line up to what it is right now and he never got great weapons (besides Garcon) and the defense got worse while the special teams was awful. i dont like Gruden (as i think he told Snyder one thing just to get the job and then did another), BUT there’s no denying that Gruden did hire a fine coordinator and then went on to help fix the special team issues.

  21. ryann252013 ,

    I’m not getting him mixed up. His original coordinator was Noel Mazzone who runs a spread option offense. Just because the QB doesn’t run out of it doesn’t make it pro style. Harbaugh runs pro style. Jimbo Fisher runs pro style. Helton with Darnold at USC across town are running a pro style offense. Most of the rest of college football, including UCLA, are running a variation of read option, spread concepts that maximize easy throws for the QB where they and the receivers don’t have to react to the defensive look and will have to be retaught from scratch in the NFL. I take note when I see the outliers these days because they are few and far between, and I’m a big Rosen fan. More polished passer than Jackson, but they’re both coming from a remedial system to the league.

  22. Just remember in 2012, the Great Gimmick was 8-6. Since he was not beating the Ravens in the game when he left, he does not get the victory, Cousins does. And Cousins wins the next week.

    Without Cousins, there would have been no playoffs in 2012.

    In 2012, Shanny tailored the offense to the Great Gimmick and never once did the clown learn to slide after repeatedly being told to by Shanny; all of the Great Gimmick’s injuries were due to HIS STUPIDITY, not a coaching call. By the time the Great Gimmick was hurt in the playoff game, it was over – the Great Gimmick was selfish and pulled a Jay Shroeder move and waved off Cousins.

    In 2013, the Great Gimmick asked for a different offense – and he could not play that style – he was never going to be a pocket passer – he could not read defenses and he never learned pass routes or learned to throw to spots on the field. He was so bad in 2013 that the first eight games the defense nearly scored more points in the first half of games than he did. The Great Gimmick could run the hurry up offense “hurry up and punt” and was horrific in two minute offensive series with almost no touchdowns scored during those drills. He could barely move the team 20 yards.

    I know these things. The Great Gimmick was all fraud and a product of a hype campaign by his Daddy to get him the Heisman. The reality of the Great Gimmick was he used his legs in college to stretch defenses to make up for his lack of reading defenses. With a dilluted talent base, the Great Gimmick was artificially decent, but the reality was he never had any skills to be a pro QB. And at no time in college or in the pros did he ever exhibit any leadership – never. Book it.

  23. Don’t understand how Shanahan always ends up smelling like a rose. Before getting fired for cause was cool, Al Davis did it to him in the 80s. Huge feuds with RG3, Haynesworth and McNabb, but it’s everyone else’s fault. People are such sheep. RG3 is a college football legend. And after going #2 overall in the draft, somehow he managed to exceed expectations by delivering the first division title Washington had seen in 13 years. He was ROY, but should’ve been named MVP. Led the entire league (over TB, AR and PM) in passing efficiency. Made a star out of Alfred Morris, a 6th round pick. He actually saved Shanny’s job. He should be kissing RG3’s feet.

  24. See all this nonsense and they won’t lock up Cousins to a long term contract? Normally I wouldn’t say this but pay Cousins twice the salary as Matt Stafford till he’s 40.

  25. Die hard Cowboy fan here:
    Dak is reminding me more and more of RGIII. Not with their attitudes, I mean as far as intangibles go you couldn’t find too greater opposites. But on the field, Dak isn’t good enough to start yet. Not for the Dallas Cowboys.

  26. meh, RGIII ruined his own career by toughing out an awful injury incurred in week 14 of his rookie year. He put his entire future on the line for the Washington Redskins and it cost him dearly. If I were a teammate of his at that time I wouldn’t say word one about him other than praising him for toughness and dedication. He played on a knee with damaged structure and it finally gave out four weeks later against Seattle. His knee was wrecked, complete injuries to the MCL/ACL and meniscus. He had complete reconstructive surgery and played an entire season 8 months later even though he clearly wasn’t the same. I could not care less about the Redskins but if a player for my team did that I would respect it.

  27. Die hard Cowboy fan here:
    But on the field, Dak isn’t good enough to start yet. Not for the Dallas Cowboys.

    Dude – it was one game.. One Game

  28. Realfootballfan said:

    “Why are people still talking about this? Titan fans let the Vince Young/Jeff Fisher thing go, but Washington fans, media, and others can’t seem to move on.”

    Dude … seriously? Most Titans fans didn’t let the Vince Young/Jeff Fisher thing go until Marcus Mariota arrived in Nashville. Heck, some of us still haven’t. Imagine being a Redskins fan: They haven’t had a franchise QB since 1985 when Theismann broke his leg on MNF. That’s 32 years, man. Longer than the Browns!! We’ve had Warren Moon, Steve McNair and Mariota since then. RGIII was supposed to finally be the answer. His first year in DC, he was even bigger than Obama. It’ll be years before the Skins’ fans are over this.

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