Seahawks insist Eddie Lacy still has role after being healthy scratch

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It was a bit surprising to see Eddie Lacy among Seattle’s seven inactives for Sunday’s 12-9 victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

Lacy was a healthy scratch for Seattle as the Seahawks had just one player inactive for injury reasons. The Seahawks kept Thomas Rawls, Chris Carson and C.J. Prosise as their three active running backs with fullback Tre Madden also active for the game. But despite the decision to make Lacy inactive against the 49ers, the Seahawks insist he’s still a big part of their plans.

“I think right in there,” head coach Pete Carroll said Monday as to how Lacy fits in the running back group. “It was really unfortunate that we had to make that move because I want Eddie playing. But we did it to make sure we would get Thomas up and a couple things that we were concerned about. We will see, each week is a different story for us.

“It depends on what is going on with the rest of the roster and who we can get keep up and who we can’t get up, so it’s just a weekly challenge for us to figure out. We want everyone out, but we can’t have that all the time.”

General manager John Schneider echoed Carroll’s comments it was just a game day roster call to sit Lacy against the 49ers.

“It was a very hard decision for the coaches,” he said on his pregame radio show. “Thomas is back, had a great week of practice as well. Eddie had a great week of practice. C.J., Carson, those guys had a really good week so we need to keep the fullback up in Madden and I just know we have to be balanced with our play-calling too so I know it’s difficult for Eddie, it’s very difficult for the coaches to make those decisions on who is going to be active and who is not. He’s a big man, he played well last week so it’s nothing he’s done or hasn’t done, just a pregame decision.”

Lacy gained just three yards on five carries in his debut for Seattle against the Green Bay Packers in Week 1. Carson ended up getting the most carries of any Seattle back in each of the first two weeks – more than Lacy in Green Bay and more than Rawls against the 49ers as he appears to have grabbed hold of the lead role in Seattle’s backfield.

While the decision to sit Lacy may have just been a single game call, it was still a curious decision to see made. With Seattle’s backfield fully healthy and Carson emerging as a potential star, finding carries for Lacy may not be getting any easier any time soon.

16 responses to “Seahawks insist Eddie Lacy still has role after being healthy scratch

  1. He has a role: 4th string running back.

    There is a right way to lose weight and a wrong way to lose weight. The wrong way makes you slow and weak.

  2. Why take away playing time experience from a 7th round pick making pennies compared to Lacy who is more in the future plans (Chris Carson) and who also producing more than Lacy?

    Always compete and may the best man win. It’s not personal, it’s just business and which player(s) give any club the greater chance to win.

  3. Turn Lacy into a fullback. He’s too slow to the hole to be carrying the ball 10+ times a game. Let’s see if he can lead block.

    He’s not Lynch. He doesn’t seek contact.

    The ONLY time you’ll see this guy hit somebody is when he is in the open field at full speed.

    He’d be a TERRIBLE lead blocker, and his pass pro isn’t much to speak of either. Quite often, Green Bay used a fullback in the shotgun rather than Lacy.

  4. @killernacho

    You have very low standards if you really think Lacy had some “real good” seasons in Green Bay.

  5. @killernacho

    You have very low standards if you really think Lacy had some “real good” seasons in Green Bay.

    You have some really high standards if you think over 3,000 yards and 24 touchdowns in two years isn’t good.

    Did he get fat and lazy after 2014? Absolutely. But getting a productive player for two seasons that instantly fixed Green Bay’s issue of being one dimensional isn’t that bad for a 2nd round pick. Certainly not a “bust”. This label is thrown out far too often.

  6. 1178 yds, 4.1ypc, 11TD, 35 rec 257yds, 7.3ypc as a rookie.
    1139 yds, 4.6ypc, 9TD ;42 rec, 427yds, 10.2 ypc, 4TD rec, in 2014
    Thats 2317 yds rushing for 4.4ypc, 684yds receiving for 8.9 ypc, 24 TD’s in his first two years.

    Yep, by ANY reasonable standard, that’s two VERY good years. The best, actually, of any rookie RB those years, by far.
    Irrational pure hate does have a way of obliterating the intellect, doesn’t it…

  7. Forgot to add, Lacy was Offensive Rookie of the Year, 2nd team all-pro and ProBowler… as a rookie. No doubt he has failed since then, but to argue that he didn’t have a couple of good years at GB is just ignorant… and given the availability of information in this world, WILLFUL ignorance… and Mama said, “Ignorance is no sin. Willful ignorance, however, is an unpardonable one.” Or, to translate into more basic English: If you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re a lot better off to not talk at all.

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