Broncos’ Brandon Marshall chides fans on Twitter confusing him for Giants’ Brandon Marshall

Getty Images

While New York Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall was catching just one pass for 17 yards and dropping a critical throw in Monday night’s loss to the Detroit Lions, fans began tweeting their complaints and grievances at Brandon Marshall.

Only the Brandon Marshall they were tweeting was, in some cases, not the Brandon Marshall they intended to direct their ire toward. Instead of the Marshall that plays for the Giants, the tweets were being directed at Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall.

Marshall – the one in Denver – couldn’t help but have some fun at their expense.

As Jeff Legwold of details, Marshall tweeted replies at various users who were criticizing the Giants’ Marshall for the drop.

“How are you tweeting and dropping passes at the same time?!” one user asked to have Marshall reply “Cuz I can do Bof.”

He also replied “Meet in the parking lot after the game chump!” and “Come say that to my face!” to other accounts blasting the other Marshall for his performance against the Lions.

Marshall said it’s a routine occurrence and that he can’t reply to everyone making the error. At least he was able to have some fun with the case of mistaken identity.