Jay Z reportedly turns down Super Bowl halftime show

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The Super Bowl is looming, which means that the announcement of a musical act for halftime of the game is coming.

TheSource.com reports that Jay Z has declined an opportunity to do the honors during intermission. Last year, Adele reportedly rejected the gig before Lady Gaga agreed to do it.

The NFL did not directly dispute the report that Jay Z passed on the gig.

“No decisions have been made on the performer(s) and we are not going to speculate on particular artists,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT by email. “Along with Pepsi, we know that we will put on a spectacular show. When it is time to announce her name we will do it. Or his name. Or their names.”

It’s not a denial by any means, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Jay Z and others pass, if it’s true that the league has been making aggressive financial requests (including a percentage of concert ticket sales) based on the potential value to the artist of performing on the biggest platform in music.

136 responses to “Jay Z reportedly turns down Super Bowl halftime show

  1. Awesome, maybe Katy Perry can do it again? Or Madonna? Because, you know that is who NFL fans REALLY wanna see–a pop star who’s every move is dreamed up first in a corporate boardroom and dictated by what is trending with tweens. Jay Z? Why have someone awesome??? I bet it’s because they asked him to do a sweet medley of his “hits”.

  2. This is why it should be Metallica.

    “I can’t dance, I can’t jump around, I’m not an acrobat, I’m not a variety show, you know? We are artists. We’re a band. We love playing songs. We’re not gonna fly through the air on a sparkly star with a unicorn.”

    – James Hetfield

  3. All you so relieved not to have to hear Jay-Z… So, great, who we gonna get? Another one of those crappy bands that were popular in the 60s and 70s? Or maybe we can get more of this Bruno Mars/Katy Perry/Lady Gaga pablum they have been serving us recently. I know! How about Aerosmith featuring Metallica and Selena Gomez. Yeah, that’s way better!

  4. I would like to see a Military Salute to all who serve. The pop singer show garbage has run its course.

  5. Lady Gaga is pop and was probably the best performance in years. It’s too bad dudes can’t put their “macho” egos aside and respect things for what they are.

  6. @puzio20 and magebfd

    I was thinking the same thing before I saw a single comment. Thank God! Thank God we don’t have to endure that as listeners and watchers of the biggest game of the 2017-2018 NFL season!!

  7. I’m guessing they’ll go by way of one of the one direction kids or something…
    Really jazz the place up!

  8. puzio20 says:
    September 20, 2017 at 11:16 am
    Thank god.

    yeah man taylor swift or imagine dragons would be soooo much more hype (WACK)

  9. No disrespect to Jay Z, and last year Lady Gaga was probably the best half time show I ever saw, but who cares? It’s mildy entertaining, but that’s about it.

  10. Why does the NFL need to make money off of the performer ? That’s incrediblely greedy, when you consider they makes billions of dollar. The NFL makes a whole lot off of the TV contracts, tickets, ads, merchandise, etc..

  11. Perhaps Kenny G or the Mormon tabernacle choir as an alternate…nobody watches, that’s why he said no thanks…

  12. I’m not a lady Gaga fan but she did a surprisingly good show. That being said, but a rock band out there, or a true country person. Or get George Straight. He or Kenny Chesney would do a great Super Bowl show.

  13. Back in the days of way back, it was viewed as an honor. Diana Ross, Little Richard, and Prince were a few of my favorite performances. Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger has one on their resume as well.

    Not sure what went down but I would hope that being approached or even considered is still something to be held in high regard.

  14. This is a false flag before they announce the inevitable performer Taylor Swift. New album is dropping in November, tour will be announced during halftime and commence shortly afterwards. Very predictable pattern.

  15. Jay Z and Beyonce are probably the two most overrated performers of the past 500 years…and they got married. How cute. People keep talking about them though, so they must either have very good marketing or some people with poor taste actually listen to that dreck. Lady Gaga somehow has a lot of (crazy) fans as well somehow. What passes for music sure has fallen off a cliff over the last 20 years.

  16. I’d like to see the half time show totally consist of Goodell explaining what constitutes a legal catch.

  17. from an old fart: need a current great hard rock band that began playing after the turn of the century…football is not pop, or rap but hard rock’n’roll…or at least it should be..a personal favorite of mine is Drive By Truckers but they’re getting long in tooth…

  18. The last halftime show I watched was bruno mars and he killed it. I don’t normally watch the super bowl halftime show, especially when they throw out weirdos like katy Perry and racists like Jay Z.

  19. The half time show is never going to be targeted towards me- the football fan.

    AC/DC before it’s too late. They’re not even a band I really like, but how have they not done it? Jay Z? pff

  20. Bring back the Bud Bowl! Those bottles with the helmets were more entertaining than any halftime show I’ve seen the last 20 years.

  21. Thank God Jay-Z turned it down!
    Most overrated hip-hop artist ever!
    No one outside of New York and the Black community truly knows his music anyway
    He sells more to the suburban teens across the country than you would believe. White teens buy more hip hop than any other demographic. That’s a fact.

  22. Get the Foo Fighters. Really, a pretty good middle ground for lots of styles. Maybe you can get Jay-Z to agree to a pre-game show with the surviving members of Linkin Park from their Mash-up album? I mean, I have pretty eclectic tastes… and at some point you have to realize that unless you get Lynyrd Skynyrd year after year, the old white men will never be happy. So…. screw em’ make the halftime show about the kids and the ladies… or find a good middle ground.

  23. I don’t care who performs, I just hope the NFL tells whoever it is, “Do not turn the halftime show into a political platform” All I want is a great Super Bowl and a great halftime show. !!!

  24. richndc says:
    September 20, 2017 at 11:18 am
    Awesome, maybe Katy Perry can do it again? Or Madonna? Because, you know that is who NFL fans REALLY wanna see–a pop star who’s every move is dreamed up first in a corporate boardroom and dictated by what is trending with tweens. Jay Z? Why have someone awesome??? I bet it’s because they asked him to do a sweet medley of his “hits”.

    I’m an NFL fan, and scores past my “tween” years, I thought Katy Perry was my favorite halftime show in awhile.

  25. Haha yeah Jay Z probably owes his success to being able to perform at the Super Bowl. Why on earth would any star give the greedy NFL a piece of their concert ticket sales when they have been selling out their venues for years (decades for Jay Z) without any help from a bunch of rich, old suits?

  26. People…NO ONE wants to hear Metallica or any other hard rock band for the Superbowl. It’s no better that Rap. The reason why acts like Prince are chosen is because they have crossover appeal. Glad JZ said no too.

  27. Mariah Carey, The Beach Boys, Tom Petty, John Mellancamp, Lionel Richie, Metallica, Bon Jovi……. there’s a lot of artists I’d rather see than Jay Z.

  28. Screw all these entertainers with their political agendas.
    I’m glad he’s bot performing.

    Bring back the college marching bands.

  29. suncawy says:
    September 20, 2017 at 11:43 am
    Why does the NFL need to make money off of the performer ? That’s incrediblely greedy, when you consider they makes billions of dollar. The NFL makes a whole lot off of the TV contracts, tickets, ads, merchandise, etc..


    Because it is a huge advertising campaign for the performer. Think of it as a half-hour long commercial in front of the largest TV audience of the entire year.

    When retailers are paying millions for a 30 second spot that you might miss due to a pee break, it doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out the halftime show’s potential value to the performer. Greedy or not, it makes sound financial sense for the NFL.

  30. Foo’s just put out an album. Could be intrestin’. Dixie Chicks, too. I’d love to see jazz/instrumental artists, just to see if it would work in that kind of environment. Herb Alpert (great new album out), Wynton Marsalis, Chris Botti (bring on Sting and Shawn Colvin, too), Arturo Sandoval. Neil Young would be very intrestin’ (if they could get CSNY back together talking, let alone singing, that would be great). Snarky Puppy would be intrestin’, too…

    Or maybe a variety of musical tastes to highlight the universal appeal of m,usic (and thed game).

  31. I never realized that so many dudes cared this much about the half time of the super bowl. No idea. I just care about the game. Weird.

  32. It should be Guns N Roses. I’ve seen several of their stadium shows and they sounds and play great. Don’t most games start off with Welcome To The Jungle? A half time show with them starting with that would be epic, and they have plenty of material to play a 20 minute medley of hits closing out with Paradise City of course.

    And for those who wanna bring up late 80’s and early 90’s problems with Axl can forget it, every single show has started on time and every single show on their has gotten rave reviews.

  33. Ted Nugent or Kid Rock would be my pick. I’d also love a beautiful rendition of God Bless America with our brave service members present; many who have missing limbs but will still stand the best they can…..proudly, like true Americans.

  34. dirtybirdnation says:
    September 20, 2017 at 11:39 am

    Guy is overrated and as predjutice as they come.


    Yeah predjutice people have no place in the halftime show. SMDH

  35. Chilli Peppers, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Pearl Jam, Weezer, or Metallica would be infinitely better than the crap they’ve been choosing. You know, actual talent.

  36. There are A LOT of Excellent Country Music performers out there. Maybe give one of them a shot. They promote American patriotism and good family values.

  37. Just forget the music and think outside the box… how about a demolition derby where the cars are driven by the 32 teams’ mascots? Final round of a talent show competition featuring cheer leaders? Cirque Du Soleil confusing everyone in the country all at the same time? David Blaine making himself appear to levitate while stabbing himself through the hand and chewing on glass? I don’t know… what does everybody love? A tribute to BBQ by Food Network stars?

  38. The half time shows are such an unnecessarily elaborate waste of time anyways. Who cares about Madonna or Beyonce or some interchangeable autotuned blonde pop singer regurgitating songs written by some corporate industry puppet. Just get some marching bands and acrobats and performance artists like they used to do back in the day before it became a giant corporate shill. No football fans care about a half time concert, we’re hitting the john and going for smokes and reloading the fridge with beverages. Nobody cares.

    Just make sure you don’t suck so much power that you black out the stadium in the 2nd half, idiots.

  39. I guess I’m in the minority here, but I think Jay-Z would be good. It’s been nothing but top 40 pop the last few years, I’m ready for a switch.

    I’d be surprised if the NFL didn’t go the country route at some point. Love it or hate it, that country stuff does big #’s.

    I’m also quite certain we’ll get Foo Fighters at a halftime within the next few years. Metallica wouldn’t surprise me either, but they seem less likely to bow to the evil NFL corporate overlords.

  40. Dear successful artist, pay me to perform.
    The NFL

    also if any catering company or food truck would like to pay me to eat their food I’m ok with it. But I’m going to need a % of future profits. You understand.

  41. I’ve seen enough of that guy, and those types of halftime shows. This is football we don’t need celebrity entertainers. I’d much prefer military, high schools, and people that respect, and appreciate the opportunity and the country they live in.

    I’d be happy with no halftime. It’s football people go to watch football. It was all the politicizing of the halftime show last year that made me decide not to watch the game at all.

  42. Maybe this is just being inflammatory, but Jay-Z has more chart-topping albums than Elvis had. One could say Jay-Z is the Elvis of the 21st century.

  43. I always get a kick out of the backlash to these Pop acts. They get chosen because they are the “popular” music of now. The Super Bowl has more viewers than other games because demographics that rarely if ever watch. That’s a draw for the NFL and he advertisers. I would love to see a AC/DC or a great country act , but it will instantly drop viewership. You are cutting out huge chunks of people who watch for only the half time and have no interest in seeing 70 year old men play 30 year old hits. It sucks , but it’s the way it is.

  44. Thank God!!! That would have been 8 minutes of Ralph (his real name), just say “Ah-ha” & “yeah” instead of someone who can at least sing some.

  45. Sorry to all you Jay-Z fans, but I agree with the “Thank God” commenters. I’d be fine with saving money by bringing in a DJ with flashing lights, playing a selection from each major genre. That way, fans can go to the bathroom or food buffet during the genre they don’t like. No controversy and it will done in 15 to 20 minutes.

  46. The arrogance of the NFL knows no bounds. Any performer with a smidgen of self respect should tell the league to pound sand. I can almost see where a performer might elect to do the halftime gig for zero pay, with the league just reimbursing expenses. But to pay the league for the opportunity to perform, and then fork over future revenue? I’d tell ’em to hire the USC marching band.

  47. fredegrar says:
    September 20, 2017 at 3:23 pm
    Maybe this is just being inflammatory, but Jay-Z has more chart-topping albums than Elvis had. One could say Jay-Z is the Elvis of the 21st century.

    “One could say Jay-Z is the Elvis of the 21st century.” But he would be wrong.

  48. The SuperBowl will be in MN; why not use Minnesota bands? Perhaps ‘The Jayhawks’ (Country Rock) or ‘Soul Asylum’ (Rock)? We even have ‘The Time’ (Pop), and they would be able to provide a nice patronage to Prince. All way better options than Jay-Z.

  49. I guess I’m weird. I watch the game intently. I actually wait for about 30 minutes after it starts so I don’t have to be bothered by the commercials..(blicup blicup blicup – that’s the sound my Directv Tivo makes when commercials come on). why… because I don’t care about the commercials or the half-time show featuring some entitled musician. I actually tune in to see the game. All the other garbage is waste of my time.

  50. It takes a lot of nerve to demand that someone pay you to promote your event and keep paying you for months to come with revenue from shows that have nothing at all to do with you.

    At this point, I’d lose respect for anyone who actually said ‘yes’ to those terms.

  51. Have you guys not figured out by now that Super Bowl halftime is not about entertaining the football fans watching the game. Selecting artists who’s music is generally not listened to by the average football fan is by design. The intent is to draw in people who otherwise would not be watching.

  52. That’s Good Jay-Z! I am proud of you. No need to perform for people who don’t respect us anyway.

  53. Get an American band like Metallica not some former drug dealer that is responsible for people deaths.

  54. ShaShawna Moody says:
    September 20, 2017 at 10:08 pm
    That’s Good Jay-Z! I am proud of you. No need to perform for people who don’t respect us anyway.

    What do you mean us? Are you overhyped at what you do too?

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