The Bucs have a strange weakness: Case Keenum


If Sam Bradford remains fine, but not the kind of fine that can actually play in football games, the Vikings may still be fine.

In part, because backup quarterback Case Keenum kind of owns the Buccaneers.

Via Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, Keenum could become the first quarterback to beat Jameis Winston three times (division rivals Cam Newton and Drew Brees are stuck at two each).

Keenum’s beaten them twice with the Rams, and has played well in those two games. In 2015, he posted a 158.0 passer rating, completing 14-of-17 passes for 234 yards and two touchdowns. Last year, he only completed 14-of-26 for 190 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. It should be noted that he did these things as a Ram.

In those two wins, he has shown the ability to go long, with three touchdown passes of 43 yards or longer.

Yes, that Case Keenum, owner of the 9-18 career record as a starter. If he changes teams again, he should strongly consider joining an NFC South team.

13 responses to “The Bucs have a strange weakness: Case Keenum

  1. Case Keenum is an average QB at best. Key question is can he keep the Vikings in the game enough so there defense can close games out. Needs to be a game manager, not turn the ball over.

  2. Unlike my Vikes, who can’t seem to break the curse of the lost Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy, I think the Bucs might be overcoming the Case Keenum curse on Sunday.

  3. I had to replay the game to make sure I was right. Case too often ran backwards instead of stepping up in the pocket. This is the kiss of death if they’ve got quick defensive ends and I believe that the bucs do. I hope this week he displays a little more patience and knows when to step up, went to Run, and when to retreat. I know the Vikings didn’t play very well and they got a ton of penalties, but CK owns some of this too. He put a ton of pressure on his tackles asking them win a foot race with a DE, blocking but not holding. If he is smarter, we will be better.

  4. The Buccaneers got screwed by the lightning delay last year, but it is strange how well he has played against their defense. Even his bad looking numbers in last year’s game doesn’t do justice for how much their defense struggled with him.

  5. As a Viking fan there is nothing better than stats that don’t make sense. This is a perfect example of that. The Vikes at home have an advantage and I am fairly certain Bradford will be back. As long as we can jump out to a lead it will be tough for the Buc’s to beat us. However if we fall behind it will be a tough battle.

  6. Dude Case Keenum is going to get one of our skill players hurt you watch. His ball speed is so painfully slow it gives plenty of time for defenders to tee off on whomever is unlucky enough to be on the receiving end

  7. I agree that this isn’t the typical Bucs team. I expect the Vikes to rely on the run game which plays to the Bucs strength as they held Chicago to 20yds rushing on 16 attempts.
    Bucs get up early and force Keenum to try and play hero. Bucs win 27-10.

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