25 years ago, Bengals at Packers gave birth to Brett Favre era

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In three days from now, the Bengals return to Lambeau Field for a game against the Packers. Twenty-five years ago yesterday, the Bengals played the Packers there — and the legend of Brett Favre was born.

Replacing the injured Don Majkowski on September 20, 1992, in Favre’s first season with the Packers, the second-year player acquired by trading a first-round pick to the Falcons won the game with (what else?) an improvised late throw to (who?) receiver Kitrick Taylor. And Favre never looked back.

Sure, things would get rocky from time to time. At one point in 1994, coach Mike Holmgren seriously considered benching Favre for Mark Brunell.

Ultimately, things worked out well and Favre became a franchise quarterback, eventually yielding to Aaron Rodgers. A quarter century and four days later, Rodgers gets a chance to beat a Bengals team that has been back to Lambeau Field only twice since becoming the first franchise to fall victim to Favre.

Eight years ago, in Rodgers’ second year as a starter, Cincinnati actually beat the Packers in their own building. Rodgers surely is aware of that connection — and of the connection between the Bengals and Favre.

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  1. Thank God… finally, a Favre story. I can’t believe how much I’ve been missing them and that’s after years of whining on PFT to stop writing about the guy. With that said, watching Favre play never got old… never.

  2. This articles feels like a back-handed prediction witout actually specifying the prediction. Is Mike hinting at someting? By stating that 25 years ago, against the team they play this weekend, due to a QB injury, a young back-up QB by the name of Brett began a new era in Green Bay. Is this statement a prognostication that an aging Rodgers goes down to injury against that team from 25 years ago (the way Magic did) and giving way for the young back-up QB (also named Brett) to play and start yet another new era in Green Bay???

  3. It was a fun time for Packer fans, he made everything entertaining, good and bad alike. I prefer Rodgers, he is much more efficient.

  4. Growing up in GB I never cared for the Packers. They didn’t win and the town was obsessed with them. I was a huge Dan Fouts fan and always rooted for the Chargers. Until Favre came to town. He renewed my love of football and my pride in our team. Haven’t lived there in 20 plus years but I haven’t missed a Packer game since that Bengals game way back when. There will never be another QB like him. Rodgers may be more precise…more like a surgeon. Favre was like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And I’ve always loved a good horror movie.

  5. “Favre was like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And I’ve always loved a good horror movie.”

    That is honestly one of the best pieces of analysis about Brett Favre i’ve ever heard

  6. I remember watching this game. Bengals were my team and in the midst of their worst stretch of futility. The Packers were “beatable” we thought. It was yet another embarrassment.
    But at least Cincy’s outfits were solid that day. The old white on whites of the 80’s/90’s.

  7. Before Favre and Majkowski the Packers had about 20k people at every home game. There was talk going around about moving them to Milwaukee and they did play a few games there for a few years. So it’s funny when they claim to be the best and most loyal fans but everyone knows it’s far from the truth.

  8. These days with all the protests and other crap going on in football, I really miss the days of watching Favre running around and making some bizarre barnyard throw you just knew he had to be crazy for even trying. The game was so much more entertaining then.

  9. halfcentaur says:

    September 21, 2017 at 12:41 pm

    I think this time, it’s Bengals fans who are hoping for the start of a new quarterback era
    Yeah, hopefully Green Bay can return the favor.

  10. Brett Favre’s first NFL pass was when he was with the Atlanta team and it was an interception to Washington Redskins LB Monte Coleman; who returned it for a touchdown. Hail to the Redskins.


  11. He was actually taken in the second round by Atlanta. Green Bay traded their first rounder for him, and everyone thought Ron Wolf was nuts to do so after his showing in his cameos for the Falcons. The first round QBs in his class were Todd Marinovich and Mark McGwire’s little brother, Dan. Browning Nagle went right after him for the Jets, the team Wolf was with at the time. He ended up being lucky they didn’t get to take him when he was there when he got the Packer job the next year and could get him from Atlanta.

  12. aarons444 says:
    September 21, 2017 at 12:31 pm
    He’d probably still be more entertaining to watch than 2/3 of the starters right now.

    I’d agree with that even if Jenn Sterger wouldn’t. Of course since it involves an inconvenient truth about St Brett this will probably be deleted…again, like it has the previous 10 times.

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