Hue Jackson challenges Kenny Britt “to step up and make plays”

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With only five targets, two catches, 15 yards and one big drop, wide receiver Kenny Britt hasn’t yet lived up to the four-year, $32.5 million contract the Browns gave him in the offseason. Instead of benching Britt, Browns coach Hue Jackson challenged him.

I’ve challenged him that he needs to step up and make plays, and I think he will,” Jackson said Thursday, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I really do. This is where we are. We’ve got to make some plays, and we understand that these are the guys we have. Kenny is the elder statesman in that room, and I think he’ll raise up and help lead these young guys, and we’ll go play good this week.”

Britt, 29, understands his role and plans to do what the Browns are paying him to do — make plays.

“I mean, he wants me to step up, bring more energy to practice and to the field, on and off the field and in the classroom,” Britt said. “Because we’re leading down a path that we didn’t believe we were going to go. 0-2 is not where we wanted to be, and it’s not where we’re going to stay and as long as do the little things and the small things that we’ve been missing the last two games, I believe that we can be a contender in this league.”

He gets a third chance to make a first impression with Browns fans against the Colts on Sunday. Britt, who had his first 1,000-yard season a year ago, has accepted Jackson’s challenge.

“I’m always up to any challenge,” he said. “I’ve always been a competitive person. If the coaches want me to go out there and kick the ball down the field, I’ll go out there and do it.”

5 responses to “Hue Jackson challenges Kenny Britt “to step up and make plays”

  1. Most don’t know this… but… chad ochojohnson’s best seasons were with Hue Jackson.

    After Hue left to become the Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator in 2007… the annoying, locker room disrupting chad johnson sideshow started.

    Johnson had a great 2007… but… had only one more season over 1000 yards (1047 yards in 2009).

    Hue Jackson is great with underachieving and/or misdirected wide receivers.

  2. Good luck with that challenge. The Titans and Rams also challenged Britt to step up and make plays and it worked so well that he ended up in Cleveland.

  3. “If the coaches want me to go out there and kick the ball down the field, I’ll go out there and do it.”

    Well, no wonder he’s struggling…someone needs to remind him he’s a WR not a kicker…

  4. Hue Jackson has been around long enough to know that a guy is what he is. If Hue thinks he can take a guy like Kenny Britt, whisper some magic words into his ear, and turn him into a good football player, then the Browns are never going win under his leadership. You’re better off finding good players and put them out on the field. You don’t need to beg them to make plays. You can’t take time away from the other 52 players to spend a lot of time with a head case. Mental toughness can’t be measured with a ruler or timed with a stop watch. It can’t be put on a scale and weighed. But after all these years, you can see that it’s missing. Britt might go out Sunday and score 3 TD’s, then spend the rest of the season killing your team. But it’s that potential that gets people hooked. I guess that’s why Bill Belichick keeps winning super bowls. He’s doing it the opposite way. He takes guys that don’t look good on paper, and keeps winning with them. His guys are all mentally tough.

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