Jarrad Davis still out with concussion, Lions not complaining about Odell Beckham’s block

Getty Images

Lions linebacker Jarrad Davis remains out of practice with a concussion suffered Monday night against the Giants, raising the possibility that he’ll have to miss Sunday’s big game against the Falcons. But while the Lions would like to have their first-round pick on the field, they’re not complaining about the play that got him hurt.

That play came when Giants receiver Odell Beckham pushed Davis in the back, forcing Davis into a collision that resulted in the concussion. Beckham probably should have been called for an illegal block in the back, but Lions coach Jim Caldwell declined to criticize Beckham or the officials.

“There was no flag thrown,” Caldwell said. “I believe that the officials do an outstanding job, actually. When you go into a ballgame, players make the most mistakes, coaches make the second most, and then officials make the fewest, so they do the best they can.”

Although Beckham has previously been suspended for on-field misconduct, that particular block, while possibly illegal, didn’t look dirty. Davis just got unlucky that when he was pushed from behind, it caused a head-first collision and a concussion.