Von Miller calls block by Cowboys rookie Noah Brown “dirty” and “baffling”


Broncos linebacker Von Miller wasn’t happy with a low block thrown by Cowboys rookie wide receiver Noah Brown. He called the block “dirty” on Wednesday, via Troy Renck of Denver7, and “just baffling” on Thursday.

Brown, making his NFL debut, didn’t wait long to leave a mark. On the Cowboys’ second play from scrimmage, an Ezekiel Elliott run, Brown motioned across the line and first hit Miller high before lowering into Miller’s knee.

Miller played 57 of 70 snaps Sunday, but he was limited in practice Wednesday with a knee injury before being a full participant Thursday.

“I feel pretty good,” Miller said, via quotes distributed by the team. “Like I said early, you’re going to have to fight through some injuries. Everybody is going to have to fight through them. My stance as a player is I’ve always tried to take care of my players on my football team and opponents as well, whether it’s the quarterbacks, receivers or running backs. When it’s the other way around, it’s just baffling. You can’t really spend too much time on it. Everybody’s situation in the National Football League is different. Everybody doesn’t have the same outlook that I and some of my comrades in the National Football League. Everybody doesn’t see it that way. Everybody doesn’t play the game like I play the game. You have to respect that.”

Tight end Jeff Heuerman (shoulder), safety Darian Stewart (groin) and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas (hamstring) also returned to full participation Thursday after being limited Wednesday.

15 responses to “Von Miller calls block by Cowboys rookie Noah Brown “dirty” and “baffling”

  1. It’s insane how many players try to purposely injure some of the Broncos defensive players. Last year a Titans receiver tried taking Chris Harris Jr’s knee’s out with a very obvious cheap hit. Now this Cowboys Receiver wants to do the same because he can’t beat Miller fairly. If you can’t beat them, take out their knee’s. I guess that’s the price of being a dominant defensive player playing against scrubs.

  2. The block he was referring to was so egregious that you can’t even find someone outraged enough about it to post it on that popular video sharing site with a search like Noah-Brown- Von-Miller-block among many others.

    I suppose a lifetime ban is in order for Brown and perhaps big penalties for the Cowboys.

    Or maybe Miller is just whining.

  3. Von, dude, perhaps you could find the one or two guys on that team that aren’t dirty – Jason Witten and Albert Morris – and just compliment them. The rest of the team is dirty and disgusting and just inches away from a prison term.

  4. Miller jumped offsides four plays in a row, hitting Prescott before an offensive lineman was even out of his stance. Yeah, he was penalized five yards each time, but the game was already over and he got free hits on the quarerback.

    But he works SO HARD to make sure no one gets hurt.

    Get a mirror Von.

  5. Spiffy….

    How the refs didn’t start blowing the whistle is crazy. At one point the announcer congratulated him for not light up dak and just hitting him. Why dallas didn’t do a different cadence is amazing because he was straight jumping the count

  6. A Bronco complaining about cheap blocks? Anybody who knows the history of the Broncos had to get a smirk hearing that.

  7. Vaughn Miller is a great player and a class act. At a certain point all players need to respect the game and play it the right way to protect each other.

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