NFL Network’s Thursday night ratings are up over last year

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The NFL’s television ratings have been a mixed bag early this season, but the league-owned network is getting good news.

For the second week in a row, NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football ratings are up significantly from NFL Network’s games last season: Last night’s Rams-49ers game had 7.4 million viewers, while last week’s Texans-Bengals game had 8.1 million viewers. Last year, the four Thursday night games that were only on NFL Network averaged 6.1 million viewers.

NFL Network is also getting strong ratings for its programming around Thursday Night Football. Last Thursday the five-most shows on cable TV were the Thursday night game, the two NFL Network programs airing after the game and the two NFL Network programs airing before the game.

Two games aren’t enough to draw any sweeping conclusions about Thursday Night Football, but after perhaps the most entertaining Thursday night game ever, the league has to think Thursdays are heading in the right direction.

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  1. All I want is an entertaining football game. Niners-Rams was so fun to watch. A game everyone was dreading turned into the most fun to watch game of the year so far. Bravo.

  2. I heard Molly Qerim on ESPN First Take say that the NBA is catching up the NFL and has dominated sports news coverage. I don’t think the real numbers, which are ratings, back her up. The NBA, like every other sports league other than the NFL is still a local league. Fans follow their own teams and watch the Finals. With the NFL, people watch their own teams and also watch other games. If the NBA really believes it can win a battle with the NFL, let’s see it go head to head on Thursday nights and Sundays and Sunday nights through January.

  3. Impressive actually, but yes, College schedule will be ramping up on Thursday. I had the bulls -17(Cashed it!) so there was no reason to watch bad NFL teams play. The Football League better be taking notes on how the social science experiments have worked out for the once two biggest names in Cable, CNN and ESPN.

  4. Fun game – these teams aren’t the best, but they put the best game on the television screen this season. Kudos to the players and staff for a well played game – no one gave up and there were some really great individual efforts.

  5. Obviously the past two Thursday Night games have had significant viewership numbers because the Texans just survived a natural disaster and have the public’s interest. The Rams/49ers game included two top 10 media markets and two of the largest cities in the country.

    If this game was Jacksonville vs. Buffalo, the ratings would have been an all-time low.

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