Frank Gore says he has no regrets about signing with the Colts

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After spending 12 seasons in San Francisco, Frank Gore signed with the Colts in 2015 thinking he could earn a Super Bowl ring. It hasn’t worked out that way.

The Colts missed the playoffs in each of Gore’s first two seasons in Indianapolis, and this year they look like perhaps the worst team in the NFL. Yet Gore says he has no regrets, other than maybe wishing Andrew Luck had stayed healthy.

“If I had to do it again, I still would make the same decision,” Gore told the Indianapolis Star. “Things just didn’t go our way the last two years, starting with our leader. He got hurt. I’ve played with, what, five quarterbacks?”

With 13,153 career yards, Gore is the NFL’s active rushing leader, and if he stays healthy he should be in the Top 5 all time by the end of the season. Unfortunately, he’ll also likely be out of the playoffs at the end of the season. Again.

13 responses to “Frank Gore says he has no regrets about signing with the Colts

  1. Honestly, the market for aging running backs is pretty brutal. He is just happy to be playing in the NFL still. Ask Adrian Peterson if he regrets signing with the Saints. He doesn’t regret cashing those checks.

  2. I’m sure Gore doesn’t regret getting paid this late in his career, but everything else has been a mistake. He’s fading into oblivion with a losing team, taking punishment, and Gore’s productivity is way down from his Niners days. If anything, these years won’t help Gore reach the HOF any faster, he’s been a compiler. The longer Gore struggles in a different uniform, the worse for his legacy.

  3. In 2015, Gore simply went to the team that was offering the biggest longest and most guaranteed contract with the team that also had the least discipline: 49ers only offered 2yrs (and Gore’s downturn this season shows they judegd right). Then Eagles offered a $12M, 3yr deal but he ran from the altar after being shown Chip Kelly’s renowned strictness. Then Irsay offered much the same deal but a little more of it guaranteed and without the strong discipline. Which is why the Colts are the Colts.

  4. Guess being part of a perennial losing franchise is something he was use to & didnt realize it could have been different….. Sometimes ignorance can be bliss…..

  5. Irsay should have gone after Harbaugh. Coaching Frank Gore and Andrew Luck on the same team would have been a dream for Harbaugh . Two of his most favorite players. They would have been unbeatable.

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