Goodell calls Trump comments divisive, disrespectful

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The NFL has responded to Friday night’s comments from President Trump. And the NFL isn’t mincing words.

“The NFL and our players are at our best when we help create a sense of unity in our country and our culture,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said. “There is no better example than the amazing response from our clubs and players to the terrible natural disasters we’ve experienced over the last month.  Divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all of our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities.”

There it is — divisive and “unfortunate lack of respect.” While not as strong as maybe it could have been (the statement doesn’t even directly mention the President), the response was much stronger than most assumed it would have been.

And now we’ll all tune in to one specific Twitter account for the inevitable rejoinder.

78 responses to “Goodell calls Trump comments divisive, disrespectful

  1. If you believe a false narrative perpetuated by Obama and his radical racist friends that all cops are bad and black people are oppressed that makes you a dummy. “Cambridge PD acted stupidly” “If I had a son” & “Hands up don’t shoot” ALL false narratives pushed by Obama, Democrats, Hollywood and the Socialist media to divide us for their personal agenda’s.

  2. Screw the pathetic players who disrespect this country – if you want to make a difference – get out of your mansions and get in the neighborhoods with the kids that need help. You won’t, because that takes effort!

  3. Half the country should stop watching your games, Mr. Divisive, and then you can enjoy being on the wrong side of divisiveness yourself and poorer, too.

  4. Lack of respect comes from those who wear pig socks and pander to the radical racist Socialist who don’t respect the blood spilled by those who fought Commies & Socialist.

  5. Goodell and those ingrates who kneel during the national anthem need to learn that freedom of speech goes both ways. President Trump is well within his rights as an American to say what he said. The President should have ripped these mutts even more than what he did.

  6. This is Awesome!! I support Trump’s policies. The PC leftist media be damned. As for Roger….lol, the guy has zero credibility, integrity. He’s part of what’s wrong with America.

  7. I’m sure Trump the NJ Generals owner would have cut Herschel Walker had sit for the national anthem. Sometimes he just doesn’t know when to stay out of an issue.

  8. Roger sleeps on stacks of millions tossed to him by Billionaires whose employees slam their heads into each other for America’s pleasure. Stay righteous Rog.

  9. Anyone with two eyes and an IQ over 60 should realize that this president is a piece of human garbage who’s totally unfit to hold the office. If you’re honestly still supporting him at this point you should have your head examined because there’s something very wrong with you. There’s isn’t much question that he’ll be impeached and most likely in prison within the next year and hopefully he doesn’t do much more damage in the mean time

  10. You know what else is divisve and disrespectful.. when the PA announcer says “please rise in honor of those who serve our nation and those who made the ultimate sacrifice” .. and then players sit.

  11. Goodell has it backwards.. employees on the job are exhibiting divisive action and Trump is calling a spade, a spade.

  12. Football players get into politics, so Trump gets into football. Fair trade. If the NFL bows down to these fool then I have watched my last football game, forever. Soccer, now there’s a sport.

  13. All I hear is….“The first amendment grants us the right say what we want. And anyone that voices disagreement with what we say should be punished for saying such a thing”

  14. If Roger wants to set such a good example for the country, why doesn’t he donate half of his salary to disaster relief and help hurricane victims? He’d still be left with a stack of millions after doing that.

  15. Good on Goodell. I have never been a Kaepernick fan for the simple fact I’m a Seahawks fan, but I’m 100% behind his right as an American to exercise his right to protest. And I could never be a fan of the Buffoon who currently disrespects the highest office in our country for the simple fact he is incapable of empathy or basic human decency.

  16. I thought we had freedom of speech of this country? The President just said what millions of Americans think about the anthem protest. So it’s ok to protest but not ok to criticize it? The liberals can’t bully everyone in this country. That’s one reason Trump was elected in the first place.

    And then you got Roger talking about being divisive, with the things he’s done in the past regarding the players. LOL, so much hypocrisy.

    Many Americans are not that stupid, they see what is going on, even if they don’t talk about openly. But they do and will vote on it, just like they did.

  17. “The lawyers wrote on this paper something for me to say” exclaimed Goodell “I will read what the lawyers drafted and write in this piece of paper” he continued. “If the lawyers give me another piece of paper with something written on it, I will also read that” he concluded defiantly.

  18. The irony in all of this is that Goodell is the lifelong Republican (his father was a Senator) and he has more power and gets better paid than the President.

  19. The only thing Goodell cares about is his next paycheck, which is made possible by the freedom the flag stands for. This is just one of the things Roger doesn’t understand…

  20. And I was about.. To give my pick of the week … After all, I’m just a guy, goes to work everyday, pays my bills etc… And enjoys a good game on Sunday, have family over, for some eats, Yanno .,, don’t these aholes realize it not about Trump or Godell…every one knows they are basically pimps…

  21. “The NFL and our players are at our best when we help create a sense of unity in our country and our culture,”

    Ergo, the NFL and the players are less than best when they foment disunity by kneeling for the National Anthem. Thanks for clarifying Roger.

  22. Goodell should be watching the ratings and maybe he will get a clue on how the majority feels about employers having expectations of their employees to thank this country for protecting their opportunity to make billions of dollars by standing for the national anthem,. NFL stands for” Not for long” however if Goodell keeps living on his idealistic island. Maybe all those left coast liberals, (who obviously don’t attend football games) will make up his new audience. ESPN and NFL will go down in flames together. Go Trump!!!

  23. Oh boy, more super exciting political posturing; my favorite part of pro football! Can’t get enough of this stuff.

  24. I don’t see why some thing that this is a league wide issue because it’s not. Out of 1,696+ players on a NFL roster including practice squad who also be at the game, only 7 players sit or kneel for the anthem. The Bennett brothers, Cliff Avril, Frank Clark, Marcus Peters, Eric Reid, and Marshawn Lynch. But by all means I would be okay if the league went with Trump idea so I would no longer have to see the moronic Bennett brothers or Marshawn Lynch

  25. Roger doesn’t need any help hurting the NFL is doing more than an adequate job of that all by himself! Unbelievable that this clown makes $30M a year! Come owners make the NFL Great Again by firing Goodell!

  26. As an employee, while on the job, there really is no free speech in the work place that isn’t linked to consequences.

    If an employee disuades, discourages or hurts just one customer, he’s got to be fired.

    Customer service in entertainment is job one.

  27. The weather on Sunday is supposed to be beautiful. Spend the afternoon in the sun, ride a bike, go to the beach, play golf, play with your kids, give the wife a jump. Life is too short to devote an entire day watching 100’s of commercials, 6 minutes of football action, and grown men disrespecting the best country in the world.

  28. I agree with Trump, tired of these poor millionaires thinking they are important, maybe time to find something else to do on Sundays.

  29. To all you Trump lovers: Go volunteer for the Army and be in the first wave of troops who invade North Korea. You can spill out the ugly remarks against the NFL players, but can YOU dodge the bullets and mines when your boots are on the ground in combat!

  30. Funny how it’s ok for the players to disrespect the government, but not okay for the government to answer back.

  31. Actually the kneeling during the national anthem before your games is divisive and disrespectful to our country. But I guess you support that Roger.

  32. “The best country in the world” You say that cause you don’t know any other countries. Yes the U.S. gives us opportunities other countries don’t have but to act like it’s perfect and we should just act like nothing is wrong or we shouldn’t be better is dumb. Some of the problems the U.S. has is just common sense or right/wrong. This is what I’m talking about when I say blind patriotism.

  33. It’s actually a pretty smart play by the NFL. The numbers don’t lie and they know this better than anyone. It’s like paying attention to Vegas lines. Smart money and the like. Distancing themselves from this trainwreck of an administration before the rails fall off is PR genius. Trump is an enemy of the people and the NFL wants NO part in that, since their demographic is people. This move says a LOT about this admin. More than many bootlickers will want to admit.

  34. Maybe the NFL should subtract a point for each player sitting…A Cleveland vs Seattle game would start out Cleveland -7 and Seattle -3

    The league has become absurd just like my idea…

  35. staffordisbetterthanyourteamsqb says:

    Anyone with two eyes and an IQ over 60 should realize that this president is a piece of human garbage who’s totally unfit to hold the office.

    No, that was Obama and the criminal you nominated last year, with the help and support of the DNC and CNN, in a losing effort.

  36. Here’s the problem in a nutshell: The people who support Trump are mostly in fly-over states who can’t really affect the cash flow of the rest of the country. It all goes back to cash. The middle of the country doesn’t drive the narrative these days, because farms and manufacturing don’t matter that much in the big picture.
    Its all about tech, and that’s on the coasts.
    They can whine all they want, but it won’t change.

  37. Roger went on to say “the statements were divisive, unfounded, and showed a lack of common sense…”

    “now we can get back to important NFL matters, like the Zeke Elliot suspension and fining players for wearing unauthorized pink during national breast cancer awareness”

  38. I hope we all noticed that Goodell referenced what good the leagues players (how many of them were players that kneel?) have done as far as helping out in the aftermath of the hurricanes. He did not give an example of how the leagues players (especially those that kneel) have helped curb divisiveness or improved race relations.
    It’s like someone saying “Don’t speak bad about my spouse, he may cheat on me regularly, but he feeds the cat every night.”

  39. Squatting during the national anthem is disrespectful and the reasons used for it are divisive.

    Guess the President is doing what the players are doing!

  40. Time to dismiss watching NFL games.
    Time to stop purchasing NFL apparel.
    Time to drop Sirius Radio and the NFL channel.
    Time to stop spending my hundreds of dollars to attend NFL games in NFL cities.
    Time to stop spending 1-2 nights in a NFL city just to watch a game.

    It’s NOW time to show Roger and the players who pays who.

  41. Here’s the problem in a nutshell: The people who support Trump are mostly in fly-over states who can’t really affect the cash flow of the rest of the country. It all goes back to cash. The middle of the country doesn’t drive the narrative these days, because farms and manufacturing don’t matter that much in the big picture.
    Its all about tech, and that’s on the coasts.
    They can whine all they want, but it won’t change.

    So tell me again about Hillary’s win? Disrespect my country, I don’t watch your game. I don’t watch your game, you make less money. You make less money, the players make less money. You are causing your own destruction. Kinda fun to watch.

  42. So it is unacceptable to criticize an official who makes a bad call but it’s ok to use the game to criticize the country that gives you the freedom to play the game? What hypocrisy! Players have the right to express their opinions but they do not have the right to use the game to express those opinions.

  43. goodell is a clown. he thinks this will ingratiate himself to the players but he is just pissing off more viewers.

  44. He (the Prez) made these remarks at a campaign rally. The crowd was getting a little bored and restless with his speech at the time, so he said this to get the crowd fired up again. Whether you agree with his political stance or not, you have to admit that he knows how to work a crowd. Basically, it was a distraction move. Let’s turn the national debate to football and patriotism. Let’s not think about the health care vote nor the situation in Korea. Even though football is a multi-billion dollar business – it’s just entertainment. There are other issues facing our country which are much more serious. Football is just a game. Football players are entertainers.

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