Alejandro Villanueva emerges from tunnel for anthem

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The Steelers decided to stay inside the locker room during the national anthem, not as a political statement but to avoid putting players in tough spots. But that still put one player in a tough spot, and he decided to defy the plans previously explained by coach Mike Tomlin.

Left tackle Alejandro Villanueva, a former Army Ranger, stood at the edge of the tunnel during the anthem, while his teammates remained inside.

Previously, the national anthem was always played before the teams came out for the game. At one point, that would have been the easiest path out of this mess for the NFL. It’s probably far too late for that — and as one source with knowledge of the situation said on Sunday, “I doubt that will happen.”

27 responses to “Alejandro Villanueva emerges from tunnel for anthem

  1. It is important to recognize heros like Villanueva in the midsts of the disrespectful people kneeling. His valor and service is what standing the anthem represents. Thank you Alejandro Villanueva.

  2. I applaud the players in their rights as Americans to protest disgusting comments by a man who has disgraced the office of the United States of America many times over. He’s a special snowflake who has is a bully and extremely devicive

  3. This ridiculous kneel /stand / hide in locker room for the American anthem has gone from a social protest to exclusively defying Trump. It’s now meaningless and the MSM is happy because it could cause more division in the formerly untouchable sports escape.

  4. It’s amusing that sjwtalk buries this on the inner pages.
    The guy is a Ranger. He’s got cred

  5. He’s a real American as opposed to trump who took the cowards way out, five deferments to avoid Vietnam, when he had the chance to prove his patriotism. Also trump dishonred a real hero when he called John McCain a loser for getting captured. Being a loud mouth bully does not make you a hero or a patriot.

  6. He’s decided that his Ranger legacy is more important than his NFL legacy.
    Staying true to what’s right

  7. PFT never mentions the fact he won a Bronze Star for valor for rescuing some of his wounded men while he was under fire. They should spend more time honoring people like AV than some of these other guys who have never done anything for this country but complain–all the while they are making millions playing some stupid game.

  8. Since they are all fairly close in age…………..I am wondering what branch of the service Bill Clinton and Al Gore served in? Oh, that’s right, the same one as President Trump! Bill had no time for the service, you know, given all of his servicing!!

  9. As a Disabled Combat Veteran and life long Steelers fan, I find Mike Tomlin’s route a more respectful solution to Disrepecting the National Anthem and our Flag. Where I have a PROBLEM and THIS IS about AV’s teammates. They know that Alejandro is a COMBAT veteran who was awarded the Bronze Star for VALOR….and they know what the Star Spangled Banner and saluting the flag means to him. WHERE WAS THEIR SUPPORT FOR THEIR TEAMMATE WHO HAS SECURED THEIR FREEDOM OF SPEECH?????
    I’m ALL for Freedom of Speech, but they Have DISRESPECTED ALEJANDRO!!! Way to be teammates….you SELLOUTS

  10. Bill Clinton did not openly question the patriotism of those who disagreed with him. And he certainly never called anyone who served in the military loser. Al Gore was never president. Five deferments. I thought Chaney was doing well with four. It’s interesting that the backers of this loud mouth bully will give him a pass on this. He has never sacrificed a thing. He is a fraud and could care less about “common folks.” The deal maker and winner. Really? What has he done? Badger and belittle people. Especially women. Buy his way in and out of marriages. Go bankrupt. Tweet nonsense. Lie about the smallest and unnecessary things as well as big and important things. Just an all around terrible individual. But I feel confident this Russia fiasco will be his undoing.

  11. Talk about a chicken-crap action…..certainly sounds like a Tomlin remedy for a not-too-difficult situation. What a weasel that turkey is! His on-camera interview on why he did what he did was elementary in the thought process, showed a total lack of respect for his players, and was frankly just plain stupid. Where the hell were the Rooneys in this moronic decision that probably long term cost the franchise millions? Or was this the ‘Rooney Rule’ part two? Either way, this franchise lost a lot of respect today from the Steeler Nation thanks to the bonehead that was foisted upon the fans by ‘Rooney Rule’ part 1!

  12. jets12 (I should have known a comment like this would have come from a lowly Jets fan of all people). You are insinuating that the Clinton’s are classy people, way above the moral high ground? Ask James Kalstrom, the former #2 man in the FBI. he called the Clinton Foundation a “cesspool” and the Clinton’s a “crime family”. Ask Vince Foster. Whoops, you can’t. Ask the 15 or so women that Bill sexually assaulted……and then Hillary berated. Ask about the inner workings at the Rose Law firm. Find out why Hillary was barred for practicing law for life. The deletion of the 31,000 e-mail’s. Her very own Russian deal…..the uranium. Bill and pedophile island. Hiring Donna Brazille after CNN fired her for giving Hillary debate questions. Hiring Debbie Wasserstein after she was fired by the DNC for slandering Bernie behind his back. I’m not even going to go down the Benghazi path. How about Hillary’s statement that “black children need to be brought to heel”? The “borrowing” of 200,000 of art work upon leaving the White House, saying she thought that they could take it. Crying “poor” as they departed the White House. And the most disgusting part of the Clinton’s background……..the willing acceptance of tens of millions of dollars into their sleazy foundation, from middle eastern countries who have treated women and girls like dogs for centuries. They accepted blood money for their silence. The Trumpster could never do something so despicable. I voted for Gary Johnson by the way. ABC – Anyone But Clinton!!

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