Deshaun Watson passes on question about Texans’ show of unity


Deshaun Watson passed for 301 yards on 33 attempts against the Patriots, and then he passed once more in postgame interviews.

The Texans rookie quarterback wouldn’t talk about the team’s show of unity during the national anthem.

“I’m going to pass on that question,” Watson said, via postgame quotes distributed by the Patriots. “I’m going to stay away from that, all of that.”

The Texans, including head coach Bill O’Brien, locked arms during the national anthem. General Manager Rick Smith and vice chairman Cal McNair also did the same.

O’Brien said the Texans decided as a team what they were going to do pregame.

“As a team, we have to have unity,” cornerback Kareem Jackson said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “For us to be able to show that today, for the world to see it, it means a lot. I thought it was huge for this team, for this organization, for America.”

13 responses to “Deshaun Watson passes on question about Texans’ show of unity

  1. It means a lot ?????? You freakin stiff you let new england march down the field like nothing at the end !!!!! Freakin bum

  2. Deshaun may be wiser than anyone thinks. Don’t discuss politics at work. If there are causes that are important to you, support them on your own time.

  3. The rookie QB can’t “stay away” forever. Although I understand him not wanting to stand a stand for fear of alienating some fans. Be a man, take a stand.

  4. Impressed by Watson – Texans should be back in playoffs this year.

    I don’t see why we need these weekly demonstrations of patriotism (are we not mature enough to be sure of our identity?) and I don’t see why NFL games deserve a national anthem anyway, except for the Super Bowl. Let them protest-pose to Lady Gaga songs and keep the anthem free of politics and only played at special times or moments of national importance. I worked in London for years and they only played their anthem at cup finals or international games (or the Queen’s birthday etc) and not for the few hundred regular sports games every week.

  5. I was surprised I found it easy not to watch the game and to feel contempt for the Patriots. I actually rooted for the decent Texans to win. I’m a Patriots fans, by the way. I don’t think I’ll spend hours watching these games like I used to. The warm feelings is gone. Country before football.

  6. The fracture of team unity and chemistry was obvious from the moment Squidward indulged in his first temper tantrum over a year ago, under the Obama Administration. Teams are composed of players of different races and various blends of races. To expect them all to rally to a cause supporting one race while denigrating another is ludicrous. To try to shift the responsibility of that to Donald Trump is equally ridiculous. May as well blame the hurricanes, floods, and fires on him while you’re at it. Oh, I forgot, many people are. Amazing the amount of climate change he could effect in 9 months, compared to the wonderful equilibrium which existed for the previous 8 years and beyond.

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