John Fox hopes Marcus Cooper’s bonehead play is a learning experience

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The Bears earned their first win of the season today despite Marcus Cooper making the dumbest play of the year. Bears coach John Fox hopes Cooper learns from it.

Cooper was en route to an easy touchdown off a blocked field goal when he inexplicably started celebrating before he reached the end zone, allowing Pittsburgh’s Vance McDonald to catch him from behind and knock the ball out of his hands. Fox said after the game that Cooper knows he can’t do that again.

He will learn from it,” Fox said of Cooper. “Nobody feels worse than he does. It’s a matter of focus and finishing. He understands that.”

The Bears ended up winning the game in overtime, and Cooper acknowledged afterward that if they’d lost in overtime, everyone would be talking about the touchdown he cost his team.

“It’s a great feeling,” Cooper said. “Thankfully guys backed me up and we came out with the ‘W.'”

Fox will hope Cooper finds himself with the ball and a clear path to the end zone again, but next time doesn’t slow down.

16 responses to “John Fox hopes Marcus Cooper’s bonehead play is a learning experience

  1. By the end of the season it will make no difference…..Da Bears will still be one of the worst teams.

  2. What an absolute idiot. He’s lucky it didn’t cost his team the W. Hate to sound the old man who yells at kids to get off their lawn…..but act like you’ve been there before. You can dance and celebrate all you want AFTER you cross the goal line. You look like nothing but a fool and a grandstander to dance & strut before you get there. I would have left him in the locker room at halftime to send a message.

  3. Probably won’t be many other reasons to celebrate this season. They played over their heads, but I’ll bet John Fox loves this team right now. No receivers, awful qb, and can call as many runs as he’d like.
    They won’t win many games without running for tons of yards which isn’t easy week to week.

  4. I love it when these showboaters get it shoved in their faces. Run hard until you get to the end zone, the defense isn’t letting up, you shouldn’t either. Hopes he learns a lesson? I hope every player coming up in the future learns a lesson, but some won’t, this guy didn’t learn it from all the other classic fails of the past.

  5. I’m still trying to figure out how the Super Bowl-bound Steelers with the lethal, unstoppable offense everyone in Pittsburgh is always talking about lost to a rebuilding Bears squad that tried to throw away the game, but couldn’t.

  6. “Learn from mistakes…preferably, someome else’s ”
    There is no room for a blunder of this magnitude . Especially on a team that’s in it’s third year of re-building. Good teams make those plays & capitaize on everything thats within their control.

  7. “Nobody feels worse than he does”

    Yeah…. He sure looked like he felt bad when the cameras caught him laughing with his teammates on the sideline during the review of the play. That alone shows me how Fox runs the show.

    You think Belichick would have accepted that garbage? What if Urlacher/Briggs/Kreutz were still on the team? You think they’d let him laughing it off? Zero accountability.

  8. once again, the entire bears organization accepts mediocrity and lack of accountability. there is a reason why the great organizations have sustained success. they demand it, they breed it, they teach it. they coach it. they expect it. they make it a permanent part of their culture across all areas of the entire organization starting from the top on down. do think this guy would still be on the team this morning if he were playing for dallas in the early to mid 90s or the patriots for the last 17 years? do you think he would have gotten a soft air cover response from his coach which, is really surprising since fox is a parcells guy which leads me to believe that once again, this garbage is permeated from the owners on down and ingrained in the culture of this losing organization. ugh, being a bears fan is embarrassing and worthless.

  9. Belichik would have cut him, at half time. This team has no room for stupidity like that. They cannot overcome mistakes like good teams. If they have a chance at 6, they have to get it. Fox should have benched him. I want them to compete, I don’t necessarily want them to win. They need draft picks, the higher the better.

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