Kareem Hunt has best start for rookie RB since Billy Sims


Not since Billy Sims of the 1980 Lions took the NFL by storm has a rookie running back done what Kareem Hunt has accomplished for the 2017 Chiefs.

According to the NFL, Hunt matched Sims and Dutch Sternaman of the 1920 Decatur Staleys for the most touchdowns by any player in his first three NFL games, with six. (Hunt had a 69-yard touchdown run on Sunday.)

Hunt’s 538 yards from scrimmage is second only to Sims, who had 562 during his first three games for the Lions. Hunt easily surpassed Sid Blanks of the 1964 Houston Oilers for the No. 2 spot; Blanks racked up 452 yards in three games.

Making Hunt’s performance possible was, in part, the season-ending knee injury suffered by Spencer Ware in the preseason. Hunt’s skills and the team’s blocking likely had a little something to do with it, too.

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  1. No article on what Jerry Jones said a couple of hours ago? You sure were quick to report on the owners who bashed Trump. Selective reporting.

  2. I never will Understand how these football articles work their way into a political website…. but I’m getting tired of them. You can hear about football anywhere—-let’s keep the focus on politics here, it’s our escape.

  3. Hey, I see where you guys jumped up with arms flailing when a MLB player took a knee. I dare you to post what NASCAR owners said, I mean I know it’s not the divisive narrative the left prefers but if your willing to dabble into other sports, why leave out NASCAR?

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  5. I sure hope his career is longer than Billy Sims’ was. On the field, though, he actually does remind me a lot of Sims. Similar body type, excellent receiver. Not real big or fast but great inside/out game with vision and balance and tremendous at getting yards after contact.

    Also, thanks for bringing up Sims. Any excuse to remember that hurdle kick to the head of Steve Brown is worth a chuckle on such a serious day.

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