Many players kneel, most link arms during “Star-Spangled Banner” in London


Many players knelt and those who didn’t linked arms as “The Star-Spangled Banner” was sung before today’s Ravens-Jaguars game in London.

The early kickoff from London was the first NFL game since President Trump blasted protesting players on Friday evening, urging NFL owners to fire any players who don’t stand for the anthem.

Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, who donated $1 million to President Trump’s inauguration ceremony, was among those linking arms on the Jaguars’ sideline.

All of the players who knelt for the American anthem appeared to stand for “God Save the Queen.” The NFL always includes both countries’ anthems for London games.

Protests are expected across the NFL today, as players who initially protested during the anthem to demonstrate against police shootings are now expressing their opposition to the president’s comments.

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  1. Good for them. You don’t have to like it–you don’t have to agree with it, but they have the right to exercise their first amendment rights.

    And before Trumpers jump in with the “they can be fired for doing it at work” BS, actually an employer cannot force their employees to show fealty to any entity be it God or country. Also, the employers would have to show that their “employees” kneeling interferes with their ability to perform their football duties—they can’t because it doesn’t.

  2. Good for them. The president shouldn’t be telling anyone not to express their first amendment rights – there is nothing more unamerican than that!

  3. Too bad really. I’ve watched the NFL since I was 3 or 4 years old. I know a lot are saying this but I’m really about done with it until this stops. Would love to watch the kneelers scramble to make money if the NFL went under.

  4. LOL. Let’s be real. You turned it off because it’s Jags-Ravens, not because of the kneeling. Anyone who doesn’t watch football because of the kneeling isn’t a true football fan. The players have a ton of reasons to protest, from innocent blacks getting shot by white police officers who are always sure to be acquitted, to the orange, thin-skinned pathetic president who cares so little about the safety of his people and country that he continues to instigate crazy North Korea with threats. This isn’t a pissing contest this is real life, you moron. For those of you who actually think you are safer with Trump in power you are out of your minds. The country is in far more danger with this psycho at the helm.

  5. Players are employees, they have rights…but those rights don’t include saying &/or doing things that discourage customers from buying the products of their employers.

    Turn Off the NFL today America…

  6. You turn off the tv because players stand for a foreign anthem but you don’t turn off the prez when he stands for nazis who we actually died fighting. Can we just divide this nation in half already?

  7. PrincePaul says:
    September 24, 2017 at 9:58 am

    Good for them. The president shouldn’t be telling anyone not to express their first amendment rights – there is nothing more unamerican than that!


    He wasn’t. It’s called timing. How simple is that to understand?

    The time the morons want to protest is a slap in the face to America. They don’t have an actual argument to stand on, so they create division.

    There are plenty of other times they can be morons or do something good, and the President wasn’t saying they can’t protest, or can’t take action, just not during the anthem.

    It’s called being reasonable and sane.

    Especially when it’s about issues these egotistical players are too stupid to figure out. Like Michael Bennett who runs from police and then claims it was racism he was tackled, despite the officers also being people of color. MORONS.

    See some players think, because they are morons, that when Barrack Obama and other members of congress/presdients over the last 25 years militarized the police, it was the doing of white people… instead of reality… EVERYONE.

    Then those players think, because they are morons, that even though white people are killed more by police, far more per interaction, that only people of color are suffering from this.

    Self-segregation is insane, and harms ones position. Take something that isn’t about race, but is about policy, and pretend it is about race and poke America’s eye. BRILLIANT!

    Thus you have players needlessly dividing everything around a con job. None of them talk about policy, again, because they are morons.

    They think, like morons, that the way to change is to disrespect and piss everyone off.

    Now the president, in this 2nd season of pointless antagonizing protests, utilizing his first amendment right to point out the idiocy of all this, unifies the idiot egotistical players into further supporting their pointless protest of nothing.

  8. It’s weird how it boils down to the bullies vs the bullied and the bullied have reached a point where they refuse to be bullied anymore, so the bullies are trying to unite in a show of force but it’s still not working, so the bullies are now freaking out and have no clue what to do and it’s hilarious.

  9. People see unity here and because there is. These clowns are united in being divisive while complaining about the POTUS calling them out for being divisive. I don’t think he is behaving very presidential but Americans protesting the POTUS during the USA national anthem in a foreign country says more about them than it does about him. It is not about whether they can do this; it is about whether they should. They can sit/kneel during the anthem just like you CAN laugh hysterically during a funeral. There is a time and place for protesting but if your protest is by itself the definition of divisiveness then how can you complain about another person saying something perceived as divisive? From the beginning, this protest has been more about poking people in the eye for their patriotism than it ever was about “having a conversation”. Their point may be worthy of discussion but their methods are abhorrent.

  10. NFL fan that now is officially fed up! Time for the fans to take a stand!
    1. I will not go to a NFL game or buy tickets.
    2. I will only watch my teams game and will not watch any other games.
    3. I will not buy any products from companies that have commercials during my teams game.
    4. I will no longer buy NFL products.
    If protests continue I will completely stop watching all NFL games.

  11. As a veteran myself, I find the behavior of these ungrateful few disgusting, The flag, the Anthem were to be respected and represented our belief in what we served for. When I returned home 50 yrs. ago from service in an unpopular war I was greeted with some unpatriotic activity, but it was small compared to this. These guys live a lavish lifestyle and great wealth because of what these things symbolize. if you really must take a knee, do so at the WALL in DC or the WWII Memorial, then count your blessings. Disgusting, I’m no longer a fan.

  12. Neither Trump with his bitching, nor players with their protesting, should be using their jobs as a bandwagon for these unrelated matters.

  13. Disgusting, and disgraceful, especially doing it in another country…it only makes them look ignorant…Donald Trump is not one of my favorite people but this time I think he’s right and had the nerve to say it. When the announcer says please rise for the National Anthem there are people in the stands that can hardly walk and are standing out of respect for their country, and these ungrateful humans are making themselves despicable in front of the rest of the world…

  14. The politically correct cowards don’t believe in speaking the truth and most people are too stupid and lazy to seek it out. There is not any place in the world where black people have better lives than in America. They are not oppressed or discriminated against differently than anyone else or anywhere else. They have more rights here than anywhere. There is no way to compensate for the lower IQ so the truth does not matter.

  15. Neither Trump with his bitching, nor players with their protesting, should be using their positions as a bandwagon matters unrelated to the job at hand.

  16. Apparently the Ravens, who were the only team that had players kneeling, forgot to get off their knees for the next 3 hours as they were being blown out 44-7. Nice job, guys…

  17. My first game as a child age 7 in 1967 and have not missed a NFL weekend since. Wife amazed when I did not watch a single game past the National Anthem. Very Sad. Went to NFL site and was a bit surprised when they did not offer comments after Article, then again after the comments from goodell I am not surprised. Without support for our Flag and National Anthem no support for NFL and especially goodell, go to hell. Very ashamed of NFL.

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