President calls for fans to refuse to go to NFL games


President Donald Trump’s focus on the NFL’s response to players kneeling during the playing of the national anthem that started during a political rally in Alabama on Friday night has continued all weekend on Twitter, including a tweet on Sunday morning several hours before the day’s slate of games get underway.

President Trump’s latest missive is directed at fans, who he urges to “refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country.” He follows up by predicting that if fans do that, “you will see change take place fast.” He then repeats his call for NFL teams to “fire or suspend” players who do not stand during the national anthem.

The NFL’s rules encourage but do not require players to stand for the playing of the anthem. Several team owners have issued statements over the last 24 hours referring to President Trump’s comments over the last few days as divisive and supporting their players’ ability to express themselves.

Those expressions should be widespread in NFL stadiums around the country on Sunday.

42 responses to “President calls for fans to refuse to go to NFL games

  1. President Obama tried to use the power of the Government to deny the Redskins their team name.

    If you were silent on that fundamental issue of Presidential over-reach you really should not complain now about a President wanting the most patriotic sport in the country to have its players act with a spirit of respect and patriotism for the country and those that fell defending it.

  2. I thought the President is not permitted to say things encouraging private corporations like that. It can heavily sway business negatively or positively, and have direct influence on publically trades companies.

    If this was a smaller, less successful company this could literally bankrupt them. Imagine the president saying don’t go to Joe’s Autobody , they are the worst. It would probably put them out of business in a week.

  3. He is wrong. He is offensive. He is divisive. And what is he trying to hide with his attack on the players? Maybe he just wants people to forget the buffoonery at the UN.

  4. This Bronco fan thinks that this time, Trump is correct. These political statements do not belong on the field. If the NFL wants to coordinate with agitators for social causes, then do it off the field on your own time. Buy commercials, hold rallies and marches.

    There’s a reason attendance is down, you know.

  5. Fans have already started doing this in big numbers they didn’t need the President to encourage them.

  6. oh GREAT. Now he’ll take credit for any drop in attendance as proof of him being right. All while he should be doing his JOB.

  7. I go to NFL football games to watch the game. I don’t go there for the anthem , or to scope out who sits or stands for it . I don’t go there for the fly over . Yeah , sure , it’s nice to be patriotic (To stand and remove your cap) , but at the end of the day , I’m there to watch football. I couldn’t care less if somebody else wants to be patriotic or not . We all know a lot of people are doing a lot worse things than not standing for the anthem . It seems this whole country has turned stolen dolphins mascots .

  8. Like it or not, the silent majority of people in this country agree with the President on this subject. Protest on your own time. Keep it off the field.

  9. I am just losing interest, not worth all the drama, you can’t jusy watch a game, you need to get a lecture from some loser.

    It will be easy to stop, as soon as the wife demands I clean the gutters or do something in the yard I say ok, no negotiating to do it after the game.

  10. I support my President, but I’m still watching football. I can separate the politics from it. If I didn’t know how to do that, i wouldn’t be able to watch t.v., read a newspaper or been able to finish college.

  11. Wow, Trump figured out a way to get fans to actually support players disrespecting the flag! Fans don’t like them doing it, but I believe they will hate Trumps ranks more…

  12. They have the right to protest because I agree with them. (I’m a white veteran) But there is a place and time to protest. It’s not the right time to do it during the national anthem. Please respect the flag and stand. And do not bring politics into the sport. You’re the ones that’s causing problem by taking a knee. If I was a owner I would not allow it. Just like Jerry Jones – his Dallas Cowboys does not take a knee. The Cowboys respects the flag and America.

  13. Aren’t they already doing that? I have seen plenty of pictures of stadiums that are half full. TV ratings continue to fall.

  14. The most unpopular President of all time or the most popular sport of all time. Who will win? Dotard takes on the NBA at the same time just to make sure to alienate even mire young people.

    Look ove there while I am about to be locked up!

  15. 4ever19 says:

    He is wrong. He is offensive. He is divisive.

    Yes, Kaepernick is.

  16. For three years, I have trying to stop caring about football because of the CTEs and the league’s mishandling of that. The news about Aaron Hernandez should have been the last straw.

    But right now, I want to see every NFL park full for now just to shove it to Trump.

  17. Well that was quick. Thought I might watch the London game (first for me this year) and within 5 minutes of starting the stream they showed a bunch of Ravens taking a knee during the anthem. I turned it off and think maybe it will be a while before I turn on an NFL game again.

  18. mazenblue says:
    September 24, 2017 at 8:31 am
    Pat Tillman died so these players can kneel on his face. The irony here these stars have no clue. #hypocrites

    No he didn’t. There’s absolutely no connect between Pat Tillman dying and football players protesting racial inequality. Where do you people come up with this stuff?

  19. being a good republican I can tell you trump is a complete and utter bigot, all he does is divide people instead uniting people, he should go away

  20. ariani1985 says:
    NFL =joke

    And yet here you are, on an NFL message board because you can’t get enough of it to just watch the games; you have to read about them too.

  21. Ridiculous! There is no relationship between civilians saluting during the national anthem and respect for the military or anything else. Military personnel are required to salute the flag (or in it’s general supposed direction) when the anthem is played as a reminder that they are charged with protecting the US Constitution, but to create a fallacious inverse relationship is only to display one’s ignorance–both of the facts as well as of the workings of our country.

    Although I will credit them with some minimal interest or credit in getting up off their sofas long enough to attempt a coherent thought, those decrying the NFL actions are, according to the above, the individuals disrespecting our nation. Then again, maybe the computer was just halfway between that sofa and the sixpack of Hamm’s in the fridge.

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